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💻 ProviderAristocrat
📅 Release Date2012
📱 DevicesDesktop, Mobile
🔥 RTP95.1%
📊 VolatilityMiddle
🎰 Available atPlayamo
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Lucky 88 revolves around the Chinese belief that 88 is the number for luck and fortune. The theme of the game, including the symbols on the reels, the music in the beginning, and even the fonts used in the game reflect the oriental style.

Aristocrat always manages to bring out the best in gambling games. They particularly follow the philosophy of ancient cultures of various countries and trying to make a relationship with their gameplay. Lucky 88 pokies is a similar slots game that provides a gambling experience that combines Chinese traditional culture and the element of luck. You can play slots online in an entirely new direction with endless possibilities.

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  1. Lucky 88 slot machine features 5 reels and 25 adaptable pay lines, however before you choose to play with less ones, ensure you comprehend what you’d conceivably miss on.The subject of the game.
  2. Lucky 88 5-reels, 25-paylines, Emperor Wild, Scatter Wins, Free Games Feature with Extra Choice, Dice Feature playing Extra Choice, Free Games Bonus, Aristocrat Pokie Bandit We have been working in the casino and pokie industry for over 15 fun filled years.

Why Luck Matters?

Gambling is exciting and nerve wracking because of the element of luck it has in it. And Aristocrat is not shy about this fact. Lucky 88 slots is built upon the basis of how luck is detrimental in your gameplay and how you choose to bet on your money. In Chinese tradition, the number 88 represents an extremely lucky symbol and since then it has slowly been incorporated in casinos all over the world.

Free Pokies Online Lucky 88 To Play

Online Lucky 88

Aristocrat using this concept has devised lucky 88 slot machine which works on the very same principles.

Rules, Symbols and Reels:

The gameplay is similar to most Aristocrat games that are being played around the world on online casinos. The rules are straightforward as it has five reels with over 20-win line mechanism. Lucky 88 online uses symbols in forms of ancient Chinese animals like the dragon and the number 8. The wise man, which is also a symbol in the game is the wild card where if you do get them in a row you will be able to get free spins.

Online Versions and Availability:

Online Lucky Draw System

If you visit any famous casino in the world, lucky 88 slots will be available at the place. Just imagine its popularity all over the world especially Australia as people love pokies here. However, the online version is yet to gain that much popularity as it is only available in selected countries. Gamblers in Europe cannot play this game due to its unavailability on platforms.


The Chinese Vibe and why you should Spin:

Free Online Slots Lucky 88

The game is striking in features including the audio, play lucky 88 online if you want to get the ultimate Chinese vibe during gambling. As soon as you get a pay line matched and you earn. There will be firecrackers exploding with sounds of a gong. We swear that you will fall in love with the vibe you will get. And slots itself has been inspired from Chinese culture and the experience will give you an ultimate experience of gambling online.

Last Update: 2020.08.06

Designed to appeal directly to Chinese players, the Lucky 88
video slot machine was released by Australian casino game
manufacturer Aristocrat Leisure in 2008.

Online Lucky Draw Free

Taking its name directly from the luckiest number in all of
the Chinese culture, Lucky 88 takes the eight which is
considered to be a sign of fortune to the Chinese and doubles
up. While the age old superstitions and customs of most cultures
have given way to science over the years, the Chinese still hold
many of the old beliefs close to their heart. The sign of an
eight appearing somewhere in everyday life is still considered
to be a good omen to people of Chinese origin living around the

Continue reading this page to learn more about the slot
game and its origins, and you will also find a free version
of the game that you can play for yourself to see if you want
to play for real money.