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  1. Feb 26, 2020 Reading Book BINGO Prizes For us, there are three different levels of prizes based on the books read. There’s the traditional five in a row BINGO prize, the perimeter prize (sneaking math in for the homeschool mom win!), and the complete board prize.
  2. Unlike my previous Reading Challenges printable, this Reading Bingo game includes different reading strategies to help kids read closely and deeply. You’ll find tasks like visualize, find a new word, reread a confusing part, and so forth on this Bingo board. But you’ll also find activities like read in bed or tell someone about your book.
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Oct 09, 2014 Reading Bingo is a seriously ingenius idea, and the Bingo cards are adorable to boot! You’ve created a great incentive program for him with the Wendy’s Frosty’s coupons as well. I have long been a fan of the work the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption does for kids in the foster care system. Bingo Reading Activity. It is a simple fact that the more your child reads, the better they read. Encourage your child to read more with this bingo reading activity and you will be helping them to become more confident and more proficient readers.

People pick up reading out of requirement or enjoyment or BOTH at different times in their lives making reading a lifelong skill.

Throughout college, I participated in reading challenges in various groups on, along with my assigned reading for class. Before entering the classroom in 2015, I was brainstorming independent reading ideas and running them by family, friends, and colleagues. I was encouraged to shy away from the reading challenge set up look at a established reading craze – Reading Bingo boards!


Reading Bingo was developed to encourage lifelong reading habits. This independent reading unit is grounded in student choice and exploration into a wide variety of genres, authors, and books. The unit is implemented between September and May during the school year.

Reading Bingo was developed to encourage lifelong reading habits. This independent reading unit is grounded in student choice and exploration into a wide variety of genres, authors, and books. The unit is implemented between September and May during the school year.

Each student is required to read and review two books per academic quarter of the school year. This equates to one book a month with January being skipped due to holiday breaks and the end/beginning of each semester. Students can tackle the Reading Bingo! board in any order they wish and are not required to earn a Reading Bingo!

Book Guidelines

Each book that a student selects must follow the following guidelines:

  • At least 150 pages (exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Not being read or was read in a high school English course
  • Reported during Reading Roll Call
  • Only counted for one square on the board

The Review

After completing the book and in order to claim the square of choice, a review must be written. Each review is graded for completion, student analysis, and proper use of language mechanics.

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The components of a review are:

  • Basic Information
  • Recommendation
  • Rating
  • Essential Question Analysis (varies based on class)
    • Important decisions/behaviors of characters
    • Leadership
    • Favorite elements, characters, moments, plot points, etc.

If a student wishes to read more than two books per quarter, they are able to earn extra credit. These extra reviews must earn at least an 80% to be counted. Students may also earn extra credit by earning a Reading Bingo, which is a traditional five-in-a-row bingo.

Reading = Success


(Lent, 2016, p. 57).

Reading bingo card

Previous Reading Bingo Boards

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Fields, C. (2014). Literary theories [PowerPoint slides].

Lent, R.C. (2016). This is disciplinary literacy: Reading, writing, talking, and doing … content area by content area. Thousand Oaks: Corwin.

With summer here, I needed something to inspire & motivate my little reader (and readers to be)! I created these fun Summer Reading BINGO charts to use with my own kids. Today, I am excited to share these printable BINGo cards with you. Here’s how the Summer Reading BINGO challenge works:
1. Set a reading time goal for each individual child.
2. Decide on one or several prizes. These could be a special trip for ice cream, a new toy, a trip to the water park, or really anything. Just make sure the prizes are something that the kids really want to earn.
3. Start reading, reading, & reading. As they read, the child gets to cross off the chart.
4. Then comes the prizes. You could give a small prize for getting BINGO (5 across or 5 down) & a really awesome prize for finishing the whole chart and getting blackout, it’s really whatever you decide.
I hope these free & fun printables keep your little ones inspired to read, read, & read!
Click here to download & print the following three BINGO cards or Right click on the image to open it in a new window. You can save it or print from there. Make sure to scale it to size when printing!

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Printable Reading Bingo Cards

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Reading Bingo Fun

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