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With every state in the U.S. now eligible to offer sports betting, we take a look around the world at countries where gambling is legal (and also where it is not) to find out what impact it has had culturally and economically.


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Is gambling legal? Yes, but only for horse racing.

Year legal gambling was established: Gambling on horses began as far back as the 1880's. Argentina banned betting on soccer results in 2018. It had previously been a lottery system run by the government, which was established in 1971, banned in 1998 and established again in 2000.

Which sports are eligible? With soccer banned, it is only horse racing.

Betting parlors or online? The country is working on an online betting system that could be approved after this summer's World Cup. For horse racing, it is legal only at the track or in designated betting agencies, no online gambling is allowed.


Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? No.

How much money is gambled each year? Figures not attainable.

What positive effects have resulted from sports gambling in Argentina? The revenue from the old lottery system was distributed 45 percent in prizes, 25 percent for regional leagues, 16.5 percent marketing and 13.5 percent for AFA and the Ministry of Sports.


Is gambling legal? Yes.

Year legal gambling was established: On-track race betting was made legal in 1810, with overall sports betting following in 1980.

Which sports are eligible? There are very few sports you can't bet on in Australia. Most professional events are fair game.

Betting parlors or online? Both.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Yes.

Any restrictions? The main restrictions in Australia come in terms of in-game advertising on television and radio during certain times so as to protect children from a flood of gambling promotion. The timings and what is allowed varies from half-an-hour before a sporting event begins right through to the final five minutes before commencement. A code of practice has been introduced by the government.

How much money is gambled each year? According to Roy Morgan research, sports betting accounted for roughly 25 percent of the money Australians gambled in 2017. Of that, more than half is wagered on the major codes in rugby league and Aussie rules football.

Statistics from the 2015-16 financial year showed sports betting expenditure in Australia increased from AUS$815 million ($609m) to AUS$921m ($690m).

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in Australia? There have been several incidents in Australian sport where the proliferation of gambling, and the problems it can create, has been brought into question. The National Rugby League (NRL) has had two high-profile incidents in recent times. Former Canterbury-Bankstown player Ryan Tandy was found guilty of match fixing in 2010 and banned for life. Tandy was found dead in 2014 after an apparent drug overdose. Last year, Wests Tigers player Tim Simona was banned for life from the NRL after he was found to have placed bets against his own team on multiple occasions.

In Aussie rules, former Collingwood players Nick Maxwell and Heath Shaw were fined and suspended back in 2011 after an investigation discovered they had shared inside information with friends and family.

Tennis has also been affected with Australian Nick Lindahl banned for seven years and fined AUS$47,580 ($35,597) for match fixing.

What positive effects have resulted from sports gambling in Australia?

Sports betting has opened up a relatively new revenue stream for government taxation but the debate continues as to whether the cost of gambling is too great on the wider community. Much of that has to do with a belief that children are far too exposed to gambling advertising, so much so that kids now consider gambling an inherit part of the sporting contest itself.


Is gambling legal? No.

Year it was established: Gambling has been banned in Brazil since 1946.

Betting parlors or online? There is no online betting in the country, but it is possible to make online bets through foreign sites.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Yes, but since there are no local betting companies, it is unusual.

How much money is gambled each year? Estimates suggest Brazilians spend around four billion Reais ($1bn) a year in foreign online betting.

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in Brazil? There has been suspicion of match fixing in third-division matches.


Is gambling legal? Yes.

Wsb Horse Racing

Year legal gambling was established: 1960.

Which sports are eligible? All sports.

Betting parlors or online? Both.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Yes.

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in Ghana? Addiction among young people and a sense that it targets the most vulnerable and poor in society. Most parlors are situated in the poorest neighbourhoods.

What positive effects have resulted from sports gambling in Ghana? Employment plus a steady source of income for cash-strapped local football clubs through sponsorship. There has also been a significant boost to advertising in media with major sports shows on TV sponsored by betting companies.


Is gambling legal? It depends what state you are in. Forms of gambling are selectively allowed through horse racing, lotteries and casino gambling. Each state in the country has separate legislations on gambling. In some states, gambling is an offence and in others lotteries are banned.

