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Anyone that play poker tournaments (MTTs and SNGs) will have a specific return of investment, ROI. It's good to know you ROI as you when will know how much you can expect to win in a certain number of tournaments. You can also compare your ROI between different poker forms and find out there your profit is the best.

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  • Taking into account the ROI in poker implies the possibility of obtaining profits or losses among a series of objectives that have been previously established. It is the measure used to compare the profit in relation to the investment that has been made. As a general rule, the term ROI is mainly used in the world of marketing and advertising.
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  • @Lock I have 1374 MTT's played - ABI $18.52 - 48.3% ROI @Intertops 366 MTT's played - 16.63 ABI - 48.2% ROI. I figured this was in the decent range with obvious room to improve. I'm not using poker as my only income. Sounds as if I want to make more I may need to increase my BR online and play a little higher.
  • This would mean you have a poor hourly and poor ROI. Tracking your ROI is far more beneficial than looking at your ITM. I recommend using both methods if you are a serious tournament poker player looking to improve. How Do I Calculate ITM? Calculating your ITM is easy. Just use the formula below: # Cashes/ # MTTS entered Multiplied by 100 = ITM.

ROI in poker is used for tournaments, not cash games (in cash games it's about the win rate and how much you earn by the hour). Here are some examples concerning SNG heads up.

Let's say you are playing $50+$2.50 heads up and thinking about moving up to the next buy-in level, $100+5. Here we compare your profit with two different win expectations:
Buy-in $50+2.5 x 10 matches = $520.50
Result 7/10 won = $700 in money > net win: $170.50
ROI 170.50/520.50 = 33,3% ROI

One very useful tool for measuring your success in poker tournaments is return on investment (ROI). The basic definition of ROI is how much money you’re earning back from your buy-ins. Unsuccessful players will have a negative ROI, while really good poker players will have positive ROI numbers, meaning that they’re profitable. So obviously it’s good to know what your poker ROI is, but the only problem is that.

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Buy-in $100+5 x 10 matches = $1050
Result 6/10 won = $1200 in money > net win: $150
ROI 150/1200 = 12,5% ROI
In this example, we can see that you make more money playing $50+$5 supposing the different winning frequences (7 out of 10 vs. 6 out of 10). However, 7 out of 10 it's not very realistic and the difference to the next limit will probably be less.

Therefore, we add another example.

Buy-in $50+2.5 x 10 matches = $520.50
Result 6,5/10 won = $650 in money > net win: $120.50
ROI 140.50/520.50 = ca 28% ROI
Buy-in $100+5 x 10 matches = $1050
Result 6,2/10 won = $1240 in money > net win: $190
ROI 190/1240 = ca 16% ROI

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Roi Poker

The second example shows that you are winning more money playing $100+$5 given the performances (6,6 out of 10 vs. 6,2 out of 10). As you can see, the ROI in poker doesn't need to be extremely good when you are playing at higher limits because you will win pretty much money even with a relative small return of investment in percentage.

These kinds of calculations can also be made for comparing SNGs with MTTs and other situations.

Roi Poker Calculator

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