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This is a gallery featuring pictures from Wheel of Fortune. 1 Logos 2 Hosts & Hostesses 3 Other pics plus Celebrity Wheel of fortune photos 4 1981-1984 screenshots 5 1984-1996 screenshots 6 1996 screenshots 7 1997-2003 screenshots 8 Screenshots from a general 2001 episode 9 Screenshots from Wheel's 4000th episode (2000) and 22nd Anniversary episode (2003) 10 2004-2006 photos 11 Million. Wheel of Fortune (often known simply as Wheel) is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin that debuted in 1975. The show features a competition in which contestants solve word puzzles, similar to those used in Hangman, to win cash and prizes determined by spinning a giant carnival wheel.The current version of the series, which airs in nightly syndication, premiered on.

  • As for Wheel of Fortune, it's been on in the 6:30pm timeslot since they picked up the syndicated version in 1984 (NBC owned the daytime version at that time), & done well. If it weren't for the 6pm news, it might be possible for WLS-TV to run both shows side by side.
  • Play games, enter to win cash and prizes, apply to be a contestant and get to know Pat and Vanna. Official Wheel of Fortune website.
The Wheel of Fortune
AuthorSusan Howatch
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreHistorical fiction
PublisherHamish Hamilton (UK)
Simon & Schuster (US)
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardcover)
Pages1,100 pp

The Wheel of Fortune (1984) is a novel by Susan Howatch and recounts the trials and tribulations of a fictitious British family, the Godwins, who appear to be part of the minor aristocracy.

As the title of the novel and Boethius' comments on Fortune as printed on the first page of the very first part suggest, defying the ravages of time and fate forms a central theme to this novel, where the six primary characters seek to challenge fate or to make their own destinies regardless of the social norms or circumstances of the time.


The book's main events all revolve around a stately Georgian era home named Oxmoon, and are set on the Gower Peninsula in Wales, spanning a period of over forty years in which the owners of Oxmoon all have to face immense challenges, financial hardship and even personal tragedy.

Wheel Of Fortune 1984

The book is divided into six parts, each one based on the point-of-view of several characters, namely:

  • Robert 'the Winner' Godwin (Part 1) The eldest of five brothers (the others being John, Lionel, Edmund and Thomas) Robert is apparently a successful lawyer based in London and the heir apparent of a family of Welsh rural gentry which while seemingly happy, successful and prosperous, has a skeleton or two in the closet that as usual involves murder and adultery.
His high-handed attitude and dominating personality makes him aloof from his siblings, with two exceptions being..
  • Ginevra 'Ginette' (Part 2), Robert's cousin and later Robert's wife. Ginevra is haunted by an even darker secret from her past that threatens her relationship with Robert's family and her marriage to Robert; and ..
  • John Godwin (Part 3), Robert's brother, a sensitive soul trapped in spiritual limbo following the death of his first wife, torn between convention and passion.
  • Kester (Part 4), Robert and Ginevra's son (and John's nephew), a gifted writer but a terrible financial manager.
  • Harry (Part 5), John's son and Kester's cousin, who resents Kester's inheritance of Oxmoon and is engaged in a lifelong feud over the same that ends only with Kester's death.
  • Hal (Part 6), Harry's son, who unlike his father is close to Kester. Hal's story is in fact more of a detective story, in which he investigates the circumstances revolving around Kester Godwin's apparent suicide.

Part 1: Robert (1913)[edit]

Upon the death of her husband Conor, Ginevra decides to leave New York City, entrust her young children to her late husband's family from Ireland, and return to Wales to stay with her childhood friend, the lawyer and politician Robert Godwin (who is also heir presumptive to the Godwin family estate, Oxmoon). Robert, who usually prizes logical thinking, willpower and level-headedness, initially expresses annoyance and worry with his feelings for Ginevra (which are mutually reciprocated), but eventually gives in.

As Robert and Ginevra revive their childhood relationship and eventually consummate it, he then decides to marry Ginevra but the marriage is vehemently opposed by his mother Margaret, and Robert soon learns why when he discovers several dark secrets in his family revolving around his father Bobby and his grandmother. Bobby killed his mother's lover, Owen Bryn-Davies, to keep him from defrauding the Godwin family of Oxmoon, and has been psychologically damaged ever since. With Margaret's resigned tolerance and understanding, Bobby engaged in many sexual affairs to relieve himself of the guilt of having murdered Owen and one of the women he slept with was a teenaged Ginevra.