Year legal gambling was established: There is an 1867 British law called the Public Gambling Act which had stated, 'nothing in this Act shall apply to games of mere skill wherever played' and it is from there that amendments and variations around the law operate. In 1998, the Central Lotteries (Regulation) Act allowed state governments to conduct lotteries, to a maximum of one draw a week and the states then made their own laws around their specific lotteries. Thirteen of 29 Indian states have legalized lotteries.

Which sports are eligible? Horse racing (there are nine courses in India formally run by the turf authorities), lotteries and casinos (but selectively allowed only in a handful of states and union territories -- Sikkim, Goa and the union territory of Daman & Diu).

Betting parlors or online? Betting parlors are illegal, while online gambling is unregulated -- only one state, Sikkim, has a regulatory law on online gambling. India's illegal betting market is vast. A poker league has just concluded its second season in Goa.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? No.

Any restrictions? The only legal betting allowed as mentioned earlier is in horse racing, lotteries and casinos. There is a large underground betting market that is in operation, the biggest being on cricket matches.

How much money is gambled each year? According to an estimate by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce cited in various sources, the Indian betting market is said to be worth $60 billion, with cricket betting accounting for 80 percent.

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in India? Underground betting in cricket has led to two very big scandals -- in 2000, involving South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje, and in 2013, when three players in cricket's IPL were arrested. The players were subsequently banned, but there has been a further spin-off from this, which still continues. The Supreme Court set up a committee to investigate the BCCI's administration and its structures, with a complete revamp being the conclusion and one which is still being contested.

What positive effects have resulted from sports gambling in India? Very few obvious positive effects.


Is gambling legal? Yes.

Year legal gambling was established: 2004.

Which sports are eligible? All.

Betting parlors or online? Both. Virginia Lottery Pick 3 - Image Results.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Yes. Tijuana soccer team is owned and sponsored by Grupo Caliente, one of Mexico's biggest betting companies.

Any restrictions? No underage betting. The minimum age is 18.


Is gambling legal? Yes.

Year legal gambling was established: 2005, through the National Lottery Act which established the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

Which sports are eligible? All.

Betting parlors or online? Both, but mostly online.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Not at the moment, but the domestic football league just signed a contract with 1XBet.

Any restrictions? No betting adverts on TV or radio.

How much money is gambled each year? An estimated $4.2 billion per annum.

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in Nigeria? Potential for addiction. More and more young people are crowding betting shops and these days it is becoming common to hear the phrase 'cut my ticket' referring to one or two results ruining a betting slip.

What positive effects have resulted from sports gambling in Nigeria? Perhaps the potential for higher revenues through taxation.


Is gambling legal? Yes.

Year legal gambling was established: There is one government regulatory body Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, which was established in 1976 or 1977 -- it largely seeks to regulate the casino business in the country.

Which sports are eligible? Horse racing, sweepstakes/lotteries.

Betting parlors or online? Both.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Yes.

Any restrictions? Only sweepstakes are allowed to advertise.

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in the Philippines? Illegal sports gambling, and a basketball player accused the PBA league of game fixing.

South Africa

Is gambling legal? Yes.

Year legal gambling was established: 1994 nationally (from the late 1970's in some Apartheid 'Homelands').

Which sports are eligible? Most, if not all.

Betting parlors or online? Both.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Yes. Some domestic cricket teams are sponsored by Hollywood Bets (Dolphins) and World Sports Betting (Cobras), while Cape Town City FC are sponsored by SportPesa.


Any restrictions? Every ad for a betting company or lottery on radio or TV must be accompanied by a Gambler's Anonymous-type message, directing people concerned to a helpline. Even local fictionional TV shows that mention a gambling storyline will carry an announcement at the end in a similar fashion.

How much money is gambled each year? Can't say for certain. Billions, surely.

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in South Africa? Addiction, including among women, poor people spending their pensions on the slot machines, corruption.

What positive effects have resulted from sports gambling in South Africa? Job creation and economic influx, especially from things like the Sun Met and Durban July horse races, not to mention casinos like Grand West, Sun City (massive, and one of the originals, even before the 1994 laws changed), and Carnival City.

United Kingdom

Is gambling legal? Yes.

Year legal gambling was established: 1961. Within six months of the law change, it is estimated 10,000 betting shops opened up.

Which sports are eligible? All sports.

Betting parlors or online? Both.

Betting ads permitted on team kits/stadiums? Yes.

