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The term “penny slots” may immediately conjure up visions of buckets of copper to feed one-armed bandits for hours. But penny slots have come a long way over the years.

Playing Online Penny Slot Machines. For those of you who like to play penny slots as much as I do, online casinos can be a convenient option. The multi-line slots look and play almost exactly like the ones you’ll find at any Las Vegas casino. If you’re fearful about depositing real money at online casinos, they offer all their slots free as.

You don’t need to be a higher roller to take advantage of modern video slot gaming with bonus rounds and 3D features, as many of today’s titles let you pick your preferred investment. So, instead of risking 0.01 every game, you can opt for more paylines or increase your credit value if you’re winning.

  • Most online gaming software producers provide their penny slots with the compatibility to popular operating systems used in mobile devices such as iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Blackberry. Even so, some prolific names such as Ash Gaming have all their games developed in flash compatible form, which beats the need for the slots’ download.
  • Casino Penny Slots. Play penny slots machines online and a chance to win big! Free bonuses, free spins, progressive jackpots, screenshots & tournaments.

While you now have the flexibility to jump all over the place with your wagering, it’s nice to know that you’ve got some fun online slots at your disposal that will accept 0.01 at a time. Locating those particular games can be tricky, though. It’s not like walking into a casino and seeing the big flashing sign that reads “penny slots.”

I’m here to help! I’ve got some tips for finding the top penny slots at online casinos, and I’ve also listed the best online penny slots for 2020.

There are thousands of slot machines that start with 0.01 credits. But for a machine (or virtual machine) to be a real penny slot, you need more than the penny acceptance. If you know that you’re sticking with minimum betting, you’re going to need a few more things.

  • Variable paylines
  • Jackpots without maximum betting requirements

Variable Versus Fixed Paylines

Actual penny slots can have more than one payline, as long as you have the option to choose how many you want to play. Variable paylines are the ones that give you the flexibility that you’re seeking. So, even if it’s a 50-line slot, you can stake 1, 2, 5, 10, all 50 lines, or anything in between.

The opposite of the variable payline setup is a fixed version. If you run across a fixed payline title, then you’re committed to the staking all possible winning ways. Or, in the case of a slot like a “243 ways to win” game, you may have a 25 or 50 credit minimum.

Another thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for is the jackpot games and their stipulations. While some machines will pay regardless of how much you’re investing, others have different requirements.

You may need to bet all paylines, or there could be other requirements. Most of today’s games give you a variety of credits from which to select. While there are slots that pay according to how much you’ve wagered, others could attach the big prizes to more valuable coins.

For example, if you’re playing a slot that gives you a range of 0.01 to 0.25 per line, you’ll want to double-check to make sure that you don’t need to be playing 0.25 to be in jackpot contention.

Top Penny Slots

With all of these hoops to jump through, it can be challenging to find the best games that fit your criteria. But you’re in luck here, as I’ve compiled a list of the top five all-around best online penny slots as well as another five that also merit a few spins.

These are slots that allow for 0.01 per game. So, whether you’re looking to get your feet wet as a new slot player or you want just a tiny bit of cash in the game, as opposed to playing for free, then any of these ten picks should fit the bill.

The first slot on the list is not only a player favorite but an ideal place to start for anyone who is brand new to online gaming.

Miss Kitty is fun and straightforward, with simple betting that lets you play one line at 0.01. That’s just the beginning, though. You can pick a coin value from 0.01 to 0.25 and then select from one to 50, as this is a 50-line slot.

Regular game spins are enhanced by the Wild Cat that can show up on reels two through five. It takes three moons to get into the bonus round. Bonuses start with ten free games. Additionally, though, the Wild Cats become sticky, and a moon that shows up under a cat will get you a prize.


However, keep in mind that if you’re betting just 0.01 per spin, you can only win on the first top line (of four). That means it’s tougher to get the three moons for the bonus round, and you won’t be eligible for the new bonus moon-cat combination.

Best Three-Reel Game: Lucky Stripes

For the next game on my list of top online penny slots, I’m going retro with a three-reel slot by iSoftbet. It’s called Lucky Stripes, and not only is it whittled down to three reels, but just one payline.

If you’re like me, you may jump to the conclusion that the premise could get old and quickly. But that’s not the case. This game has some new integrations that give you multipliers in the main game and a “Rockin’ Re-spins” bonus with unlimited free games potential.

Lucky Stripes is ideal for penny slot players because you’re only betting one payline. Wagering can be as little as 0.01 or as much as 1.00, and no one is missing out on anything.

