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Today I'm getting together with some friends for a dolly meet. Every time the Portland Blythe community gets together, there is a theme, and the theme of today's meet is Piñatas. I have made it my goal to make a new printable for each of the dolly meets' themes (see mySpringtime themeand myValentine theme), and a piñata party seemed like a good fit for a set ofLotería cards.

Jumbo Loteria Mexicana Family Mexican Bingo Game with 100 Plastic Coins, 80 Chips, 20 Jumbo Boards and 1 Playing Cards Deck Bundle 4.6 out of 5 stars 670 $14.58 $ 14. Star Wars Loteria $ 30.00 Each of the 66 designs come from an original 8×10 painting. Done by local El Paso Artist, Roman Martinez.

Star Wars Loteria

(The excellent kitty dress in the photo below was made by my good friendJuliefor my birthday this year. I had a cat-themed birthday party, and she wanted to make sure that my dolly could be cat-themed as well.)

I was first introduced to Lotería by a classmate in art school whose senior thesis revolved around the theme of the deck. I have always really loved the imagery in the cards and found them to be very inspiring. (I'm not the only one, either. Check out this amazing deck with a Star Wars theme!) Not surprisingly, I find the cards to be even more wonderful in miniature form.

Star Wars Loteria Game

I'd like to point out two things about these cards:

1. These images are not in the public domain, so please don't use this printable for anything other than personal projects.

Star Wars Loteria Card

(12) 12 product ratings - 2005 California Lottery Star Wars Commemorative Rare Lotto Coin C-3PO New. Oct 29, 2019 - The origin of Loteria (Lottery) can be traced far back in history. Originating in 15th century Italy, the iconic game of chance was eventually introduced to Mexico in 1769. Initially, Loteria was a hobby of the. Printable Loteria Game Cards – free printable loteria game cards, printable loteria game cards, printable mexican loteria game cards, What is a card? Card is bit of thicker, stiff paper or lean pasteboard, in particular one useful for writing or printing on; some heavy paper published using a image and used to send out information or greeting; a little rectangle bit of heavy paper having a.

2. 777 movies. I have left the original deck intact, including a couple of cards that some people find to be racist. I went back and forth on whether to include them, but, in the interest of making a printable with a full deck of cards, I decided to keep them. I'll leave it up to you whether to include those cards in your sets.


Download Playscale Lotería Cards (PDF) - prints 4 sets of cards on 8.5' x 11' paper
• Set your printer to photo quality for best printing
• Use heavy cardstock
• Requires double-sided printing