Sex And The City Video Slot Game

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Sex and the City Slots is a slot machine designed by IGT,
based on one of TV’s most controversial franchises of the past
20 years. It is based on the popular and influential HBO series
which ran from 1998 to 2004. The relationship misadventures of
Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda became water cooler
talk — at least for American female office workers.

The Sex and the City slots game comes with five reels and 35 paylines. Real money wagering starts at one cent, which is the lowest coin denomination you can place on any single payline. This makes the game ideal for rookie players and those who just love slots but do not wish to break the bank to have a fun time. Sex and the City slots is a Video Slots game that includes 4 games on the same screen with each game offering 30 paylines and plenty of action with 6 different potential bonus games. Sex and the City is a slot machine created by International Game Technology (IGT) and is based on the famous television series and subsequent films of the same name. Movie and series based slots are some of the favorites among slot players as they allow them to re-visit and experience the same excitement of the motion pictures in gaming format.

Sex And The City Video Slot Game Irving Gold Bars

The HBO show spawned a successful Sex and the City movie and
a not-so-successful sequel, in 2008 and 2010. IGT has produced a
slot machine which captures the best video and audio from the
franchise. This interactive video slot machine has 5 progressive
jackpots and 6 bonus games. Each of the four main friends from
the show are given their own bonus game, so fans can enjoy
gambling through the eyes of their favorite character.