There are only a few colored stripes, but each pays at different levels. That’s because the middle reel is a prize multiplier. So, for example, three gold stripes could be worth X30, X50, or the top prize of X100, depending on the center symbol.

In the Rockin’ Re-spins bonus, you’ll spin for free until you get a collect symbol.

My next pick takes the excitement of a video slot to a whole new level. The game, 300 Shields, is based on the movie 300, starring Gerard Butler.

You can get in on the high-intensity gaming for just 0.01 if you’re okay playing the middle line and nothing else. However, in this case, you may want to consider raising the stakes, as there’s an X300 top-value multiplier, as well as a 1,000-credit prize for five wilds. As it’s a 25-line slot, you can cover every which way for 0.25.

Every spin is a thrill ride in 300 Shields, but the Battle Feature amps up the action even more. So, this title is a perfect example of how you can get the best of all worlds and stick to an authentic penny slot experience.

Best Retro Penny Slot: Rubik’s Riches

Rubik’s Riches expands a typical slot game into a 3D puzzle experience.

Yes, the Rubik’s in Rubik’s Riches is based on the 1974 phenomenon, the Rubik’s cube. Matching up colors back then gave you bragging rights. But in the slot version, it’ll convert to cash rewards.

You’re not going to get rich playing Rubik’s Riches, but again, we’re talking penny slots here, and this is an ideal one for recreational players. You can stick with 0.01 per game, but you can’t go higher than 0.05. There are only three possible wagers (0.01, 0.02, and 0.05).

Prizes are paid based on lines of matching colors, either horizontally or vertically. If you complete an entire face, you receive even more. Plus, there’s a “sticker peel-off” bonus round that’s randomly activated. When you see “RUBIK’S” entirely illuminated, it’s time to start pulling stickers off of the cube.

Merlin has a few tricks up his sleeve in Play ‘n Go’s 2019 game release, Rise of Merlin.

This particular slot features impressive design elements, but there’s also substance to the setup. As it’s a ten-payline slot, you’re not missing out on as much if you decide to stick with one line at a time for the actual penny experience.

However, with not just one but two high-value five-of-a-kinds, each worth 5,000 credits, you may want to cover all ten lines for 0.10.

A magical orb acts as both the wild and scatter, also providing scatter pays. Another benefit of this particular game is that it has a slightly higher RTP (96%) than the other online penny slots on this list.

Five Penny Slots for US Players

I think that the entertainment value of the top five slot games is excellent. However, there are plenty of other penny slots in the virtual casino world that are also worthwhile.

So, I’ve put together a list of five more games that are also worth checking out if you’re looking to build an entire collection of go-to titles.

In addition to having some fun features, each of these slots are in US friendly online casinos.

The Mariachi band keeps you entertained as you move from day to night mode in Popping Pinatas by Rival Gaming.

It’s a 50-line slot with variable paylines. So, if you’re intent on sticking to 0.01 per game, you can stake the middle line exclusively. The Senorita is worth 2,500 credits for a five-of-a-kind in the night round but sleeps during the day. You’ll whack pinatas and then swap wild symbols as the evening rolls around in this unusual slot experience.

Ancient Gods

RealTime Gaming has quite a few slots that feature 0.01 credits. However, when it comes to variable paylines, the options narrow.

Ancient Gods is an RTG slot that allows for penny play, though. It’s a 25-line game on a 5 x 3 board, so the middle line is in play with a 0.01 bet. Gameplay features multipliers and free spins. If you head into the bonus round based on four or five scatters, then your winnings will be doubled or tripled, respectively.

You’ll go old school with this Rival Gaming three-reel slot. It’s got one payline and very few symbols. The beauty of it is that you won’t be missing out on anything if you opt to play 0.01 per spin. You’re staking the only action in the game.

After you select a coin value, you’ll decide whether you want one, two, or three credits per spin. That’s where the prize differences come into play. For example, the top three-symbol combination pays 750 credits for one coin. If you increase your risk to 0.02, you’re eligible for 1,500, and three credits will reward you with 2,500, the all-around best in 7s and Bars.

The Tipsy Tourist

Betsoft takes you on holiday with Gary in a 20-payline game that has variable paylines, so it’s perfectly suited for penny players.

The Tipsy Tourist takes place on a 5 x 3 screen, so a 0.01 wager gets you action on the middle line. This particular slot features an unusual bonus round that’s a virtual drinking game. If you play well, your credit balance will rise significantly. Of course, it’s all relative, as you’ll reap more significant benefits if you opt for more paylines or more valuable credits.

