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In the past I feared to show a concrete example on this page, not wanting to violate copyright laws. However, in the Netherlands, information on the reel stripping and probabilities of each win are sometimes posted on small cards on the machine. A fan of the site sent me the information provided on an IGT 'Red White & Blue' machine.

First, let me present the pay table. For those who are not familiar with the game, a 3-bar is in blue, a 2-bar is in white, and a 1-bar is in red.

Pay Table for Red White & Blue

Win1 Coin2 Coins3 Coins
Red 7, white 7, blue 72400480010000
Red 7, red 7, red 7119924005000
White 7, white 7, white 7200400600
Blue 7, blue 7, blue 7150300450
Any 3 sevens80160240
1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar50100150
3 bar, 3 bar, 3 bar4080120
2 bar, 2 bar, 2 bar255075
Any red, any white, any blue204060
1 bar, 1 bar, 1 bar102030
Any 3 bars51015
Any 3 reds246
Any 3 white246
Any 3 blues246
Blank, blank, blank123
Red white and blue 7 slot machines

After the player makes a bet and presses the spin button, the machine selects three random numbers, one for each reel. These are chosen from a random number generator that is constantly drawing random numbers at a rate of thousands per second. The numbers chosen at the moment the play is initiated are the ones used to determine the final outcome. In other words the outcome is predestined the moment you press the spin button.

In the case of Red White & Blue, each random number has 64 equally likely outcomes. Each random number is mapped to a stop position on what is called a 'Lookup Table.' The following is my estimate of what the Red White & Blue lookup table looks like, based on the total number of stops per symbol per reel, provided to me.

Lookup Table for Red White & Blue

Stop NumberReel 1Reel 2Reel 3
12 bar2 bar2 bar
22 bar2 bar2 bar
32 barblank2 bar
5blank3 barblank
63 bar3 bar3 bar
73 barblankblank
10blankwhite 7white 7
11white 7blankwhite 7
12white 7blankwhite 7
13white 7blankwhite 7
14white 71 barwhite 7
15white 71 barwhite 7
16white 71 barwhite 7
17blank1 barblank
201 barblank1 bar
211 barblue 71 bar
221 barblue 71 bar
23blankblue 71 bar
24blankblue 71 bar
25blankblue 7blank
26blue 7blue 7blank
27blue 7blue 7blank
28blue 7blankblue 7
29blue 7blankblank
30blue 7blankblank
31blue 72 barblank
32blank2 bar2 bar
33blankblank2 bar
34blankblank2 bar
352 bar3 barblank
362 bar3 barblank
37blankblank3 bar
393 barblankblank
42blankred 7blank
43blankred 7red 7
44blankred 7blank
45red 7blankblank
49blankblank3 bar
50blank3 bar3 bar
513 bar3 bar3 bar
523 bar3 barblank
533 barblankblank
54blankblank2 bar
55blank2 bar2 bar
562 bar2 bar2 bar
572 barblankblank
59blank1 bar1 bar
601 bar1 bar1 bar
611 bar1 bar1 bar
621 bar1 bar1 bar

Immediately after the random numbers are chosen they will get mapped to a stop on the machine via the Lookup Table, the outcome will be scored, and the player paid if he won anything. For example, if the random numbers chosen were 26, 8, and 43 the player would get Blue 7, Blank, Red 7.

Note how there are clusters of the same symbol in a row. For example, stops 60 to 62 on reel 1 all are mapped to a 1 bar symbol. These will all be directed to the same 1 bar symbol on the actual reel. There are exactly 22 groups of like symbols on each reel, which is the standard number of stops on an electro-mechanical three-reel slot machine, known as a 'Stepper Slot.'

Also note that only stop 45 on reel 1 is mapped to the red 7 symbol. However the blanks above and below it have five positions each. This causes the often seen near miss effect, where the reel stops directly above or below the highest paying symbol. Many people have written to me, claiming that this near miss effect is against the law. My slot machine Appendix 1 proves otherwise.

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To calculate the return of the machine, add up the number of positions for each symbol on each reel, to get the total symbol weightings. The following table shows these totals. This table is what was indicated on the Red White & Blue machine in the Netherlands. The Lookup Table above, was reverse engineered to produce these total weights.

Total Weights for Red White & Blue
Stop NumberReel 1Reel 2Reel 3
Red 7131
White 7617
Blue 7671
3 bar675
2 bar769
1 bar689

With the weighting of each symbol and reel known, it is just take simple math to calculate the return. The following table shows the win, number of combinations, probability, and contribution to the return for all possible events. For example, the table above shows the number of white 7's are 6, 1, and 7, for reels 1, 2, and 3 respectively. The total number of winning combinations for three white sevens is thus 6 × 1 × 7 = 42.

Return Table for Red White & Blue

Red 7, white 7, blue 7240010.0000040.009155
Red 7, red 7, red 7119930.0000110.013721
White 7, white 7, white 7200420.0001600.032043
Blue 7, blue 7, blue 7150420.0001600.024033
Any 3 sevens8011990.0045740.365906
1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar501800.0006870.034332
3 bar, 3 bar, 3 bar402100.0008010.032043
2 bar, 2 bar, 2 bar253780.0014420.036049
Any red, any white, any blue201130.0004310.008621
1 bar, 1 bar, 1 bar104320.0016480.016479
Any 3 bars579770.0304300.152149
Any 3 reds23350.0012780.002556
Any 3 white210360.0039520.007904
Any 3 blues27560.0028840.005768
Blank, blank, blank1327680.1250000.125000
All other02166720.8265380.000000

The lower right cell shows a return of 86.58%. That means that for every dollar bet at the one coin level, the player will get back 86.58 cents, on average. Doing the same table for two coins results in a return of 86.58% as well, and three coins has a higher return of 87.47%, due to the disproportionately high win on the top two pays. The standard deviation is 9.03 for 1 or 2 coins, and 10.80 for 3 coins.

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Red White And Blue Slot Machine Model 5131 C Instructions

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