Part 2: Ginevra (1913–1919)[edit]

Notwithstanding the opposition of his family, Robert goes ahead and marries Ginevra, and despite the abrasive differences inherent in their own individual personalities (Ginevra's describes her mind was all 'splashes of colour' and Robert as 'emotionally colour-blind'[1]) as well as the opposition of Ginevra's children with Conor, Robert and Ginevra stay together as husband and wife in London (where Robert has his practice as a lawyer), eventually having two sons of their own together, Robin and Kester.

The First World War breaks out, and with it, the first of several family tragedies befalls the Godwin family. Robert's brothers Lionel and Edmund are sent to France, where Lionel is killed in action and Edmund is left psychologically maimed, leaving Robert broken and despondent. He takes up mountaineering, and goes off by himself periodically, leaving a bored and slightly paranoid Ginevra alone in their rural setting, with uncomfortable relations with her inlaws, including straitlaced and judgmental John. She travels to London frequently, to see girlfriends and drink away her worries. Robert confides to Ginevra that following a friend's death in a mountaineering accident, he is terrified of the prospect of dying, especially more so now that Lionel is dead. Robert eventually decides to retire to Oxmoon with Ginevra, but even then that is not the end of their tribulations.

Robert suddenly contracts an unnamed degenerative neurological disorder (described later in Part 6 as multiple sclerosis) that first manifests itself as unexplained tremors, later intensifying into full-blown paralysis over the next nine years. By the end of Ginevra's story, Robert is wheelchair-bound and realises his condition will only get worse. Feeling she might be happier married to someone else, Robert offers his wife a divorce but Ginevra declines, vowing to stay on by Robert's side till the bitter end, saying 'I could always walk out on a husband. But I could never turn my back on a friend.'

Part 3: John (1921–1928)[edit]

Back in Oxmoon, John Godwin, one of Robert's surviving brothers, begins planning to take over as the heir of Oxmoon as Robert's disease begins to take hold, but more deaths soon take place. Bobby's wife, Margaret, suddenly dies following a party, upsetting the balance of the family and unhinging Bobby, who then takes on a mistress, Milly Straker, who turns out to be a gold digger intent on seizing Oxmoon from the Godwins. As Bobby lapses into senility and falls under Straker's control, John, Robert, and their younger brother Thomas vie with her for control of Oxmoon. Due to Bobby's mismanagement a workers' strike breaks out, forcing Straker out of Oxmoon, leaving the mansion and the lands back in the hands of the Godwins.

John is also personally affected when his young wife Blanche passes away from a congenital cardiac defect, and his nephew Robin falls to his death through a window. In the immediate aftermath of this, John caves in to his 'inappropriate' feelings for his housekeeper's sister, Bronwen. He resumes his business life in London with his brother Edmund and falls under the spell of a powerful American millionaire, Armstrong. He's given a choice, marry Constance Armstrong, his American employer's daughter and advance his family's commercial and social standing, or follow his heart and spend the rest of his life with the working-class Welshwoman Bronwen, who is, he feels, the only person who knows his true self. John marries Constance but finds his marriage emotionally unsatisfying, so after finding out he has fathered a child with Bronwen, he leaves Constance, choosing love and ostracism over profit and respectability. He struggles socially while making his living through market farming with Thomas' help. The supportive Bronwen convinces John do the right thing: relinquish his personal claim to Oxmoon, and to help aid his nephew Kester to succeed Bobby as master of Oxmoon, now that both Robert and Bobby are dying.

Part 4: Kester (1928–1939)[edit]

Home-schooled by Ginevra and living a somewhat sheltered life in a house with a dying father and a sainted deceased older brother, Kester Godwin survives an awkward adolescence to become an author. His recollections reveal that he has inherited his mother's emotional intensity, her propensity for melodrama and sensual excess, as well as Robert's competitive spirit and obsessive nature, leaving Kester with a manipulative streak that becomes more apparent in Harry and Hal's stories.