My final pick is similar to Miss Kitty in its simplicity, although the themes are quite different.

Day at the Derby is another Rival Powered slot. While it’s a 20-line game, you can play anywhere from one to all of the winning ways. The top five-of-a-kind is worth 2,500 credits. But the best part of the gameplay revolves around the horse. Not only is it wild, but more than one horse on a payline will create a multiplier. There’s also a 20-game bonus with triple payouts.

Where to Find More Penny Action

My shortlist of top online penny slots in 2020 should give you a head start in finding a favorite low-limit game. But we stay up to date with new recommendations that come out.

Whether you’re looking for a penny game, a new release, or just some overall recommendations, you’ll want to check out our collection of slots posts, as well as the list of all-around best casinos for slot gaming.

Table Of Contents

Penny slots are at the foundation of modern gambling. Penny slot machines have been the most popular ones in the United States for decades.

People would pay their buy-ins with nickels and hope for the best.

When Bally came out with their now famous 'Money Honey' slot, players enjoyed the fact that they were allowed to play for up to five nickels at a time.

Don't be fooled by the fact that the word 'penny' is used to describe these games. Penny slots are not as cheap as they sound.

The first things that pop into your mind when you hear the words 'penny slots' might be low payouts and low costs.

In fact, casino penny slot machines were also viewed as slots that cost nothing but a penny to play, which can't be further away from the truth.

New Penny Slots: 2020 Addition

We've decided to expand the list and present you with a few extra penny slots that have become increasingly popular in 2020.

Take a pick and try out a new penny slot:

Double Tigers

Double Tigers is a well-designed penny slot with 3-reel, 8-payline and d 96.43% RTP.

You also get to adjust the volatility levels thanks to their unique Volatility Levels™ feature.


Evoplay Entertainment has really taken that extra step towards improving the slots experience when they came up with this VR-inspired 95.9% RTP game.

Throw on your VR set, grab your mobile and transport yourself to a place where scary things are happening.

The three-dimensional penny slot world offers you 80 betways and a type of gameplay that you don't see often in gambling.

Disco Bar 7s

With coin value ranging from $0.01 to $50, the max bet you can place on Disco Bar 7s is $500.

It's a classic video slot, so there isn't much going on in terms of bonus rounds, but fill up the spots with Disco Ball wild symbols and score a 10,000-coin win.

This 3-reel, 10-payline slot features an RTP of 95.96%.

Joeblack lottery winning numbers. Joeblack Lottery provides lottery service on the Beautiful island of Curacao. Come buy and win with us.

Care to see our all-time top 10? Scroll down and enjoy the list and reviews of the best 10 penny slots in 2020!

Top 10 Penny Slots

Penny Slots are more than sitting down in front of a machine and popping nickel after nickel into it, after which you pull the 'arm'.

In fact, today's online penny Slots are an extrapolation of the old ones.

Penny SlotThemePlay Online
Book of DeadEgyptGo to Game >
Golden ColtsWild WestGo to Game >
Blaze of RaEgyptGo to Game >
Pirates CharmAdventureGo to Game >
Vikings Go to HellMythologyGo to Game >
Divine FortuneMythologyGo to Game >
Wild Wheel Big MoneyRichesGo to Game >
Valley of the GodsEgyptGo to Game >
Gold KingRichesGo to Game >
Temple of TUTEgyptGo to Game >

These penny Slots are multi-line games allowing for more than one coin bet per line.

With themes like popular movies, shows and games, but also bonus features and special symbols, these penny slot machines represent the best there is in the gambling industry today.

But enough with the chit-chat! You're here to learn about the best penny Slots you can play right now.

Below you can find a list of 10 greatest penny Slot machine games to play online.

The sites that offer these games offer both free penny Slot machines and free penny Slots with bonus rounds, you'll surely find the favourite suits you best.

All you have to do is pick your favorite, as millions of players around the world vouch for the quality of these very best 10 games.

Book of Dead

We've already mentioned this penny slot, but we'll do it again, this time in more detail.

This penny video Slot is extremely similar to the famous 'Book of Ra', yet still has some new features that will ensure good gameplay, emerging the player into the mysterious Egyptian-theme world the game depicts.

There are 5 reels and 10 paylines in the Book of Dead online Slots game.

The symbol to look for is the Book of Dead, which acts like the Wild and the Scatter of the Slot.

Free Slots Penny Nickel

Golden Colts

If you get over the fact that this game is one of the creepiest out there, then you can start thinking about the Mega Symbols, Wild Reels, Stacked Symbols, Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, and other features Golden Colts has to offer.

