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The Atlanta Police Department is looking for a suspect accused of stealing $7,900 in cash from a slot machine at a gas station in early April.

Wheel of fortune wheel spinner online. Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta published surveillance camera video of the incident, which according to authorities took place at a Shell station in Atlanta, Ga., at 2 a.m. on April 6.

In the footage, the suspect can be seen tampering with the front panel of a type of gambling machine.

While another man sits at a nearby machine and plays the game normally, the suspect reaches his hand inside his machine and rummages around for cash.

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“Video footage shows the male break into the machine,” Crime Stoppers said in the statement, adding, “he was then able to retrieve the money from the dispense system totaling $7,900.00.”

Police said the suspect and another man then both left the scene. A store clerk reported the incident to police.

Authorities described the suspect as skinny with a low haircut. He was wearing a gray dress shirt and gray pants.

Crime Stoppers is calling on the public for information that might help identify the suspect. A cash reward is also being offered for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the man suspected of robbing the gambling machine.

(Atlanta, GA) The Atlanta Police Department needs your help. On April 6th, 2019 I Officers responded to a larceny call at 2111 Campbellton Rd Sw (Shell Gas Station). Upon my arrival APD spoke to the store clerk who advised a black male took $7,900.00 Dollars cash from one of the gambling machines at 2:00am that morning. Video footage shows the male break into the machine, he was then able to retrieve the money from the dispense system totaling $7,900.00. The male and a second male then leave the location.Suspect: Black Male, Skinny build, Grey dress shirt, Grey Pants, Low haircut.At this time, we are asking anyone who may recognize the suspect or who has any information on this incident to contact Crime Stoppers. Information on this case or this suspect can be submitted anonymously to the Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-TIPS (8477) or online at Persons do not have to give their name or any identifying information to be eligible for a CASH reward for the arrest and indictment of the suspect

由 Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta 发布于 2019年4月15日周一

Man Tries to Steal ATM With Stolen Excavator

In related news, a man in Wyoming was caught on camera trying to steal an ATM from a gas station by using a stolen excavator.

The video footage was taken on Aug. 4 at the Sinclair at 600 Vandehei Avenue in Cheyenne, the Cheyenne Police Department said.

“We know those claw machines can be pretty frustrating, especially when you run out of quarters and the claw just keeps slipping off of the unicorn’s horn- but just because you steal some heavy equipment doesn’t mean you get to practice at the local gas station,” the department stated in a Facebook post.

Police officers said that the man stole a truck, a trailer, and an excavator in his scheme to steal an ATM.

However, the video footage shows that the man was ultimately unable to steal the machine. The footage also clearly shows the man’s face and a black-and-white dog that’s accompanying him.

Officers said that they received a call around 2 a.m. on Aug. 4 about a burglar alarm.

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“When they arrived they didn’t see anybody on scene, but found an excavator that had smashed through the window of that building and knocked an ATM down,” Kevin Malatesta with the department told KGAB.

“We were able to get the video evidence (and) determined that the individual in the video had stolen a trailer, an excavator and a truck all from different locations in Cheyenne and then used that excavator to try to take the ATM.”

CCTV Shows Thief Breaking Into Ambulance While Paramedics Treat Patient

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Another suspect was accused of breaking into an ambulance in the British city of Birmingham last October while crews treated someone at a nearby property.

The suspect allegedly stole the crew’s belongings.

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Officials at the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) released security camera footage of the Oct. 28 break-in.

The footage shows an unidentified man wearing a hoodie approach the ambulance to investigate. The thief leaves, but comes back moments later and breaks a side window in the ambulance. He then leans inside and steals a number of items.

“It really does make you question the morals of some people,” said Nathan Hudson, the WMAS Emergency Services Operations Delivery Director, in a statement.

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He called the theft “despicable” and said it affected the ability of the ambulance crew to respond to an emergency and thus put citizens at risk.

“I cannot begin to understand why someone would do this to an emergency blue lighted vehicle which has the sole responsibility of helping people,” Hudson said.

“This despicable crime has meant an ambulance is off the road and unable to respond to 999 calls whilst it’s being repaired; money which would’ve been better spent elsewhere in the service to help respond to patients.”

Epoch Times reporter Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.

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Negative aspects of gambling

It all sounds like a dream, but a reasonable person will always think of some pitfalls of betting. First, you might get addicted to it and spend all your free time online trying to win bigger and bigger prise. Second, and that's even worse, amount of money on your bank account may reduce, not grow. Third, after losing your cash, you might start borrowing funds to play again. Making a decision to stop after unsuccessful games is a true characteristic of wise and mentally stable person