Upon his father's passing, Kester's Uncle John, whose brave romantic decision made him a hero in Ginevra's eyes, makes good his promise to the now deceased Robert and attempts to help Kester prepare for his role as the master of Oxmoon. Once Ginevra dies, Kester comes into his inheritance, but is an incurable romantic who prefers writing over farming, choosing to invest money in indulging his taste for art and sculpture rather than properly running the estate, much to the disgust of his uncle Thomas, and evoking the envy of his cousin Harry, John's son . Harry's jealousy stems from the fact Harry felt that his father should have inherited Oxmoon instead of Ginevra and Kester.

Wheel Of Fortune 1984 Episodes

Kester's relationship with Thomas becomes more heated and violent when he marries Anna, a German Jew on the run from Hitler's Nazi regime. With the Oxmoon estate in arrears thanks to Kester's mismanagement, John and Thomas are forced to seize control of Oxmoon's management from Kester and Anna. Naturally, Kester vows vengeance to retake back Oxmoon, and on Thomas for having publicly humiliated him and insulted his wife.


Part 5: Harry (1939–1952)[edit]

Harry is seen as the perfect boy - handsome, clever and tough - but we learn he is a lost soul, wanting to follow music and desperate for his father's approval. After Bronwen leaves her beloved John to go to Canada to escape their socially-derided relationship, John resumes his London life with Constance and Harry silently melts down at boarding school. John's absence from Wales gives young master of the castle Kester more room to live an idyllic life at Oxmoon, which infuriates Harry. He finds some solace in a local, distant relative, with whom he has nothing in common but sexual attraction. They later marry and have four mostly accidental children who cause Harry more trouble than joy. Desperately unhappy, he volunteers for military service to get away from his pain. A moment of pure joy awaits Harry upon his return — since his stepmother Constance died two years ago his father rekindled his relationship with Bronwen, the woman Harry considers his mother and his guide towards the good. He arrives at the estate to find her there waiting, and after a tearful reunion, he sees John and Bronwen finally marry.

The conflict between the two cousins still remains however, and grows with the eerily coinciding deaths of the young wives of both men. Harry's hatred of Kester only increases when it's revealed that he is estranged from his own young sons (who blame him for their mother's death from complications in childbirth) even as Kester ingratiates himself with one of them, Hal. Yet when Kester kills Thomas (in apparent self-defence), Harry chooses to help cover up the killing and make it look like he died in a car crash, but the struggle is far from over. Kester fears Harry exposing his killing of Thomas, while Harry in turn is afraid Kester will deprive him of Oxmoon and frame him for his uncle's death. Harry's story ends with a cliffhanger, following Kester's invitation to Harry to discuss and resolve their differences in an isolated area near a dangerous stretch of cliffs by the seashore.

Part 6: Hal (1966)[edit]

By 1966, Oxmoon is barely a shadow of its prewar self and in a state of disrepair due to the lack of funds available for renovation. In Hal Godwin's account, it is revealed that his uncle Kester was found drowned fourteen years before, and so Hal's story is reminiscent of a crime fiction tale as he seeks to prove that his uncle's death was neither due to suicide nor accident. Hal eventually discovers that his father murdered Kester, but along with this terrible revelation, Hal finds an unlikely means of saving Oxmoon thanks to Kester's literary genius.

The novel ends with Oxmoon being restored and reopened as a tourist attraction under the auspices of the National Trust. Shortly after the inauguration ceremony, the Godwin family enjoys one last dance in Oxmoon's now restored ballroom before closing for the night.

Author's note[edit]

Howatch acknowledges that this novel is in fact a re-creation in a modern form of the story of the Plantagenet family of Edward III of England,[2] the modern characters being created from those of his eldest son Edward of Woodstock (The Black Prince) and his wife Joan of Kent, John of Gaunt and his mistress, later wife, Katherine Swynford, Richard II (son of Edward of Woodstock), Henry IV (son of John of Gaunt) and Henry IV's eldest son King Henry V. American airlines 777-200 seating.

