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Product Description Numbers and Colours Bingo is the bingo game with 2 ways to play. Play classic bingo with the numbered balls or get kids of all ages involved with colours and shapes bingo. Whether you play the numbers or colours game, you’ll need to be the first to yell bingo. Bingo night just got a lot easier with the Regal Games Deluxe Bingo Game Set! It includes a rotary bingo cage, bingo board, 75 bingo balls, 18 bingo cards, and bingo chips. Slot jackpots 2020. Compact and easy to store, the Deluxe Bingo Game Set is the perfect addition to your game night collection.



Whether you are having a family game night, party, backyard barbeque or fundraiser, this Deluxe Bingo Game is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. When compared to other standard bingo sets, this deluxe version comes with twice the number of chips and three times as many cards!

This Deluxe Bingo Game is ideal for larger parties and groups because it offers more playing pieces than most sets. Each set comes with 100 Bingo cards, 500 Bingo chips, a Bingo board, a metal cage, 75 colorful plastic balls and instructions for different Bingo game variations.

The Bingo board is made from two pieces of sturdy plastic that hook together at the top and bottom. The boards hold a combined total of 75 plastic balls. Each board measures 8.5' long and 6.875' wide.

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The solid black metal Bingo cage is easy to spin and features a metal slot so the number to be called easily rolls down after spinning. The cage measures 12' tall, including the base. Without the base, the cage measures about 7' tall. The diameter of the cage is approximately 7'.

The Bingo cards are made from heavy cardboard and measure 4.875' x 5.25'. There are 25 red, blue, black and green cards for a total of 100 bingo cards in each set, along with 500 multi-color Bingo chips. The brightly-colored Bingo balls feature jumbo-sized numbering for easy reading. There are 15 balls of each red, blue, purple, green, and yellow.

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Instructions for several different variations of Bingo are included with each set. These instructions are easy to read and will have you enjoying your new game in no time!

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Sainsburys Bingo Game

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