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Online Casino Games Craps Online Play for Real G o T o C a s i n o Play for Free. Best Craps Online Casinos. 100% match bonus up to 100$ + 100 Free Spins 5 / 5. Play Online Craps in 2021 - We list the Top 10 Online Casinos for Real Money Craps play. Enjoy the best games on desktop or mobile. Plus exclusive bonuses. Today lots of people are playing craps online. Play at Online Craps Casinos. Here we will discuss the benefits of when you play online craps at reputable online casinos as oppose to playing at land-based casinos. It’s inevitable: Whenever you see a movie or TV that involves gambling in a casino, you’re going to see a Craps.

Is Online Craps legal in the USA? Legal online craps is something more easily found available in the UK and other countries than in the USA. Because of strict banking regulations concerning online gambling deposits, as well as jurisdiction covering the most of the US, online casino and poker wagering for real money is not as prevalent in the good old US of A as in some other areas of the world. Things are starting to change though. There are currently a few states which have adopted their own legal Internet gambling regulations, with more states looking to join that group every day. And there are currently legitimate offshore options for American craps players.

To play online craps while staying within the law, a player living in the US simply has to find an Internet casino which has been legally registered and licensed to offer virtual gambling, receiving that licensing in a jurisdiction where Internet gambling is legal and regulated. There are certain locations around the world which have stepped in to fill the void created by US lawmakers which disallows American-based companies from offering online gambling. These offshore and foreign jurisdictions, municipalities and countries understand that by strictly licensing, regulating and certifying non-US companies for legitimate online gambling, they can create a financially attractive situation for themselves, and an equally attractive option for U.S. craps players. Legitimate licensing dictates a legal online craps casino, which can then offer its services to US and international players around the world.

But most Internet craps players from the U.S.A. do not know which particular craps casino is legally licensed in an offshore location. And determining this is possible on your own, if you want to take the necessary time to check out the licensing jurisdictions of literally dozens, if not hundreds, of Internet casinos that offer craps as a part of their Internet casino action. The much quicker route is to find someone who is intimately familiar with online casino software providers, and who has already conducted an extensive review determining the legality of licensing, and other important factors. That is why we have created this site. As industry consultants and personal online gamblers ourselves, we have reviewed and played in many different online casinos.

And the best online craps site for players from the United States is not only one which is properly and legitimately licensed, but also one which delivers extreme welcome bonuses, and uses the most reliable and enjoyable online casino software to deliver your craps experience. This means providers like RealTime Gaming (RTG), widely regarded as a leader in the online casino software industry, instantly denote quality, security and reliability when you find them at a particular online craps casino. Your legal craps provider should also deliver a wide variety of banking options, since some financial institutions in the US will not honor many credit card transactions used to fund an online casino or gambling account.

We feel you should also ensure that your US friendly craps casino provides around-the-clock customer service, delivers a full suite of optional casino games when you want a change of pace, and has a reputation in the online gaming industry of integrity and customer satisfaction. We have discovered those particular casino providers which satisfy all of the above criteria, making them not only legally able to provide Internet craps gambling options for real money, but an enjoyable, reliable and secure experience as well. We have provided you with a constantly updated list of the top legal online craps sites here. And we stake our hard-earned reputation as leading online gambling industry consultants on our belief that these sites are where you will enjoy the best possible craps experience found online, whether you are from the United States or you are an international player.

USA Players Can Play Online Craps Legally At The Following Casino Gambling Sites

Bovada is our highest rated U.S. online casino offering legal craps. They are one of the larest online gaming operations and have been offering players secure online gambling since the early 2000’s. All 50 states are welcome to play at any of the recommended casinos below.

Casino NameDeposit Bonus OfferSoftwareUSA Friendly
BovadaUp To $3000 Free On First DepositRTG/RivalYes
Slots.lvUp To $5000 Free On First DepositRTG/RivalYes
Cafe CasinoUp To $5000 Free On First DepositRTG/RivalYes
Ignition CasinoUp To $1000 Free On First DepositRTG/RivalYes

If your new to the game of craps, check out our article on how to win at craps.

Almost every movie, where gambling games are involved, has a scene when someone rolls dice and attracts crowds of spectators. Dice games are played in the streets, are most often shown on TV and are the most exciting casino entertainment.

The most popular dice game is craps. Today, almost every online casino will offer you this thrilling and dynamic game. Free online crap is as good as the real one, and it also keeps players keep on their toes.

The best online casinos for instant play craps


List of free craps games to play for fun

Lightning Dice
Evolution Gaming
Play Now Sic bo 888
1×2 Gaming
Play Now Sic Bo (BGaming)
Play Now Sic Bo Macau

Online Casino Craps Games

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For the beginners, the laws of the game may seem very difficult. The game is played in several stages, and the most difficult thing is that there is a huge number of different bets.

But actually, the game is not so complicated. You just need to know all the rules. Then it’ll be very simple and understandable for any player. You don’t need to count anything, you just need to make a bet and wait for your win or loss. But, of course, there’re details in which the devil is known to be. Well, in this article, we’ll figure them out.

How to play?

A free craps simulator uses hexahedral dices. Each face contains dots denoting a number. If the dices are made correctly, the sum of the numbers on the opposite sides is always seven: one opposite the six, two opposite the five, three opposite the four.

