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Victoria Coren Mitchell is an accomplished British author, professional poker player, commentator, and television presenter. Some people know her through her husband, David Mitchell, who is an actor and comedian. Victoria has hosted numerous TV shows including a BBC quiz show known as Only Connect. Also, the beauty has been writing a weekly column for The Observer, whose parent company is Guardian Media Group Limited.

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Peep Show star David Mitchell is married to Only Connect host Victoria Coren Mitchell, who is the sister of columnist, presenter and professional annoyer Giles Coren. The latest tweets from @VictoriaCoren. Before the crisis: Victoria Coren Mitchell, David's wife, poses with David and Twiggy during the Upstart Crow press night at the Gielgud Theatre on February 17 Organisers are currently holding. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Victoria Coren is among a few female celebrities with outstanding track records. She has been gracing our screens with top-notch content for years. Despite her husband being a successful lad, Coren has been working tirelessly to build an enviable career for herself – her accomplishments speak for itself.

8 interesting facts about Victoria Coren Mitchell

What else would you love to know about David Mitchell's wife? She has an amazing and motivating life story worth knowing. Here are eight critical facts about her that would help you to understand her better. They include:

1. She was born into a family of writers

Victoria Elizabeth Coren Mitchell was born on 18th August 1972, meaning she is 48 years old as of 2020. He was born in Hammersmith and bred in Cricklewood.

Her father, Alan Coren, was a famous comic and satirical writer known for his numerous notable publications such as Golfing for Cats, Tissues for Men, Waiting for Jeffrey, and Alan Coren's Sunday Best.

Similarly, Giles Coren, Victoria Coren Mitchell brother is an English food writer. He also doubles up as a television presenter. Some of his popular books include How to Eat Out, Truth, Love and Clean Cutlery, and The Story of Food.

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2. Victoria started writing from a tender age

She was an avid writer from an early age. At the age of 14 years old, she had already landed an opportunity to write a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph on teenage life. She went ahead to win an award for the best writer in a national writing competition.

Alan Coren

She has since been engaged by various magazines and newspapers companies due to her impeccable writing skills. For instance, she has been writing a weekly column for The Observer for the past eight years.

3. She is the wife of David Mitchell

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The 48-year-old author and TV personality is a loving and caring wife. She has been married to the actor since 2012. The two met through a mutual friend, David Baddiel. Speaking to RadioTimes, she said,

Baddiel specifically said to me, ‘There’s David Mitchell over there, I think you should probably marry him, I’ll get the ball rolling by introducing you’. ‘I thought that was ridiculous but, a couple of hours later, I thought I probably would marry him.’

The two dated for a while before they took a break, for reasons well known to them. In 2010, they started seeing each other again. Their bond became stronger, forcing them to tie the knot in 2012 – her wedding took place in North London.

4. Coren is a proud mother of one

Victoria and David have since welcomed a new member into their family, a baby girl. The name of Victoria Coren Mitchell daughter is Barbara Elizabeth June Mitchell. She was born on 22nd May 2015, meaning she is 5 years old as of 2020.

The journalist could not hide her joy when she gave birth to Barbara. She took to Twitter announcing the arrival of her firstborn. The tweet read,

“We've got a daughter!!! Barbara Elizabeth June Mitchell, very small and sweet. All three of us are extremely happy and sleepy.”

5. She is an exceptional poker player

Victoria Coren Mitchell Twitter

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Coren is a professional poker player. She has been featured in a considerable number of European Poker Tour tournaments (EPT). As usual, she has never shied away from showing her prowess in the game.

Victoria Coren

Interestingly, she became the first woman to win two televised professional and celebrity tournaments European P*ker Tour Main Events. Previously, she had pocketed £500,000 after winning her very first European Poker Tour in London.

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6. Coren is a proficient author

Apart from writing weekly columns for magazines, Victoria has authored and published a few notable books and novels. Most of them are available on Amazon and other platforms. They include:

  • Love 16: Love, Parents and Other Problems (1989).
  • Once More, with Feeling (2003).
  • Balderdash and Piffle (2006).
  • For Richer, for Poorer: A Love Affair with P*ker (2009).
  • I love P*ker (2010).
  • Women Talking About Cars (2017).
  • Women Talking About Cars: Series 1-3 (2019).

7. She is a funny TV host

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The beauty has been on the limelight for several years now. Her television roles, to some extent, have significantly contributed to her prominence. Keto contact information. Coren has been hosting several reputable shows on BBC.

Some of the TV programs include Late Night P*ker (1999 - 2011), Balderdash and Piffle (2007 - 2007), Only Connect (2008 - present), and How to Be Bohemian with Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Similarly, Victoria has been featured in several other TV shows. She is also a regular visitor on Radio 4. Sometimes back, she used to interview women about their lives and experiences with different cars.

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8. She is a last born in her family

Victoria Coren was born in a family of two children. He has an elder brother who was born on 29th July 1969. As of 2020, he is 51 years old. On the other hand, Victoria is 48 years old, meaning she is 3 years younger than his brother.

Other top details about David Mitchell's wife

There is a lot about this celebrity couple that you may still want to know. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about them on the internet. They include:

Is Victoria Coren related to Alexander Armstrong?

They are related but not by blood. Her brother, Giles Coren, is married to Esther Walker, who is a prominent food blogger and journalist. Further, Esther is the sister of Hannah Snow. Hanna, on the other hand, is the wife of Alexander Armstrong.

Is Victoria Coren Mitchell related to Giles Coren?

Yes. Giles is her elder brother, who was born on 29th July 1969. The two are the only children in their family.

Is David Mitchell still married?

Yes. Mitchell has been married to Victoria Coren, who is a media personality, author, and professional p*ker player. The pair is blessed with one beautiful daughter by the name Barbara Elizabeth June Mitchell.

How much is Victoria Coren Mitchell worth?

The 48-year-old author is among the wealthiest celebrities in England. She has multiple streams of income. As of 2020, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Victoria Coren Mitchell net worth to be $2 million.

Many might have known her through her husband, but Victoria Coren Mitchell is a brand on her own. She has become one of the most successful women in England who believes in the concept of diversification.

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Victoria Coren has a medium shoe size. Below is all you want to know about Victoria Coren’s body measurements, and more!

Short Bio
Victoria was born 18 August 1972 in Hammersmith, London, UK. She has many talents. Coren is a columnist for The Observer and The Guardian, host of TV show Only Connect, and a professional poker player. She’s married to David Mitchell since 2012. Coren was also the first woman that won European Poker Tour event. As of the current year 2014, Victoria’s total winnings from live tournaments exceeded the sum of $2,400,000.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body shape:Apple
Dress size: N/A
Breasts-Waist-Hips: 40-27-37 inches (102-69-94 cm)
Shoe size:8
Bra size: 34F
Cup size:F
Height: 5’3″ (160 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Natural breasts or implants: Natural


If you find it difficult to draw a neat line with an eyeliner pencil, start with a big, thick, wonky line and then reduce it with eye makeup remover. This is serious advice. I do this every single time I put makeup on.

Victoria Coren

It’s not that I can’t find art beautiful. I just don’t know what to do, standing there in the gallery. I don’t know what to think about. Once I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it; that takes about two seconds. I am interested and then immediately bored, immediately.

Victoria Coren

I’m no longer bossy in the honest sense; I’ve mastered (mistressed) the art of passive-aggression.

Victoria Coren

I’ve always hated the idea of carrying grudges and resentments around like a load of mouldy suitcases.

Victoria Coren

I do feel incredibly lucky to be making a living at things I love doing.

Victoria Coren