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Mar 17, 2008 Poker Now uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm with a sequence of random seeds. Each game deck is a result of a shuffle of the last shuffled deck in Poker Now. When a card is placed on the table, the remaining deck is shuffled again. You can check the current shuffle logic in this example snippet

Hollywood Poker Challenge Aug 29-31

  1. Start to play online poker with your friends! No download and no registration needed. Up to 10 people with video/voice chat.
  2. Poker Now is free no download poker app. Just share your room link with your friends to get started. Once you accept them, you are ready to play! That's it, no catch.
  3. The 2014 broadcast of Windy City Poker Championship - including the $1,000 Qualifier Tournament, $3,000 Single Table Tournament, and the first ever low-stakes, televised $2/$5/$10 No Limit Hold em Cash Game - is now available online.

This weekend the Hollywood Poker Challenge kicks off its $100,000 guaranteed prize pool main event at the Hollywood Casino in Toledo Ohio.

So far the events and qualifiers leading up to the $1,070 deep stack re-entry main event have been a great success. Ken Lambert at the Hollywood Casino Poker Room has designed an amazing tournament series that culminates this weekend with a multi-day/multi-flight championship. Click here for google maps info

Saturday at 2:15pm players will participate in Day1A of the main event which features a 20,000 chip deep stacked structure. Players can re-enter if they go broke or try their luck again on Day 1B which kicks off on Sunday at 2:15pm.

Players who advance from both flights will re-start day 2 on Monday at 12:15 and play to a champion!

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For those who want to win their way into the $1,070 main can do so by participating in either $20 Super Satellites, or $125 Mega Satellites on Friday thru Sunday!

Several local Chicago players including Windy City Poker Championship's Kirk Fallah will be heading out to toledo to play in the $1,070 main event. Kirk is so excited to participate and is confident in his victory that he is going to donate 10% of his winnings to (2) local charities that have participated in Windy City Poker Championship events. He also has decided to buy-in one lucky Windy City Poker Championship player/fan to either the 8-30-14 10:30 am $125 Mega Satellite, or the 8-31-14 10:15am $125 Mega Satellite. The first player who email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the nickname for Pocket Fours according to Kirk Fallah (4-4) will receive a free entry into the $125 Mega Sat of their choice on those two days.

There are a variety of hotel rooms you can stay at while playing in the event. The poker room will discount your hotel room $2 for every live hour of cash you play, or $10 for every tournament over $100 you play in while in Toledo..not too bad! Click here for a list of local hotels ask poker room for details.

Player must have a Marquee rewards card and a valid government issued ID to enter or claim any prize. Management may change or cancel any offer or promotion with OCCC approval. Not valid if you participate in the Voluntary Exclusion program. Must be 21 years or older. Offer valid only at Hollywood casino Toledo. Pending OCCC approval - Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-589-9966

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The player who wins the $125 entry must provide their own travel to and from the event in addition to paying for their own hotel stay. Depending on resources, the player may ride with others heading to the event on Friday at 6pm in the South Suburbs and split hotel stay with another player. Approximate cost for ride/hotel share will be $30 for gas, and $75-$100 for three nights of hotel stay before tax. Ride back will be Monday afternoon or evening when last remaining Chicago player is eliminated from the Day 2 of the main event. For info call 708-935-2861. This promotion is via Kirk Fallah and Windy City Poker Championship and not by any other company or entity. All rights reserved. Windy City Poker Championship reserves the right to change, alter or, cancel this promotion at any time without notice or reason.

Turn your Discord Server into a Poker Club!

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Manage members' play chip wallets and use them integrated with Poker Now.

By using the Poker Now Discord Bot you agree with our terms of service.

Manage Member Wallets


Each member of your Discord will have a wallet that the owner can add or remove chips to that can be used on special integrated games with Poker Now. Members can also transfer chips between themselves. The owner can add an unlimited quantity of play chips.

Chips History Control

You will be able to check a member’s chip balance and the chips movement history anytime you want. You will also have the ability to define one of your channels as a chips movements log channel.

Fully Integrated with Poker Now

You will be able to create new tables any time you want. These tables will be completely integrated with Poker Now and your Discord Server Wallets. There’s no limitation on the number of tables.

Bot's Commands Reference
!pn-help!phShow all commands.
!pn-club-infos [games]!pciGeneral information about this poker club. Specify 'games' to list the club's games and their chip counts.
!pn-chips-rank [all]!pcrThe top 10 chips leaderboard. Specify 'all' to download the ranking for all players.
!pn-new-game (small-blind)/(big-blind)!pngCreate a game integrated with this Discord server's wallets. The bot will reply with a link to the room.
!pn-add-chips (user-mention) (quantity)!pacOnly admins. Add chips to a member's wallet.
!pn-remove-chips (user-mention) (quantity)!prcOnly admins. Remove chips from a member's wallet.
!pn-transfer-chips (option)!ptcTransfer chips to another member.

Do `!ptc (receiver-mention) (quantity)` to transfer chips to the specified member.

Repeat with `!ptc confirm (receiver-mention)` if require_confirmation is enabled.

Admins or the recipient can do `cancel (sender-mention) (receiver-mention)` to cancel unconfirmed transactions.

!pn-wallet [user-mention] [all]!pwDisplays a player's wallet and last 5 chip movements. Specify 'all' to download all chip movements.
!pn-beg-chips!pbcBeg for chips from the Poker Now Discord Bot, if it is allowed.
!pn-promote-admin (user-mention)!ppaOnly owner. Promote a member to club admin (they will be able to edit anyone's wallet).
!pn-revoke-admin (user-mention)!praOnly owner. Demote a member from club admin.
!pn-check-username [user-mention]!pcuSyncs your Discord username with Poker Now.
!pn-config (option)!pcOnly owner. Configure club options as follows:

Do `!pc use_cents` or `!pc no_cents` to define if the club should denominate all chips with two decimal places.

Do `!pc beg_amount (value)` to define the daily chips beg amount.

Do `!pc allow_no_zeroed` or `!pc deny_no_zeroed` to define if players with a non-zero amount of chips can beg.

Do `!pc log_channel (#channel)` to log wallet movements to a channel. Leave blank to disable.

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Do `!pc require_confirmation` or `!pc no_confirmation` to define if !pn-transfer-chips, or !ptc, requires confirmation.

!pn-transfer-ownership-and-yes-i-am-really-sure-stop-making-this-difficult (user-mention)Only owner. Transfer club ownership.
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