Triple Lux Craps

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Wait for point to get established.
  • Craps is the most exciting game offered in a casino. It is also the fastest game and one of the best games for winning money. Each throw of the dice offers another chance to win money, and the payoffs are made continuously. Blackjack has many more tables devoted to it.
  • How to win $500 Craps Betting Strategy is a strategy from David at Casino Quest. This strategy is called the triple lux. It is more of a betting strategy than a playing strategy. You can play any place bet strategy you are comfortable with from across all the numbers or just inside numbers, and placing the point number is optional.
  • SLS Las Vegas is a great place to play craps, baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, and blackjack. The day and nightlife are also above average, as are a few of the restaurants. The hotel prices have come down to the point that SLS Las Vegas has become a viable option for Las Vegas tourists, especially with the easy access provided by the Las Vegas Monorail.
Triple Lux Craps

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  • Then place a 12 dollar 6 and 8.
  • If either one hits drop 4 dollars go to 30.
  • If 30 dollar bet hits drop 1 dollar go to 66.
  • If the 66 dollar bet hits drop 7 dollars go to 150.
  • 150 dollar bet hits take 175 in winnings.
  • 150 dollar bet hits again drop 5 dollars go to 330.
  • 330 bet hits again drop 5 dollars go to 720.
  • 720 dollar bet hits go to 1200 take 380 in winnings.
  • This method is based off a 1000 dollar max table if it is 2000 max on the 1200 bet just full press to 2400 on next hit.
Now if you want to break the bank you can go further.
  • Once your place bet is at table max take 600 dollars and tell the dealer you want a 100 dollar put bet on the 6 or 8 which ever is maxed and 500 dollar odds,
  • Hits again do a $250 put bet with $1250 odds, hits again $500 put bet with $2500 odds, hits again $1000 put bet $5000 odds.
At the end you will have a $1200 place bet and $1000 put bet and $5000 odds.
One hit off of that will win you $8,400. Good luck.

The craps payout chart below shows various payout statistics such as what kind of craps bets, true odds, payout odds and the total house edge after everything has been calculated through. Note that these payout odds in the chart listed below are not the same in every casino or on all craps tables. Some casinos may have different odds which perhaps may be better or worse than the odds shown in the payout chart. For more detailed information about each specific bet, please visit our page on how to play craps and browse through the craps bets menu.

This craps payout chart is also a great tool if you are just starting to learn the craps strategy. That way you can see all of the odds displayed in one table and you'll be able to decide which bets are better than others. You can see why the free odds bet is such a great one and why some of the proposition bets are terrible. My advice is to study this information or at least glance at it to find good strategies.

Triple Lux Craps Machines

Normal Craps Bets and Payout Odds

Craps BetTrue OddsPayout OddsHouse Edge
Pass Line251 to 2441 to 11.41%
Come251 to 2441 to 11.41%
Don't Pass1031 to 9491 to 11.36%
Don't Come (Bar 12)1031 to 9491 to 11.36%
Pass / Come
Free Odds
2 to 1 on 4 or 10
3 to 2 on 5 or 9
6 to 5 on 6 or 8
2 to 1 on 4 or 10
3 to 2 on 5 or 9
6 to 5 on 6 or 8
Don't Pass / Don't Come
Free Odds
1 to 2 on 4 or 10
2 to 3 on 5 or 9
5 to 6 on 6 or 8
1 to 2 on 4 or 10
2 to 3 on 5 or 9
5 to 6 on 6 or 8
7 Out5 to 14 to 116.67%
Yo 1117 to 115 to 111.11%
317 to 115 to 111.11%
2 Snake Eyes35 to 130 to 113.89%
12 Box Cars35 to 130 to 113.89%
Hi-Lo17 to 115 to 111.11%
Craps8 to 17 to 111.11%
C and E5 to 13 to 1 with craps
7 to 1 with 11
Field5 to 41 to 1 with 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11
2 to 1 on 2 or 12
Field (alternate)5 to 41 to 1 with 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11
2 to 1 on 2
3 to 1 on 12
Horn5 to 127 to 4 with 2 or 12
3 to 1 with 3 or 11
Whirl / World2 to 126 to 5 with 2 or 12
11 to 5 with 3 or 11
0 to 1 on 7 (push)
Hard Way 4 or 108 to 17 to 111.11%
Hard Way 6 or 810 to 19 to 19.09%
Big 6 or 86 to 51 to 19.09%
Place 4 or 102 to 19 to 56.67%
Place 5 or 93 to 27 to 54.00%
Place 6 or 86 to 57 to 61.52%
Buy 4 or 102 to 12 to 1
plus commission (5%)
Buy 5 or 93 to 23 to 2
plus commission (5%)
Buy 6 or 86 to 56 to 5
plus commission (5%)
Lay 4 or 101 to 21 to 2
plus commission (5%)
Lay 5 or 92 to 32 to 3
plus commission (5%)
Lay 6 or 85 to 65 to 6
plus commission (5%)

As you can see from the payout table, there are many bets that sound exotic and arcane but they really aren't that good, even though they may sound like the 'secret' bets that no one knows about. Really the only good ones are the pass line or don't pass in conjunction with the free odds bets. There are a few other decent ones as well. The trick to know is that when the house edge is a very low percentage, then the bet is a good one.

Triple Lux Power Press Craps

Also remember the fact that the number 7 is rolled more often than any other number. The 2 and 12 (snake eyes and box cars) are rolled the least and have low probabilities of coming out. You can read about this in our odds and probabilities page if you would like to understand the concept behind this. For additional odds information, please view our craps probability odds page for information about true odds of rolling the dice and also visit our Vegas free odds page for information about odds payouts and house edge.

Triple Lux Craps

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