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Wheel of Fortune is an Australian television game show produced by Grundy Television (until 2006) and Sony Pictures Television and CBS Studios International in 2008. The program aired on the Seven Network from 1981 to 2004 and January to July 2006, aired at 5:00pm from 1981 to 1989 and from 2004 to 2006 and at 5:30pm from 1989 to 2003, and is mostly based on the. Rob Elliott: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. He and Pat Sajak have both hosted versions of Wheel of Fortune. Rob Elliott Popularity. Most Popular #129419. 55 Year Old Game Show Host #3. Game Show Host Born in Australia #3. Libra Game Show Host #12. Rob Elliott: Australia: Wheel of Fortune: Bob Elson: United States: Identify (1949) Frank Elstner: Germany: Wetten, dass.?, Jeopardy! (1994–98) Graham Elwood: United States: Cram (2003–04) Ron Ely: United States: Face the Music (1980–82) Larry Emdur: Australia: The Price Is Right, Cash Bonanza, Family Double Dare, The Main Event, Wheel. WHEN Rob Elliott stopped hosting Wheel of Fortune in 2003, the letters S and A came up in his own life. It was Smart Ass, the board game he created that is being sold in the US, Britain, Spain, France and Germany. Later, Elliott created Dumb Ass with more pop-culture trivia questions.

Born8 October 1965 (age 55)
Brisbane, Queensland
OccupationAustralian radio announcer and television show host

Rob Elliott (born 8 October 1965 in Brisbane, Queensland) is a popular Australian radio announcer and television show host, best known for hosting Wheel of Fortune.

Television career[edit]

Rob Elliott Wheel Of Fortune

His first TV job was the children's TV program OK for Kids in Brisbane on Channel 9. Then became the Melbourne-based reporter for Wombat for the Seven Network during the 1980s. Had several parts in Neighbours and in 1996, he became host of Talking Telephone Numbers (based on a UK format) for the Seven Network. During the mid to late 80s he also worked for Brisbane Radio Station, 1008AM 'Stereo 10' as a radio announcer and Geelong's 93.9 Bay FM / 3XY in the early '90s.

His best-known role was as the host of Wheel of Fortune from 1997 to 2003,[1] replacing Tony Barber.[2] After being fired from the show, Elliott created a board game called Smart Ass. He explained, I used to play Trivial Pursuit and never won - I hated it. I created a game I could win.[1]


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Wheel of Fortune

Production details

Run dates: 1981-2004

Wheel Of Fortune 2003 Rob Elliott

Production company: Grundy Organisation

Wheel Of Fortune Hosted By Rob Elliott 2003

Network: 7

Wheel Of Fortune Rob Elliott

Hosts: Ernie Sigley (1981-1984), John Burgess (1984-1996), Tony Barber (1996), Rob Elliott (1997-2003), Steve Oemcke (2004)
Hostesses:Rob Adriana Xenides (1981-1999) Sophie Falkiner (1999-)
Announcers: John Dean (1981-1984), John Deeks (1985-1995, 1997-2004), David Day (1996), Ron E Sparks (1996)

Run dates: 2006 (for ~6 months)
Production company: Grundy Organisation
Network: 7
Host: Larry Emdur
Hostess: Laura Csortan
Announcer: John Deeks

Ernie Sigley

Spun-off into a Saturday night program, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune,' screening from 1990-1991.

Tony Barber was appointed host in July 1996, as part of a major re-vamp for the show, in an attempt to boost ratings and attract a younger audience. However, the plan backfired, ratings slumped, boycotting and hate-mail campaigns ensued. Tony 'resigned' at the end of that year (at least that's what the press releases said), and Rob Elliott became the new host at the start of the 1997 season. Adriana Xenides was absent for seven months (November 1996-June 1997, Tony's final month, and Rob's first shows) due to illness. Guest hostesses took the show through to the end of 1996. Until she returned in 1997, Kerrie Friend was guest hostess (amid speculation that she would gain the job permanently). Adriana undertook another indefintite sick leave period in 1999, with Sophie Falkiner filling in. Adriana officially resigned during this absence, and Sophie gained the job full-time.

As part of a revamp, including a move from the 5.30pm to 5pm timeslot and the inclusion of a new 'touch screen' letterboard, Rob Elliott was sacked in late 2003 and Steve Oemcke was appointed host (see articles below). Steve's stint as host lasted until the show was 'rested' in late 2004. The show began to air again in 2006 with new hosts, but this version only lasted for ~6 months

John Burgess


Three contestants take turns to spin a large roulette-style wheel containing spaces with varying amounts of money values. They then attempt to solve a word puzzle by guessing a letter that may be in it. Correct guesses result in the amount 'spun up' being added to the contestants' score. Incorrect ones terminate that contestant's control of the game, and play passes to the next one.

The wheel also contains 'Bankrupt', 'Lose a Turn', 'Free Spin', and special prize spaces. Contestants who solve the puzzles are able to 'spend' their score in the prize shop.

Tony Barber and Adriana Xenides

Tony Barber hands the show over to Rob Elliott, January 1997


Wheel Of Fortune revamped, host axed
eBroadcast, 27 December 2003

New Wheel Of Fortune host announced
eBroadcast, 5 January 2004

Oemcke's in driving seat
Sydney Confidential, Daily Telegraph, 5 January 2004

Good luck runs out for Wheel of Fortune
Sun Herald, 18 June 2006


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1981-1994 theme music*

Theme music to the 1990-1991 Saturday night celebrity shows*

1995-2006 theme music#

Play lottery online. Short-lived opening theme to the revamped 1996 show*

Short-lived closing theme to the revamped 1996 show*

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