Any restrictions? None. Betting can take place in stadiums -- most major sports venues have gambling partners who operate booths and/or roaming bet cashiers throughout the stadium.

How much money is gambled each year? Gross Gambling Yield in the UK between April 2016 and March 2017 was £13.8bn ($18.7 billion), according to the industry regulator, the Gambling Commission. That is equivalent to £208.50 ($282.73) for every man, woman and child in the country.

What issues have resulted from sports gambling in the UK? The Pakistan 'spot-fixing' trial involving the captain, Salman Butt, and the bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir was probably the biggest case in recent years, with each receiving custodial sentences. That arose from an undercover reporter's sting on the players and their agent. In 2009, a pan-European police inquiry found 200 matches, including 12 in the UEFA Europa League competition and three in the UEFA Champions League, to have been manipulated after players, coaches and match officials were bribed. Also in 2009, the Football Association banned and fined four players at Football League clubs for their alleged involvement in a fixed match.

What positive effects have resulted from sports gambling in the UK? The Premier League is arguably the most widely viewed season-long domestic sports competition in the world and its commercial success is in part down to its attractiveness to sports betting. But on the governance side, the UK's long history of sports betting does mean it has been able to institute lots of good-practice measures. The 2005 Gambling Act forces bookmakers to share information of corrupt activity with sports authorities. Sports corruption is also a criminal offence under that act and the 2006 Fraud Act. Given the financial rewards, though, there will always be a strong incentive for match fixers to keep trying.

With the digital revolution in full swing and the ease of government regulations on gambling, the sports betting industry is undergoing dynamic transformations over the last few years and consequently surging in popularity around the word, the revenues of many world’s leading sports betting companies are also growing significantly year on year. Today, sports betting has become one of the fastest growing industries across the world, offering immense potential for both bettors and sportsbooks. Some of the popular games for sports betting include horse racing, greyhounding, cricket, football, baseball, basketball and golf.

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Global Sports Betting Market Analysis

Over the last few years, the world has opened immense opportunities for gamblers to take part in sports betting anywhere in the world through digital platforms, except in those nations where betting is banned. The global sports betting sector occupies the major market share in the overall online gambling industry accounting for more than 40 % of the worldwide gambling revenue generation. According to the Technavio’s market analysts, the sports betting market will grow at an impressive CAGR, with the global sports betting market revenue expected to reach nearly $370 billion by 2022.

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Top 10 Sports Betting Companies in the Global Gambling Industry

888 Holdings

888 holdings is one of the most popular online gaming operators, which operates 888 sports, casino, poker, and bingo brands. Since its launch in 2008, 888 Sports has been successful in establishing a strong presence in the online sports betting market. The online betting site breaks away from the traditional bookies with exclusive customer deals, a range of new markets and an international appeal. Although the company exited US market long back owing to the strict government regulations, they have been keeping a close eye on regulatory developments in the US.

Today, 888 has already positioned itself in the market by partnering with the US-based companies. The potential for the sports betting sector in the US is significant and, as the only firm in all three regulated US states, 888 is all set to exploit the potential growth opportunities in the US market.

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GVC Holdings

GVC Holdings is one of the largest sports betting companies and gaming groups. With its unique proprietary technology platform, GVC offers casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting under some of the industry’s most popular online betting brands including partypoker, CasinoClub, Betboo, Bwin, Foxy Bingo, and Sportingbet. In a spell of acquisitions, GVC Holdings made a milestone €1.1 billion acquisition of online gaming brand bwin party in 2016 and acquired UK rival Ladbrokes Coral in March 2018.

Further, GVC Holdings also confirmed a $200 million joint venture deal with MGM Resorts recently that will see the former transfer its online sports betting know-how to the latter. This deal will soon lead to the launch of a wide range of sports betting sites in the US.

Kindred Group

The Stockholm-listed online gambling company, Kindred, continued their record-breaking financial performance in 2018, thanks to the all-time growth of their active customer-base and the 2018 FIFA world cup, that led to higher active users. Today, the company is regarded as one of the world’s leading online gambling brands within the sports betting arena. Kindred Group recently signed a 5+5-year agreement with Casino Atlantic City and Hard Rock Hotel in New Jersey. This move is Kindred’s first step into US gaming, with a view to offering online sports betting services to US customers.

Kindred’s major revenue comes from casino games and online sports betting. With these two segments which generated respective revenue of £104 million and £104.9 million during Q2, Kindred continues to witness significant online organic growth.

