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Bingo Cards Summer Bingo Cards. Only find cards with images. GBF SUMMER 2020. 16 words / 0 images / Created 2020-06-17. 29 words / 0 images / Created 2019-06-18. 24 words / 0 images / Created 2017-06-22. I’ve put together a summer bingo printable for your students or kiddos at home! This is a fun way to keep track of summer activities you do and challenge you to try some new ones. I have two versions of the bingo printable. The first one is just pictures and the second one is words.

Plan a fun-filled summer for your family with this free printable summer bingo game. Use my version, or customize it with your own bucket list to keep track of all your summer adventures!Happy summer! Okay, I know that technically summer starts June 20th, but the de facto start of summer is definitely whenever school gets out. So, here we are! Yesterday we started our first “mommy school” theme for the summer–learning all about the sun!

I’m looking forward to a great fun-filled summer. We have some busy plans this month (a family reunion in Oregon and then a grown-up trip to Europe!), but we’ll also have a lot of lazy days in July and August.

Summer Bingo Activities

Being very pregnant this year, I don’t have quite as much energy (or agility) as I’d like to go on big adventures (no white-water rafting for me…sad!). Still, I’m determined to schedule some fun things to do with my kids so I don’t just melt into a pregnant puddle on the back patio. So, I’ve been researching and brainstorming ideas.

I know some people follow daily themes like “make something Monday” or “Water fun Wednesday”, and as big a fan as I am of alliteration, I don’t think I’m up for organizing things that carefully this year. Still, I’ve always been a big fan of lists, and have been logging away ideas in my head of experiences that would be fun for us this summer.

While I was creating a post last week about fun ways to encourage summer reading, I happened upon the idea of doing a reading BINGO challenge. To say that Little Man LOVES BINGO is a serious understatement, so I knew it would be hit with him. We already have own own reading challenge for the time being to work on though, so I decided to turn our BINGO challenge into a summer bucket list BINGO challenge!

I want summer to be all about having fun, exploring, learning, and having new experiences together, and I think this will be good motivation for us to get out having adventures. I introduced my boys to it yesterday, and they’re excited to get started…and so am I!

Summer Bingo Words

Summer bingo patterns

Because I believe in more fun for everyone, I’m sharing the BINGO board I created with you.

Click here for your FREE Summer Bucket List BINGO board

You can print my version that already has ideas filled in for each box, or you can fill in your own blank one. Scratch off tickets for real money. Because–if you’re like me–you like to be able to do things your own way. So if you want to personalize it for your own family’s goals and interests, you can still use it! Both pages are included in the free printable.

I’ve tried to include a balance of activities: things to make, places to go, experiments to try, foods to eat, etc. This would actually pair nicely with a daily summer schedule (like “Make it Monday,” etc.) if you’ve started that plan with your family already. FYI – I love this adorable version from Somewhat Simple.

I hope you have a flip-flop wearing, sunshine-soaking, adventure-seeking kind of summer, everyone! And tell me…

What’s on your summer bucket list this year?

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