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United Airlines operates 826 aircraft, giving it the second largest commercial airline fleet in the world. It primarily operates a mix of Airbus and Boeing narrowbody and widebody aircraft.

Current fleet[edit]

As of February 2021, the United Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft:[1]

  1. The seat map of this United Airlines 777-200 is configured with Polaris Business, Economy Plus, and Economy seating. The aircraft is used on long-haul intercontinental routes. Polaris class on this aircraft features a standard Business Class seat which transforms into a fully flat bed.
  2. 1:500 Aero500 Boeing 777-200 Die Cast Model Airplane. United Airlines 1998 'Blue Tulip' Livery Reg No. Model is in Great condition.

View Boeing 777-200 seating and specifications on United aircraft using this United Airlines seating chart. Fortune show.

United Airlines fleet
AircraftIn serviceOrdersPassengersNotes
Airbus A319-1009028123678126[2]
Airbus A320-200971124296150[3]
Airbus A321XLR50TBADeliveries start 2024.[4]
To replace Boeing 757.[5]
Airbus A350-90045[6]
Deliveries deferred to 2027.[7]
Boeing 737-7005117[8]123678126[9]
Boeing 737-8001411648102166[10]
Boeing 737-900122042117179[11]
Boeing 737-900ER1362045114179
Boeing 737 MAX 928572048111179
Boeing 737 MAX 10100[12]
Boeing 757-20040284272172[13]To be replaced by the Airbus A321XLR.[5]
Boeing 757-300212454156234[14]
Boeing 767-300ER383046138214[15]
49135To be retrofitted with Polaris seats.[16]
Boeing 767-400ER163970131240[17]To be retrofitted with Polaris seats.[16]
Boeing 777-2001928102234364[18]Boeing 777 launch customer.
Boeing 777-200ER5532124206362
Boeing 777-300ER22602462204350[19]
Boeing 787-812282136158243[20]
3670113219To be retrofitted with Polaris seats and Premium Plus cabins on 243-seat configuration.[16]
Boeing 787-9353482139149257[21]
88116252To be retrofitted with Polaris seats and Premium Plus cabins on 257-seat configuration.[16]
Boeing 787-10131442154199318[22]

Historical fleet[edit]

United Airlines Boeing 777 300er

United airlines boeing 777 seating chart

Formerly operated[edit]

United Airlines Boeing 777-300er

United Airlines former fleet[23]
Boeing 40AUn­known19271937Launch customer
Operated by Boeing Air Transport[24] and Varney Air Lines
Boeing 80AUn­known19281934Launch customer
Operated by Boeing Air Transport
Boeing 24759[25]19331942Launch customer
All 59 of the base model were built for United Airlines[26]
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser7[27]19501954
Boeing 72029[28]19601976Launch Customer.
Boeing 727-10012619631993
Boeing 727-20010419682001
Boeing 737-20010119682001Launch Customer
Boeing 737-30010319862009
Boeing 737-500[29]10219902009Several 737-500s were taken over from the merger with Continental Airlines.
Boeing 747-1002219701999
1Damaged as flight UA811
Boeing 747-200B1019872000
Boeing 747SP1119851995Taken over from Pan American World Airways
Boeing 747-4004419892017
Boeing 767-2003519822005Launch Customer
12001Hijacked and crashed into World Trade Center as Flight 175, part of the September 11th attacks
Boeing 767-200ER[30]1620112013Taken over from merged Continental Airlines
Convair 3405019521968
Douglas DC-3Un­known1937Un­known
Douglas DC-43619461957
Douglas DC-4E
Douglas DC-69019461969
Douglas DC-6B
Douglas DC-75719541966
Douglas DC-8-10219591961
Douglas DC-8-203019591982
Douglas DC-8-301119671974
Douglas DC-8-503319591987
Douglas DC-8-601219671987
Douglas DC-8-702919671994
Ford TrimotorUn­known1931Un­knownOperated on a transcontinental route between New York City and San Francisco.[31]
Laird Swallow J-5Un­knownUn­knownUn­knownSingle seat biplane used to carry US Air Mail (CAM 5) by predecessor Varney Air Lines.[32]
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar619861989Taken over from Pan American World Airways.[23]
All aircraft were transferred to Delta Air Lines
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-104719712001Launch Customer
11989Crashed as flight UA232
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30719832001
4Converted into freighters for the short-lived 'United Airlines Worldwide Cargo' service.
Sud Aviation Caravelle2019611970Only U.S. operator in scheduled passenger service. 'Executive' service from ORD to EWR restricted to men only passengers.
Vickers Viscount4819551969Former Capital Airlines aircraft.
Only mainline turboprop aircraft type ever operated by United Airlines.


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