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Gold sovereigns have a nominal value of a single pound sterling throughout the United Kingdom. Gold sovereigns are currently relied upon as bullion coins and are also used for jewellery. If you are looking to make some quick money, don’t let those old gold sovereigns collect dust in a storage compartment in your closet.

During the height of the British Empire, the most widely distributed gold coin was the British Gold Sovereign.

Gold Sovereign Price Today (Bullion) £310.86: Next Steps If You Are Ready to Sell Your Sovereigns: Step 1 - If you want to sell you can contact us on email protected and we will explain the offer price is subject to a quality check. Pre-1604 Sovereigns. Gold sovereigns minted in 1604 or before are highly desirable due to their scarcity and rarity value. Bigger and heavier than today’s sovereign and made from purer 23-carat gold, their prices are not affected by the market price of gold. An Australian gold sovereign dated 1900, 22ct yellow gold, made as a single full sovereign, dated 1900 with Perth mint marks, only, 1886,089 were produced. Show 67 more like this An Australian 1877 Sydney, mint gold sovereign, 22ct yellow gold, Sydney, mint mark, Sydney was the only mint for the Victoria head sovereign in 1877.

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WeightFinenessGold ContentValue
Five Sovereign / £5 Gold Crown (Up To)39.94.916636.609£1,664.00
Double Sovereign / £215.98.916614.647£616.45
Full Sovereign7.98.91667.314£307.83
Half Sovereign3.99.91663.657£153.91
Quarter Sovereign291661.832£77.10
Three Coin Sovereign Set (Full, Half, Quarter)£565.65
Three Coin Sovereign Set (Double, Full, Half)£1,132.11
Four Coin Sovereign Set (Double, Full, Half, Quarter)£1,212.27
Four Coin Sovereign Set (Crown, Double, Full, Half)£2,749.92
Five Coin Sovereign Set£2,830.88

These gold coins were spread to almost every corner of the earth and were the predominant media for monetary exchanges from 1818 to the early 1900's. As the British Empire expanded, the mint locations for these small coins reached such diverse locations as Pretoria, Bombay, Ottawa, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney to insure that there was always an ample supply of British Gold Sovereigns on hand for trade.

The British Gold Sovereign inherits both its name and design from the Royal Household of Britain. The hundreds of millions of Gold Sovereigns minted, from the time of King Henry VII of England in 1489 to the current Gold Sovereigns produced this year, bear the image of the then-current ruler of the country on the face and the reverse side of the coins are decorated with the Royal coat of arms on a shield surrounded by a Tudor double rose, a depiction of Pestrucci’s St. George slaying the Dragon or one of the unique designs created during the reigns of William IV, Victoria, George IV, and Elizabeth II. Due to the royal portrait on the face, the coins were named sovereigns.

The original British Gold Sovereigns were made of 23 carat gold and weighed in at 240 grains but, during the time of King Henry VIII, the purity of the coin was reduced to 22 carat gold, which is the gold coin standard in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. This alloy, known as crown gold, is 22 parts gold and 2 parts copper and the alloy has remained unchanged since that time with the brief exception of 1887, when silver was used in place of the copper on the mixture. Over the course of history, the weight of the British Gold Sovereign was repeatedly lowered until 1816 when the Great Recoinage Law set the weight of the British Gold Sovereign at precisely 113 grains, where it has remained for almost two centuries. Sweepstakes slot machines for sale.

For a period of just over two hundred years, from 1604 to 1817, the British Gold Sovereign was removed from production and was replaced by a number of coins, including Unites, Laurels and Broads, and eventually Guineas.

Price Of Gold Sovereigns To Sell

Even though more than a billion of the gold coins were minted throughout history, this number is not a true representation of the availability of these coins because it was common practice for Victorian banks to remove worn coins from circulation to have them melted down and recoined. In addition to this practice, it was also common for foreign governments to melt the coins and reform them into gold bars or ingots. Due to these practices, the true representation of British Gold Sovereigns is impossible to decipher as the modern British Gold Sovereign could conceivably be made of gold from earlier coins which have been destroyed.

The modern day British Gold Sovereigns are minted only at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales since the year 2000. These coins are created under the watchful eye of the Ministry of Defence Police in a sealed area of the Mint.

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