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  1. World Series of Poker Game - WSOP. 3,440,060 likes 7,893 talking about this. #1 Free Poker App. Join the Action NOW!
  2. MOST TRUSTED BRAND IN POKER. For more than forty years, the World Series of Poker has been the most trusted name in the game. continues this legacy, yet strikes the proper.

While we all wait for politicians to give us permission to play at the online poker rooms we love, this crazy WSOP free chips mega bonus is your best chance to sit at the table and play good online poker with players from all across the globe.

PlayWSOP is the is the leading free-to-play poker game on the market and the most downloaded poker app in the US.

The game, which has been developed by Playtika - the same group being the massive world hit Slotomania - is available on the web, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon devices.

You have no excuses:


If you want to play poker, PlayWSOP lets you bring all your favorite games everywhere you want.

You can even play from an iPhone X, if you own one already.

More Reasons to Download PlayWSOP

Since there are no legal restrictions and PlayWSOP is allowed to offer online poker in the United States, this poker room is your best chance to travel back in time and discover what online poker used to be before the UIGEA changed everything.

PlayWSOP gives you the chance to hone your skills in these poker variants:

  • No-limit Texas hold’em
  • Pot-limit Omaha

It could be more:

As far as I know, they are going to add more poker games to the app very soon but, for the time being, these two are what you get.

You were to play only NLH and PLO, anyways.

How to Get WSOP Free Chips Every 4 Hours

This one’s easy:

On top of the 15,000 in chips you get as your (free) starting stack - Don’t forget to claim this WSOP free bonus! Get it now! - you can get a lot more WSOP free chips to freeroll your way through the game.

Download the app to your phone and make sure to tap on its icon at least once every 4 hours to get a new refill of WSOP free chips. You don’t even need to play to get this mega bonus!

You can use the WSOP free chips to play any game you want.

This is what I do:

I get my WOSP free chips bonus, and then I run to the cash games tables (ranging from micro-stakes to nosebleeds) to build a fatter roll.


Then, I head straight to the massive tourneys on their schedule where I play for INSANE amount of chips and WSOP rings!

How Good / Bad Is The Field at PlayWSOP?

Unlike other poker rooms where people get free chips, the players at PlayWSOP are not-that-bad.

People care about their bankrolls like they do, let’s say, at sites like Tigergaming or Unibet.

Field-wise, these are the rooms I like to compare PlayWSOP to.

There are a lot of amateurs and casual players who throw their chips at their opponents.

But there are sharks, too:

Keep going back to the poker room, and you will see a lot of regular names (and faces) busy on endless, rich, and challenging ring games.

Hoosier lotto winning numbers. If you sit at these tables, you do it at your own risk.

WSOP Free Chips Mega Bonus

You are going to love this:

The WSOP Free Chips Megabonus can add up to 400,000 in chips to your stack in one click!

I say “up to 400,000” WSOP free chips because you are going to need a bit of luck to reach that number. Let’s see how the WSOP mega bonus works.

Much like it happens with the wonder wheel at 888casino, you need to spin a wheel to discover how many WSOP free chips the mega bonus is worth for you.

If you are lucky, you get 400,000 free chips…

…if you are VERY unlucky, you get 'only' 30,000 chips.

Here’s how you access the WOSP mega bonus:

First, you need to launch the game and click on the big blue button highlighted in the image.

Spin the megabonus wheel.

This is how many WSOP free chips the mega bonus gives you.

WSOP Free Chips Bonus Codes

This is weird:

I found a lot of websites with hundreds of so-called WSOP free chips bonus codes and guess what:

Not a single bonus code worked at WSOP poker.

The WSOP free chips bonus codes last only for a few hours and are given away on the app’s official Facebook page.

Don’t waste your time on sites you know nothing about:

Those huge lists of WSOP bonus codes are baits to get you on their pages, get more impressions, and make their advertisers happy.

Playwsop Free

Their advertisers, not you.

If you need more free chips for WSOP poker, drop the (worthless) bonus codes you find online and remember these names:

  • Cash Dash
  • Happy Hour
  • GoldenWedge
  • Special Tournaments
  • Chip Sales

These are the main weekly promotions to get thousands of free spins at WSOP Poker. Use them wisely, and you’ll be playing your games with UNLIMITED free chips.

Let’s Wrap This Up

PlayWSOP is a great poker game and your only chance to connect with international players.

It’s like the good, old days:

You sit, you play, and:

  • you laugh at the terrible Italians
  • you fear the solid Germans
  • you skip the tables with too many Scandinavians..
  • ..and you complain about the crazy Russians

Give it a shot. It’s a great game and it’s 100 percent legal in the US. Click here to get started with a no deposit bonus!

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