The main task is to get the winning combination at one of several stages of the game. Different numbers can fall out. On two dice, you can get in total from two to twelve points. The game can accept a large number of players, most often up to twenty. One of the players rolls dice (he is called the Shooter), and other players bet on the result of his throw. Their main task is to predict what combination will form after the dice roll and make the appropriate bet.

The process of free casino craps consists of two main stages: Come Out Roll and Point Roll. Let’s consider them from the position of the shooter. The Come Out Roll is the first roll of dice that is needed to determine the Point number. Point is fixed if 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 occurs. In this case, the game proceeds to the Point Roll stage.

If on the first roll, 2, 3 or 12 occurs, the Craps situation is declared, the shooter loses and the right to roll the dice passes to another player. With a 7 or 11 roll, the situation is called Natural, the shooter wins and rolls the dice again.

At the second stage, the shooter continues to roll the dice until the set Point or 7 is dropped. In the first case, he wins. The game starts anew and the shooter picks up the dice again. If 7 falls, he loses and cedes the right to roll the dice to another player.

Free Online Craps Game - No Downloads Or Registration Needed

To play free craps games, you need to know the probability of winning different bets. Unlike, for example, roulette, where the share of the winnings doesn’t depend on the type of bet, Craps provides different bets with different probability of winning and gain for the player. In general, 36 drop options are possible.

Player Betting

Let’s now consider the most widespread bets.


Pass line is the most popular bet that can be made after the announcement of a new round. The winning combinations are 11 or 7. If the combinations 3, 2, 12 falls on the dice, the player loses the bet. If 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4 drops out, the combination is considered Point. To win you need to get Point. In case Point falls out before 7, the participant wins. Payout in case of winning is 1 to 1.

Odds on the pass line can be made after Point has occurred. Payouts are different for each combination.

Casino Craps Online Games Free

Come differs from the first-mentioned bet in that it is possible at any time. A player becomes a winner when a combination of 7 or 11 can be seen on the dice. Otherwise, the bet loses. As for the Point combinations, the player continues to throw until the Point falls out (then the bet wins). Paid 1 to 1.

The most important factor in the game is to know and understand all available bets. You can bet on a large number of fields with many different chances. You’ll need to play many times until all these bets are assimilated in your head. So don’t try to memorize all of them at once and just enjoy the fast and fun free craps game.

Odds table

Craps rates are estimated in different ratios. The size of payments at winning bets depends on a particular combination falling on the dice. The lower the probability of a certain amount being formed, the larger the prize. Odds in craps are shown as proportions.

The player receives the highest payouts for bets:

  • Any Seven – 4:1;
  • Any Craps – 7:1;
  • Craps Three and Eleven – 15:1;
  • Craps Two and Craps Twelve – 30:1

How to win?

Even if you play craps online, free, winning is more pleasant than losing. Many different systems offer a unique method to win 100% of the time, but such promises are unrealistic. Beginning players often fall into this trap. Before you start exploring various craps betting systems, you should take the time to learn all the moves and exits from the game.

Free casino craps games are quite unpredictable. It is difficult to predict the result, everything is based on randomness. In this regard, we can only influence the advantage of the casino.

Martingale system

One of the most popular craps betting systems is the Martingale system. The idea is that you double the size of the bet after each loss to compensate for past losses and benefits. This system is widely used by beginner players. Suppose you make an initial bet of $5, if you lose, you bet $10. If you lose again, the next bet will be $20, and so on. The problem with the method is that you will exceed the table bet limit of $5 if you lose 7 hands in a row with an initial bet of $5. If you think that you cannot lose 7 hands in a row, you simply don’t have enough experience in gambling. The Martingale system assumes that your bankroll is enough for 8 hands. Therefore, for an initial bet of $5 you need to have $1275.

Disadvantages: the problem with this system is that you lose your bankroll quickly enough because the constant doubling forces you to bet more.

Player Error

As the name shows, this is not a game system, but a myth on which many craps systems are based. Is pokerstars real money. The player’s mistake is based on the belief that if something doesn’t happen, the probability of this event becomes higher. Repeat this conviction to yourself to understand how pointless it sounds. Avoid systems based on this hypothesis. For example: just because a bus hasn’t hit you for 30 years doesn’t mean that the likelihood of this event has increased significantly.


The CRP system stands for collect, raise, pull down. This system is reminiscent of the Martingale system and requires that you place bets with the smallest advantage of the casino, not on numbers that have a significant advantage. At the first stage of the bet, you must collect and repeat the bet in case of winning. In any case, the player will profit from the last two bets (initial and repeated). In the second stage, you double your bet if the second was a winning one. And in the third stage, if the third bet wins, the player must pick up most of the winnings, leaving the amount of the initial bet. Thus, we have increased profits several times in comparison with the first stage.

Disadvantages: there is no guarantee that the system will win and it is intended only for random players with a small bankroll.

If you play free craps for fun, you can try out these and other popular strategies and see if they work just for you, without fear of losing money.


Play Craps Online - Best Real Money Craps Casinos [2021]

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If you’ve never played craps before, our site offers you the perfect opportunity to learn the game for free. If you are an experienced player, you can improve your playing skills and betting strategy for free casino craps, without any restrictions. In addition, you do not need to register to play on our website, so you can play anonymously. When you feel confident in your abilities, you can play craps for money on the sites we recommend.

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