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  • Grand Tour is a brand new way for PokerStars to entertain and reward their players, according to Severin Rasset, The Stars Group’s Managing Director and Commercial Officer of Poker.
  • The Grand Tour proved to be a hit among players and so far, PokerStars has awarded over $33.5 million in bounties to the winners. That huge sum accounts for the site’ client alone, with the segregated markets also recording strong figures.
  • PokerStars Grand Tour: spins hybrid with progressive knockouts PokerStars waited almost one year after revealing Spin&Go Flash to get creative again with new spins formats.
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Following the trend that it has established in recent years, PokerStars, the world’s leading online poker operator, has announced yet another new poker game. Grand Tour, the most recent online poker variant by PokerStars, is a cycling themed game in which players can win more than $100,000.

Grand Tour is one of the best new games launched on PokerStars over the past few months, ticking all the boxes demanded of most low-stakes recreational players. It’s quick, fun and contains a number of built-in bonuses that can turn a meagre buy-in into a grand payday.

Grand Tour is a 4-max hyper-turbo progressive knockout Sit & Go tournament with buy-ins starting at just $1. PokerStars released a play money version in France on Monday under the name La Course.

“PokerStars Grand Tour is fast, competitive, and progressive and we are excited to bring it to our players on .COM, .EU, and .UK,” said Severin Rasset, Managing Director and Commercial Officer of Poker at The Stars Group via a press release. “We wanted to combine aspects of both [poker and cycling] and find a brand new way to entertain and reward our players. We look forward to seeing our players enjoy PokerStars Grand Tour as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

Pokerstars Grand Tour Twoplustwo

How PokerStars Grand Tour Works

Grand Tour plays as a Progressive KO tournament divided into a number of different stagesSet for life lottery winning numbers. (called sprints) that last about five minutes each.

The goal of each sprint is to get your bounty above $100 by the end.

As a players advance through each stage they get closer to the finish line where they will be crowned one of many PokerStars Grand Tour champions.

Buy-ins range between $1 and $60 and after rake, represents the amount of your bounty.

When you knock out a player, 50% of your opponent’s bounty (or 60% at higher stakes) gets added to your own bounty. You also receive a portion of that player’s bounty in cash which can be multiplied up to 6000x at the highest stakes.

In a similar way that Spin & Gos have their prize pools randomized, the multiplier for the cash portion of the bounty for Grand Tour is randomized with the highest multipliers occurring less frequently.

And even if you get knocked out, you get to keep all of the money you accumulated from knocking out other players.

The winner of each sprint gets to advance to the next sprint immediately or at a later date. And, once you reach the finish line, you get to add your own bounty to your winnings.


Check out the promotional video of Grand Tour below.

Key Points About Grand Tour

  • Plays as a 4-handed hyper-turbo progressive knockout Sit & Go
  • Each sprint lasts about 5 minutes
  • Players start with a bounty equal to the buy-in minus the rake
  • After eliminating a player, your bounty goes up and a potion of the eliminated player’s bounty get paid to you in cash
  • The cash portion of the bounty is subject to a multiplier and can be as high as 6000x
  • Players can win more than $100,000 at higher stakes
  • Eliminated players keep any winnings from players they knocked out
  • Complete all sprint to get to the finish line, where you will win your own bounty and be crowned one of many PokerStars Grand Tour champions

Pokerstars Grand Tour Strategy

Prior to Grand Tour, the most recent new game to be released by PokerStars was Swap Hold’em, which was launched just last month.