Wheel Of Fortune Rick Renee Chris


Wheel Of Fortune 1984

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Wheel of Fortune (1983)
Premiere September 19, 1983
Airscheck local listings
CreatorMerv Griffin
HostPat Sajak and
Vanna White
Style 30-minute game show
CompanyMerv Griffin Enterprises(1983-1994),
Columbia TriStar Television(1994-2002),
Sony Pictures Television(2002- )
DistributorKing World(1983-2007)CBS Television Distribution(2007-2020)
CBS Media Ventures(2021- )
Seasons 36
Episodes 7,000 (as of May 10, 2019)
Status Currently airing season 36 Renewed through season 40 (2022-2023)
Origin USA
Official SiteWheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is the second and current incarnation of the popular game showWheel of Fortune. This version airs in syndication and is hosted by Pat Sajak, who was also one of the hosts on the original daytime version.

The nighttime Wheel was the first game show in syndication to be stripped as a five-night-a-week series during prime time access* (7 PM and 7:30 PM Eastern). It quickly became the top rated syndicated program on TV and it has held that position since. Sometime later, repeats from previous seasons were offered on Saturday evenings.

Game play was identical to the daytime show (which ended in 1991). Over the last ten years, a new wrinkle was added: the contestant to spin first was decided from who is the first to solve a toss-up puzzle. Also, the prize to be played for in the bonus round was determined by spinning a small wheel with small folded placards hiding the prize. A $1 million wedge was added to the big wheel. Whoever lands on it and is top winner at the end (provided no 'Bankrupts' are hit before then) vies for the $1 million in the bonus round. The contestant must land on the $1 million on the small wheel in order to play for it.

Other wrinkles had been the Jackpot round, in which a pot starts at $5000 and increases with the money values the Wheel stops on with the player solving the puzzle winning the jackpot provided he/she land on the Jackpot wedge. The most current is the Express, which upon being landed lets the contestant continue to select consonants for $1000 a pop until the puzzle is solved, with any missed letter causing him/her to bankrupt.

Wheel Of Fortune 1984 Vern Dee Steve Sharon

Longtime announcer Charlie O'Donnell died November 1, 2010. Wheel had guest announcers like Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert and Jim Thornton. Jim Thornton was named Wheel's permanent announcer on June 13, 2011.

NOTE: *Other syndicated game shows were five-day-a-week strips but were not intended for prime time access unless a station scheduled it for that time frame on their own accord.


Season PremiereFinale#
Season One September 19, 1983 June 15, 1984195
Season Two September 10, 1984 June 7, 1985195
Season Three September 9, 1985 June 6, 1986195
Season Four September 8, 1986 June 19, 1987195
Season Five September 14, 1987 June 10, 1988195
Season Six September 5, 1988 June 16, 1989195
Season Seven September 4, 1989 June 1, 1990195
Season Eight September 3, 1990 June 14, 1991195
Season Nine September 2, 1991 June 12, 1992195
Season Ten September 7, 1992 June 18, 1993195
Season Eleven September 6, 1993 June 17, 1994195
Season Twelve September 5, 1994 June 23, 1995195
Season Thirteen September 4, 1995 July 19, 1996195
Season Fourteen September 2, 1996 June 13, 1997195
Season Fifteen September 1, 1997 June 12, 1998195
Season Sixteen September 7, 1998 June 4, 1999195
Season Seventeen September 6, 1999 June 2, 2000195
Season Eighteen September 4, 2000 June 1, 2001195
Season Nineteen September 3, 2001 May 31, 2002195
Season Twenty September 2, 2002 May 30, 2003195
Season Twenty-One September 8, 2003 June 4, 2004195
Season Twenty-Two September 6, 2004 June 3, 2005195
Season Twenty-Three September 12, 2005 June 9, 2006195
Season Twenty-Four September 11, 2006 June 8, 2007195
Season Twenty-Five September 10, 2007 June 6, 2008195
Season Twenty-Six September 8, 2008 July 17, 2009195
Season Twenty-Seven September 14, 2009 June 11, 2010195
Season Twenty-Eight September 13, 2010 June 10, 2011195
Season Twenty-Nine September 19, 2011 June 15, 2012195
Season Thirty September 17, 2012 June 14, 2013195
Season Thirty-One September 16, 2013 June 13, 2014195
Season Thirty-Two September 15, 2014 June 12, 2015195
Season Thirty-Three September 14, 2015 June 10, 2016195
Season Thirty-Four September 12, 2016195
Season Thirty-Five September 11, 2017
Season Thirty-Six September 10, 2018
Season Thirty-Seven 2019
Season Thirty-Eight 2020
Season Thirty-Nine 2021
Season Forty 2022

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