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  1. Ed Grimley Edward Mayhoff 'Ed' Grimley was a character introduced on the television series SCTV and later used on Saturday Night Live. He was created and played by Martin Short. He is a hyperactive, neurotic nerd with a large frontal cowlick who is obsessed with banal pop culture, especially Wheel of Fortune and its host, Pat Sajak.
  2. Wheel of Fortune airs on weeknights at 7:30 p.m. SNL 's midseason finale airs next weekend at 11:30 p.m. Start the Conversation.
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5 Saturday Night Live (SNL) 5.1 Wheel of Fortune (2006) 5.2 Million Dollar Wheel; 6 Sesame Street. 6.1 Squeal of Fortune; 6.2 Dreidel of Fortune; 6.3 Elmo's World; 7 MAD (Magazine) 7.1 We'll Make a Fortune; 7.2 Monroe &. The Great American Road Trip; 8 The Real Ghostbusters. 8.1 The Devil to Pay; 8.2 Mean Green Teen Machine; 9 The Annoying Orange. 9.1 Let's Play; 9.2 Wheel of FourCheese.

It's been a weird year for everyone, and Saturday Night Live called attention to just how weird everything has been with a fortune teller predicting what would happen to a group of unsuspecting people in 2019. Saturday Night Live has definitely been one of the major entertainment avenues that had been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the ramifications of the year have been far wilder than anyone would have expected as Saturday Night Live pointed this out with a fortune telling sketch reflecting back on how much has happened over the year.

The sketch sees Kate McKinnon playing a fortune teller for a group of people in 2019. Each of them is wondering what their lives will be like in the next year, and none of them are ready to find out just what happens in the following year as each of them learns about quarantine and other terrible things in the future.

For example, one of the people wonders what her life with her boyfriend will be like in the future. McKinnon's fortune teller informs her that she will indeed be living with her boyfriend, and while that makes the person happy, she soon finds out about the bad part of the equation when McKinnon's fortune teller informs her about the COVID-19 pandemic.

But rather than just say there's a pandemic, it's given the Saturday Night Live twist when McKinnon's fortune teller reveals that while the woman will indeed be living with her boyfriend, but they are washing a bag of Doritos profusely in the hopes of not catching the novel coronavirus. But this is only one of the hilarious reveals about the future.


One gets super topical with the mention of CNN commentator Jerry Toobin's scandal. It turns out that his 'daughter' is one of the people getting their fortune told, and McKinnon's fortune teller reveals that Toobin will be exposing himself on a Zoom call in the future. Taking a shot at not only the moment itself, but Toobin's private region in general, it was a quirky way to wrap the entire weird sketch.

What did you think of this fortune teller sketch looking back on everything weird in 2020? What have you thought about Saturday Night Live's newest season so far? What are you hoping to see from the rest of the season going forward? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!

One Wheel of Fortune contestant got a little bit ahead of himself upon giving his answer to one of the puzzles on Monday’s episode. On the last group puzzle before the final round, Alex, who was already well in the lead at that point and was pretty confident he was about to win, had quite a fitting answer line up for him, only he added one word in there.

With 12 of the 16 letters filled in, Alex threw his hands up in the air in celebration and answered, 'I'm Declaring Victory.' However, the only problem is that the contraction was not in the Wheel of Fortune puzzle — only 'Declaring Victory.' While he admitted afterward he didn't realize that he added the extra word, viewers understood that Alex got lost in the moment and added a little flair to the answer because of how on-the-nose it was at the time. While viewers were less harsh on him, Pat Sajak, though, had to be the bearer of bad news as he informed him it was not the correct answer, leaving Alex completely bewildered.

The next contestant came in and solved the puzzle before even guessing a letter, leaving Alex even more confused after hearing her say exactly what he thought he said. Here's a look at some of the most notable reactions to pour in after the viral moment.

For those who aren’t regular watchers, the moment certainly came as quite a shock. Even the five-days-a-week viewers were stunned to see the slip-up, accidental or not.

Wheel Of Fortune Snl

I almost never watch Wheel of Fortune anymore but, as luck would have it, I just witnessed a gem. Glorious. pic.twitter.com/ivKtm2KOOG

— Jay (@o8snowman8o) November 17, 2020Whiteprevnext

No matter if it was a long-time fan or newcomer, the moment certainly was cringe-worthy. Right off the bat, it was evident Alex had no idea what had happened as Sajak skipped to the next contestant.

My face when he said “I’m declaring victory.” #WheelOfFortunepic.twitter.com/TirjXk2nSF

— Wednesday Addams (@LearningPains) November 17, 2020prevnext

In the seconds after it unfolded, viewers couldn’t help but notice Alex staring blankly trying to comprehend what just happened. It didn’t register with him until Sajak eventually explained his mishap, though he didn’t even realize he said that.

Guy on wheel of fortune tried to solve the puzzle..he said 'I'm declaring victory' it was 'declaring victory'..the next player solved it and won all the money. He was stunned.

— The Mackstress (@MsJoiBella) November 17, 2020prevnext

While many were focused on the moment that played out on screen, others noticed something else peculiar about it. Given the time of the year and how the presidential election continues to be an ongoing news topic with Donald Trump refusing to concede, some astute watchers felt the puzzle may have been a jab at the president.

Guys, I think Wheel of Fortune trolled Trump so hard with their Declaring Victory puzzle tonight and I love it.

Matt desanto wheel

— alison (@alison1L) November 17, 2020prevnext

While many laughed at the situation, some fans were not thrilled to see the show not accept his answer. As Sajak explained to the contestants afterwards, the rules state that only the words that appear on the puzzle can be said in the answer.

@WheelofFortune you totally crapped that guy out of the money for not allowing him to win when he said, 'I'm declaring victory.' That is a bad look for you. We are very disappointed in your show.

Wheel Of Fortune Snl Skit

— Harold Litzbaum (@nedsheckler) November 17, 2020prevnext

Longtime fans of the show know that these type of things can happen, whether it’s mispronounced words or in this case, the adding of a word. Though, this particular scene stands out among many of the other missteps.

yeah they are supposed to say the puzzle 'as is' on the board. Even if they added a single word, they're not gonna win it. He said 'I'm declaring victory' instead of just saying 'declaring victory'. LOL his confusion was everything though.

Youtube Snl Wheel Of Fortune

— Yung Dynamic (@DynamicReacts) November 17, 2020prevnext0comments

While Alex certainly was confused, upset and maybe a bit frustrated in the moment, it still turned out well for him. He ended up finishing in first place but was unable to solve the final puzzle.

I’m declaring victory would have been so much funnier if he lost #WheelOfFortune

— Rachel (@rachel_am_i) November 17, 2020prev