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A: Antanas Guoga, aka 'Tony G', is legitimately one of the richest figures in the poker world today. There is often much speculation when trying to determine the total net worth of a poker player, but Tony G's financial situation is much more clear thanks to his recent successful run for the European Parliament. The one and only Tony G is back at the poker tables. This week he played the high roller in the beautiful Casino Velden, that he c. 2 years ago 2,135 Bellagio1, Published 2 years ago. 9,220 Followers, 570 Following, 611 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Antanas Guoga (@antanasguoga). He’s had one of the more impressive runs in the world of poker. He’s also been able to make an impact on the international politics stage. But, after several years away from the game, is Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga looking to return to the poker world on a. Live casino slots.

Tony Guoga Poker

  1. Cakepoker take back 60k I win off a guy over the past 4 days.

    Tony Guoga replied to Tony Guoga's topic in Poker Sites

    Hello Mark, Our apologies for the delay in replying and obviously you deserve a full explanation into this issue. Part of the delay was due to us waiting for a full explanation from the network site involved in this issue. The Cake Network provides a poker platform for various sites using our software with their own brand identify. These brands use common tables that allow players from different sites to sit in at the same games and win/lose funds to each other. Some of the sites on the network such as sports books and casinos have their own cashier for depositing. Funds credited to these accounts at the poker tables are removed from their account balance at the sports book and if the player losses then the sports book owes the network these funds which are settled in a cross cage manner at the end of each month. Due to an error in the cashier system at one of these sites it allowed funds to be brought to the poker tables without being deducted from the sports book balance. Only two players abused this error by bringing funds to the poker tables effectively losing them playing at limits outside of their skill level and in many instances simply wasting the funds pointlessly. Basically it means that the player(s) you won from were using play chips since they did not have the available balance in their sports book account needed to cover the funds being lost at the tables. This error was external to the Cake Network and we are currently in the process of having these losses made good by the site where the error occurred. The funds which you won from these account(s) are currently suspended to prevent contamination of the ecosystem with valueless chips. We ask that you bear with us while we retrieve the owed amounts from this site. Regards, Tony Cake Network Fraud and Security Manager