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Plaintiff Vanna White is the hostess of 'Wheel of Fortune,' one of the most popular game shows in television history. An estimated forty million people watch the program daily. Capitalizing on the fame which her participation in the show has bestowed on her, White markets her identity to various advertisers. Vanna White is the longtime co-host of the popular game show 'Wheel of Fortune.' Who Is Vanna White? Vanna White, born on February 18, 1957, in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, worked as a. White, 60, who is best known for turning letters on game show 'Wheel of Fortune' for35 years, owned and lived in the mansion on Beverly Park Lane until 2002, when she and George Santo Pietro. The 5,000th episode of Wheel of Fortune (1983), with her and her co-host Pat Sajak, aired on February 28, 2009. She has Puerto Rican, German and Italian ancestry. Celebrity spokesperson for SpringAir mattresses since 1986. When she auditioned for 'Wheel of Fortune', it was with 200 other women to replace Susan Stafford.

If you’ve ever looked at Vanna White turning those letters on “Wheel of Fortune” and wondered how she stays in such enviable shape, just know it’s not simply genetics.

The 63-year-old works hard to stay looking great for the popular game show, now in its unbelievable 45th year, thirty-seven of those with White at the board.

The moment Vanna White knew she had to drop some pounds

Vanessa White Wheel Of Fortune

To look at the mother of two, it’s hard to believe that she would ever feel the need to lose weight. But White says that her slender frame has not always been the norm. And when the South Carolina native realized it, she took action right away, as she explained to Us in 2019.

“When I first moved to Los Angeles,” she said, “with the change of environment, food and everything, I got extremely depressed and became 25 pounds overweight.”

This was pre-“Wheel,” and according to White, she was putting away entire pies and meatloaves in one sitting.

“I decided to try a good diet and exercise program,” she revealed. “I started to run and it was amazing. I started out slowly and soon increased the distance. Soon I lost ten pounds.”

“I stopped eating all of the bad foods. I was eating more fruits and vegetables and getting into more balanced food groups. I lost the other 15 pounds by eating right and I started feeling good about myself.”

White believes it was that clean living that got her noticed by the powers-that-be when she auditioned for the show that would change her life, “Wheel of Fortune.”

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How Old Is Vanessa White Wheel Of Fortune

“Maybe it was a certain glow that made me stand apart from the other 200 girls, trying out for “Wheel of Fortune,” she said. “But, I believe that my diet and exercise program had a great amount to do with it.”

How Vanna White eats and exercises

It’s common sense, but White, who filled in for her co-host Pat Sajak at the end of 2019 and earlier this year, says that her habits and consistency are what keep her feeling and looking great. She credits a salad before lunch and dinner with keeping her full and away from overeating.

“I have a salad at the beginning of a meal. Fresh vegetables always aid proper digestion. I love all kinds of vegetables. There’s not too much I don’t like.”

“Dinner is my main meal. I’ll eat red meat when my body tells me I need it. I’ll have some sort of roast, about once a week.”

She also takes a multivitamin, runs a mile at least two times a week, and uses a mini-trampoline a few times a week. Plus, daily, White does 100 sit-ups and push-ups; leg lifts; and stretching.

“I also feel that drinking a lot of water is very important,” she adds “and it’s good for you, too. It cleanses the body of impurities.”

Bob Mackie designed gowns for White to wear on ‘Wheel’

It’s incredible that in the decades Vanna White has been on the game show, she has never, everworn the same gown twice.

And in upcoming episodes starting Apr. 28, 2020 (taped before shelter-in-place guidelines were put into action), celebrated designer Bob Mackie will be dressing White in his stunning creations.

“Collaborating with the fashion icon and his team has been a thrill,” White said on Twitter. “I have been a huge fan of him my whole life. The beautiful gowns, it’s just amazing. I feel like I’m in a dream.”

The designing industry legend, who has created designs for Cher, Judy Garland, and Elton John, and so many others in his storied career, returned the compliment, saying “I tried to do dresses that would have movement. Vanna’s like the fashion goddess of the world. You can’t ask for better than that, you really can’t.”

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