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“Craps strategies” returns 900,000 pages on google. Most of these pages attempt to sell you a “winning” strategy.

If a consistently winning craps strategy could be bought, the casinos would go out of business., and we know they aren’t going out of business.

We built Craps Trainer Pro to answer three simple questions:

  • Do winning craps strategies exist?
  • What are they made of?
  • How can we test them?

You could test your craps strategies at the casino, which would take many years of play and may cost thousands of dollars. Testing at the casino also requires that you take copious notes on your outcomes and running total. That’s just too tedious…

You can test your craps strategies in a Monte Carlo simulation. This simulation needs to run 400,000+ rolls to achieve statistical significance. Unfortunately the outcome of this simulation will, by definition, return almost exactly natural odds. In other words a Monte Carlo simulation will tell you that 7 appears in 6 out of every 36 rolls. A Monte Carlo simulation can give you some valuable information that would otherwise take some monster math to figure out. For example, just about half of the time, the shooter will roll a 7 within 4 rolls.

The vital missing element of the Monte Carlo testing approach is YOU. That’s right, YOU as the player are constantly listening to your hunches, feeling the table to see if it is hot or cold. YOU, making more of the bets that work and less of the bets that don’t.

To Play craps requires a little faith- Faith in hot tables, hunches and luck. Faith in whatever it is that makes craps the funnest game in the casino. Without that faith craps is just a collection of bad investments based on independent random statistical outcomes.

If you want to test your craps strategy you need to incorporate the most important element- YOU. Craps Trainer Pro is the ultimate craps strategy tester.

  • Play the game incorporating your hunches and intuition along with your betting style.
  • Get notices from the betting adviser when your bets are being rounded by the house
  • View your lifetime earnings on the Craps Trainer Pro Strategy Performance Dashboard
  • View your strategy specific earnings on the Craps Trainer Pro Strategy Performance Dashboard

Craps Trainer Pro has a unique Strategy Performance Dashboard that tells you where you stand on every bet. It keeps lifetime and strategy specific statistics of you total earnings (or spend) and it breaks the numbers down into simulation time and real word casino hours. How does Place 6 work for you? How about Hard 8? Download Craps Trainer Pro and find out what elements of your strategy are helping and hurting you.

Many craps players tell us they use Craps Trainer Pro on the plan on their way to Vegas. They want to be on their game when they step up to the table.

Whether you want to make sure you are making the most efficient bets or whether you are testing your own personal strategies, you owe it to yourself to download and play Craps Trainer Pro. Next time you step up to the craps table, make every chip count.

WinCraps is a highly versatile craps game that's easy enough for novices, yet powerful enough for experts. It's a craps game you can play manually, automatically, or a little of both! WinCraps' Auto-Betting feature enables you to set up and play craps betting strategies using your own specific criteria, and a Hyper-Drive feature allows you to run hands-free simulations for thousands or millions of rolls!

Whether you want to learn craps, practice craps, test your strategy and analyze the results, or experiment with different layouts, payoffs, and even different dice probabilities, WinCraps is the tool that can do it all for you. You won't find another craps simulator like it!

WinCraps is shareware, download a free trial version now!

WinCraps comes in a self-extracting / self-installing file. After downloading it, simply run it to begin installation.

Download WinCraps Pro
Version 2.5 (3.6mb/12.4mb installed)

  • Full craps layout, able to move, size, & rotate
  • Multi-player
  • Advanced auto-betting capability
  • More statistics

  • Download WinCraps Classic
    Version 5.1c (2.8mb/9.1mb installed)

  • Half craps layout, static size
  • Single-player

  • ... WinCraps is rated five stars in the ZDNet Software Library

    WinCraps is recommended by dealer instructor Scott Cameron:
    'Great help at dealing school. As a casino games instructor I use WinCraps as a training aid for my students. This game is head and shoulders above the rest, and I should know. I like it so much we put it on the website for other dealing school students from around the world to use.'

    Order Online

    Simply click on one of the buttons below to purchase a WinCraps registration over a secure server using your credit card or PayPal account. Once your transaction is approved, you'll receive an email message confirming your purchase. If you provide a valid email address on the order form, you should expect to receive your registration information within 24 to 48 hours. If you don't provide a valid email address, you should expect to receive your registration information in 3 to 7 days through the regular mail. Remember, WinCraps is shareware, so you can play before you pay! It's not necessary to register just to try the game. Download a trial copy of WinCraps using the link above, then return here to register when you're convinced that WinCraps is a game you want to keep!
    Note: If you order online using the buttons below, there's no need to complete the order form that you'll find within the WinCraps software.

    Craps Trainer Pro

    WinCraps Pro Registration $14.95

    WinCraps Pro Registration plus CD-Rom $21.90

    WinCraps Classic Registration $9.95

    WinCraps Classic Registration plus CD-Rom $16.90

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    Free Online Craps Trainer

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    Attention Craps Enthusiasts

    Online Craps Trainer

    Have you ever heard of a craps game where you don't lose to craps (2,3,12) on the come-out roll and where every number except the 7 can become the point? Some casinos offer variants of such a game with names such as Crapless Craps or Never-Ever Craps. Well, now for your computer, there's NeverCraps! Although NeverCraps offers the same high quality, time-tested features found in WinCraps, it's currently a beta program because the new help file is not yet completed. For the time being, NeverCraps uses the helpfile from WinCraps.

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