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Wheel of Fortune is a TV game based upon the hit game show Wheel of Fortune. It was released in 2005 by Jakks Pacific. The game is just Wheel of Fortune but it features a spinning wheel. You can either spin with the wheel or press B for a random spin. There were 3 types of difficulty: Easy(6 Turns), Normal(5 Turns), and Hard(4 Turns). The game featured 3 Modes - Gameshow (Standard Show with. The customization options are fun to unlock and play around with, but I could do without all of that. I'd rather be able to customize the wheel and the game itself, but no big deal. The core Wheel of Fortune game works well and is a lot of fun, but even on hard difficulty, against the AI the game is SUPER easy. This was made, filmed, and recorded on January 20th, 2018 using my VidBOX Recorder! This was shot for an upcoming LJPCBM TV St. Patty's Day Special!;).

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TimTree released this Dec 1, 2020

Wheel Of Fortune Free Play App

  • Adds support for puzzles in foreign languages
    • Read the blog post for supported languages and limitations.
  • Adds letter selector highlighting to reduce misclicks
  • Adds smart puzzle loading - the puzzle loader automatically fills in the next puzzle number
  • Improves wheel item handling, automatically removing items from the wheel when claimed
    • You can restore the old wheel item behavior in Settings.
  • Rewrites wheel round descriptions with fewer words, improved clarity, and use of nonbinary pronouns
  • Renames 'First Round' to 'Normal Round'
  • Disables the setting 'Confirm Solve' by default
  • Adds a help button for each setting that explains what the setting does
  • Further optimizes the game to reduce file size
  • Appends a gamesbytim.com watermark to the puzzle board
WheelofFortuneMac5.2.zip3.2 MB