Blaze of Ra

Here's another Ancient Egypt virtual world for the fans of gods and amulets to explore .

The 5 reels are covered by 40 potential paylines, which is great considering the screen is cut into 4 rows and 5 columns.

The graphics of this game are very high-quality.

You have your desertic background with pyramids at the back of the reels, while the mighty god Ra stands on the left of the screen, watching your every move.

Land on a Scarab, the Scatter of the game for bonus rounds with free spins.

Pirate's Charm

This Quickspin penny Slot has a Mystery Charm Respin feature which lets you re-trigger bonuses repeatedly in the game.

The thing that makes this game stand out is the possibility to play on up to 243 paylines, which is why many players consider Pirate's Charm to be one of the best Slots ever produced by Quickspin.

As a penny Slot, you can start betting from as low as $0.2 on one spin.

The game feels like the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, offering great visuals and a theme song fitted for a pirate's life feel to it, with stunning visuals and a very nice pirate soundtrack.

Then, if you need more Slots of this kind, have a look at our curated list of the best pirate Slots.

Vikings Go to Hell

We are all familiar with the stories about the courageous Nordic Vikings, the rulers of the Scandinavian seas and the lands surrounding them.

Vikings Go to Hell is a 5-reel, 4-row, and 25-payline Slot featuring the last recorded years of these amazing people.

Of course, the story is fantasized, so the Vikings have to take on the demons of the underworld in order to make it out alive.

Look for the Sticky Wilds which will enable multipliers and free spins once they appear on your reel. The minimum bet? Just $0.1 for one spin.

Divine Fortune

Here's another penny video Slot to consider if you're into Ancient Greek-themed Slots.

This visually gorgeous game will emerge you into the world of the gods with its 5-reels, 3-rows configuration and 20 pay lines.

Having an RTP of 96.69%, Divine Fortune can be more like a 'Divine Comedy' when you land on some Wilds, for example.

There are also three progressive jackpots scattered throughout the game.

Wild Wheel Big Money

Wild Wheel might be just a penny Slot, but don't be fooled by that, as it has one of the most impressive arrays of bonuses in the industry.

Piggy Banks, Wads, Gold Coins, and Dollars, but also Gold Bars and Cash Suitcases, these are the symbols of this Slot.

When you land on 3 Wilds, you get to play the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game. This is the feature you should hope to become familiar with since it is the best one in the game.

Valley of the Gods

Are you ready to take another trip to Ancient Egypt?

With nice, yet simple graphics, good sound effects and bonuses, Valley of the Gods is one of those Egyptian Slots with a simple gameplay but a great return for their players.

This game by Yggdrasil has the Anubis and the Horus statues as its most rewarding symbols.

The Return to Player rate is 96,2%.

Gold King

With the Gold King Slot, you won't get to earn all the gold on the planet, but at least can spend some time playing a game with good graphics, sounds, and gameplay.

Play Penny Slots Online

The simple 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines make this game a favorite with both the novices and the experienced players alike.

Released only a few months ago, this new Slot game is already a hit and the symbols to look for are the Gold Bars and the Gold Kings, for free spins and other bonuses.

Temple of TUT

Remember the famous story of the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb?

How about you yourself take on the trails of Howard Carter and George Herbert and try to figure out the mystery surrounding this Egyptian figure?

In Temple of TUT, there are more Super Reels than there are tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt!

Land on 5 Free Spins Symbols and you will activate whopping 30 Free Spins.

The Stacked Wilds can be randomly discovered after any normal spin, but the symbols to look for are the Light beam and the Golden Scarabs.

Good luck not catching a cold, or a deadly Ancient Curse..

Penny Slots FAQ

Are dollar slots better than penny slots?

It all depends on what you're looking for. Penny slots are amazing for players who like to spend time getting to know the slot machine and spinning reels without the pressure of making bug bets.

What is the trick to winning on penny slots?

Penny slots are great because you can bet as little as $0.01 while you're still learning the ropes, but if you're looking to land some wins, you will probably need to increase your bets. There is no single trick that will help you win on penny slots every time, but slot strategy tips will come in handy.

What penny slot machines have the best odds?

Generally, if you want a penny slot machine with the best odds, you should aim at those with RTP over 97%. Progressive jackpots, bonus rounds and free spins features should also be taken into account when you're deciding how much you could win on a particular slot.

What is the best penny slot game to play?

It's hard to say what penny slot game is the best to play because it varies from person to person. We've put together many great penny slots, so skim through the article and see what strikes your fancy - this list of top penny slots will have your new favourite on it.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.