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Paddy Power Betfair

Paddy Power Betfair was born following the merger of Paddy Power plc and Betfair Group in February 2016. Today, the business has four divisions: Online Australia, Irish Retail, UK Retail, and Telephone segments. The company’s Online Australia segment provides sports betting services and is the market leader in the Australian gambling industry. Its UK and Irish Retail segment operate 623 betting shops across Ireland and UK. It has a presence in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and across the world.


Paddy Power Betfair provides gaming and sports betting services through websites including,,,, and under the Betfair, Sportsbet, Paddy Power, and TVG brand names, and through a chain of licensed betting offices.

William Hill

Since 2012, when the UK-listed bookmaker merged three businesses to establish William Hill US, the company has grown consistently to achieve the market share of around 30 %, making it one of the largest sports betting companies in the UK and the US. William Hill is one of the early movers to reap the benefits from the legalization of sports betting in the US after the Supreme Court’s decision in May to strike out a federal ban passed in 1992. William Hill US is already the leading sports betting company in the US, operating more than 108 race and sports books in Nevada along with the state’s top mobile sports betting app.

The sports wagering giant signed sports betting agreements with a number of casinos in the US last month and is in talks with more operators. The company is ramping up hiring in Nevada for growing its US business. The company announced that it will offer mobile betting technology and sports betting risk management services to 11 casinos in Mississippi and West Virginia.

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World Sport Betting Mobile


Having added a vast range of betting options and products to their core over the past several years, Bet365 has grown to be one of the largest firms in the sports betting industry. Bet365 was one of the first sports betting company to start offering eSports to bet on. This British online gambling and sports betting company serves more than 23 million customers across the world by offering poker, casino, games, bingo, and sports betting, along with video streams on sporting events. The company recently inked a partnership with another sports betting company – Hard Rock Atlantic City casino to offer sports betting service

Stars Group

The ultimate owner of the most popular gaming brands such as PokerStars, BetStars, PokerStars Casino, and Full Tilt, Star Groups (formerly known as Amaya Gaming) recently announced that it has successfully acquired the Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG). This deal will turn the online poker giant into the largest sports-betting company in the world. Stars Group is one of the most licensed online gaming operators with its subsidiaries holding approvals and licenses in 19 jurisdictions across the world, including the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Star Group brands have millions of customers globally and are leaders in mobile and online betting, casino, poker, and other gaming-related offerings.

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Draft Kings

DraftKings is one of the most popular daily fantasy sports content providers that allows users to enter fantasy sports-related contests based on team and individual player performance in five largest American sports (the NBA, MLB, the PGA, the NFL, and the NHL), NASCAR auto racing, Premier League and UEFA Champions League soccer, the Arena Football League, Canadian Football League, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Tennis. After the US Supreme Court cleared the way to legalize sports betting, DraftKings got to work immediately, as sports gambling will account for a major share of their business.


Betsson is an award-winning sports betting website that has been around since 2006 and literally grew into a gambling empire. The company provides users from all over the world an option to play poker, casino, bingo games and place their bets on various sports events. Betsson is based in Malta and holds a betting license from the gambling commission in the same country as well as one from the United Kingdom as well. Today, its sports betting option is offered on various markets and more and more consumers choose it as a significant option for sports betting.

World Sports Betting Fixture


BetAmerica made its name in online gambling industry through horse racing, which then branched out into fantasy sports with the launch of FanEx Sports. Today, is considered as one of the most legal and secure sports betting companies based in the US. With a wide range of fantasy leagues for MLB, NFL and NBA and more than 200 racing tracks to choose from, BetAmerica is all set to grab the major share in the sports betting industry.

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Global Sports Betting Market Trends

Wsb Betting

Online betting was brought into the sports industry in the late 1990s and has been growing significantly since then. With the emergence and high penetration of the digital platform, punters have the flexibility in placing bets on sports from any part of the world. Indeed, the digital revolution has given sportsbooks a platform to connect with new customers. Online gambling is one of the fastest growing sectors in the e-commerce industry and is a rapidly growing mode of gambling. The use of digital processes and the growing punter demand will propel the growth of the online gambling industry, while the major sports betting companies in the world are also expected to achieve higher revenues in the near future.

Marshall World Sport Betting

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