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With Free Bingo, players can play one of the most popular games without risk or deposit requirement. However, you can still win cash prizes. In addition to free bingo, bingo sites also attract players with some extra bonuses, loyalty points, hourly promotions and gift cards!

Our bingo caller is linked to the cards, so it tells you in real time the winners of the game with printed cards and virtual cards. Make manual or automatic random draws of numbers with our bingo caller. Play Bingo Online for Real Money from USA Bingo Sites. Bingo was invented back in 1929 and has turned out to be one of the most well loved games all over the world. In the United States, bingo is not as popular as some of the other classic casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette but it still has a strong following.


Early versions of bingo were spotted way back in the 1500s when Italian carnival barkers rattled off numbers and players placed disks on cards to track their progress. The game continued to grow in popularity and found its place in the UK as well, where it brought communities together.

There are two main reasons behind Bingo’s popularity: the opportunity to build camaraderie and the fact that the game doesn’t require a specific skill set, i.e. it is quite easy.

The Rise In Bingo Popularity

We mentioned the two main reasons behind the immense bingo popularity. Bingo is a pretty straightforward game, get your bingo ticket or tickets and see if your numbers will be drawn.

Plus, there’s the social aspect. Bingo is a social game andplaying bingo gives you an opportunity to socialise with your friends and tomeet new people. Not having to spend any time learning how to play the game,combined with the social element and the opportunity to earn prizes with asmaller wager are the key elements behind bingo’s popularity.

In the UK bingo popularity grew particularly after theSecond World War. It wasn’t just large cities that featured bingo halls, at onepoint there were 600 halls throughout the country. The number starteddecreasing after 2005, but not because bingo was becoming less popular. It wasdue to online bingo and its increased popularity and market size. Online bingowas growing, while traditional land-based bingo was stagnating or declining. Casino online live games.

One of the biggest advantages of online bingo is free bingo– an option that’s only available online. Here at Blighty Bingo we offer arange of free bingo rooms. In fact, there are five free bingo rooms.

Types Of Online Bingo

Up until a few years ago, bingo fans had to go to a bingo room to play their beloved game. Taking bingo online made things a lot easier, allowing both homebound players to enjoy a good game, as well as busy people to play whenever and wherever they want.

Bingo real money no deposit

There are two types of online bingo. First, there’s the traditional one, which works like any bingo hall. You buy cards and play with a group of people until someone wins.

Then there’s free bingo which is great for beginners who want to explore the game first before spending money online. Free bingo doesn’t require a deposit and it teaches players everything they need to know in a low-risk environment. While the payouts aren’t as high as a paying game, it is still possible to take home a little extra cash if you’re lucky.

No Generation Gap Online

Bingo was seen as the old folks’ game and rightfully so. Justvisit any bingo hall and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The situation isdifferent online and it is safe to say that online bingo brought young peoplecloser to the game. While people below 40 or so were more reluctant to pop downtheir local bingo hall, they are a lot more likely to register with an onlinesite like Blighty Bingo.

It doesn’t matter whether your playing free bingo for fun,no money deposit is required for that, or you enter one of the paid rooms,there will always be other bingo players who are there to have fun and playbingo, just like you.


Millennials are discovering bingo through the medium ofinternet, which is not surprising at all, this is how they became acquaintedwith a lot of phenomena. But just as online bingo enabled millennials to getfamiliar with bingo, it also worked the other way around – namely, it made theinternet as a whole a lot more understandable for baby boomers who wereotherwise familiar with bingo. A vast majority of bingo fans nowadays preferplaying online. There are few reasons for that. We already mentioned the firstand strongest reason – free bingo.

Bingo Rooms At Blighty

Blighty Bingo offers unique rooms where you’ll get a completely new bingo experience. Here are some of the best ones:

Ace Club – Join the free Bingo room, flaunt your Blighty VIP status on the 1th of each month and play for a £250 jackpot.

Ace Club Diamond – An even fancier free Bingo room than Ace Club, this room is open on every 15th each month and the prize pool is also £250.

Free 4 You – Play here every day between 16:00 and 23:00 for the chance to win cash prizes.

£250 Saucy Sunday – As the name suggests, you have a chance to win the £250-jackpot.

How To Get The Best Out Of Free Bingo

It is not difficult to find free bingo games and toparticipate. In most cases you gain access to a free bingo room as soon as youregister an account, without even having to make a deposit first, let alonemake a real money wager.

Here at Blighty Bingo you will gain access to the Free 4 Youroom as soon as you register an account with us and log in for the first time. That’sright, all registered players have access to this room. And there are fixedbingo prizes that you could win. Yes, you could win without paying a penny forthe bingo ticket, that’s quite handy.

Players who are more active and have purchased at least afew real-money bingo tickets can expect even more perks and benefits. As soonas you make a deposit you will gain access to our £250 Saucy Sunday room andthe room title is pretty self-explanatory here – the game takes place on aSunday and the winning prize is £250. All prizes are in real money, which meansthat if you win one of the jackpot prizes, you can use the funds as you please.

And things don’t stop there, when you’ve deposited at least£5 in the last seven days, you gain access to the £1K Mondays room, and onceagain, the room title makes things pretty clear – the prize is £1K and the gametakes place on Mondays, or to be more precise on Mondays at 22:30.

Once you become a member of our Loyalty Programme you’llgain access to daily promotions, including daily bingo tickets and daily freespins. So, free bingo tickets are available every day. Once you reach Level 6and higher you could get an invitation to join the Ace Club free bingo room,whereas if you manage to reach Level 11 you might be invited to play in the AceClub Diamond room.

The best part about our Free Bingo programme is that you getto play free bingo games for cash, o deposit is required. As soon as youregister you gain access to one of our free bingo rooms and then if you makedeposit you will gain access to more free bingo.

Real Bingo Apps

Why Try Free Bingo

Real Bingo Games For Cash

Free Bingo is the perfect choice for players looking to gain a better understanding of the game without any risk. Even experienced bingo players sometimes visit the free bingo rooms to test a new type of a game, or simple use the chance to win a real money prize, without having to make a real money wager.

Free bingo also gives you the possibility to test-drive different apps and websites. This can be very useful, as every online Bingo site has different levels of usability and layout, some more to your liking than other. Remember, Bingo is also about building a community, and you might want to play Bingo for free on several different apps before you find a group of people you enjoy chatting with more than others.

There’s a third reason for giving free Bingo a try – to get used to the pace. Bingo tends to be a fast-paced game, and if you’re not paying enough attention, you can easily fall behind. Many bingo professionals recommend the free areas as a starting point to get used to the speed and get ready for the real money games.