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Playing Poker For A Living In Las Vegas

Not playing full time, but playing between 3-400 hours per year, or between 1/5th and 1/6th the amount of hours you plan on playing, I have been averaging close to making $25,000 per year, or 1/4 your goal, for the past 10 years with just straight counting. I do other things, such as hole card play, that increase my win amount significantly.
The but in the title is because playing full time is not for most people and not easy to do for extended periods without a ton of travel. If you have family it can be a problem. If you do not like living in hotels, things like that. Then there is the question of SCORE. AC, a place I have not gone too for several years, has a standard game that is just not that good and conditions that make it crowded many hours of the day. You get your 40 hours per week in when the place is empty and you might play 3X as many hands in an hour when compared to hours where the tables are about full. Play at a crowded table for 40 hours and you have played about 2,400 hands that week, play heads up for 40 hours and you have played 8,000 hands.
Though they will not toss you from AC, playing there often, even if you are alternating casinos, you will become known. Management may instruct the dealers to cut penetration when you sit down, especially if you have been having repeatively good sessions at that casino. So besides the question of how many hands you will get in, you have a penetration question.
Foxwoods can toss you. Being an Indian casino, if they did not have any fear of hurting their public image, counting could be a scalping offense, but it is not. Most fulltime counters do not go back to the same place again and again, without letting some real time pass. That is why I earlier mentioned hotels and family, successful full timers travel continuously, never getting to setteled or to well known in any location.
What I think might happen is even if your bet level is high enough to create a profit of $50 per hour over a 2,000 hour period, you will have trouble getting in enough hands or enough hours without traveling to more places and finding some better games to play.

Playing Blackjack Professionally

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