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Collecting from the myVEGAS Strip – Another thing that is a little different about the Facebook myVEGAS game is that you build your own personal strip as you play the game. When each of the casinos on the strip is completed you will be able to collect random chip amounts from them multiple times throughout the day. MyVEGAS Gifts, Guides & Giveaways. 65,994 likes 248 talking about this. Sponsored by You've reached the ultimate myVEGAS Facebook game and Las Vegas resource. Find guides for.

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If you are a frequent traveler to Las Vegas you have probably heard about the MyVegas App and Facebook Rewards Games. They are various games that you can play on your smart devices and your Facebook account. Playing the games will earn you real rewards in Las Vegas such as show tickets and buffets. Playing the game is 100% free but you can buy in game currency (chips) if you want a chance at better rewards.

Is MyVegas legit and is it free to play?

I have been playing MyVegas since 2014 and I can tell you 100% that the game is legit. We have cashed in a ton of prizes over the years such as show tickets to Ka and Beatles Love, numerous free buffets, freeplay and other dinging rewards. Yes the game is also free to play. Without spending any money you can earn real rewards in Vegas and other cities. It just takes playing the game daily to earn rewards.

What games are there available to play?

There are a number of games in the MyVegas realm available to play. They are split between what is available on the App and Facebook. The App games include MyVegas, Blackjack, MyKonami and PopSlots. Facebook games include MyVegas and you can play MyKonami as well but it is a mirror of the app game. The MyVegas on Facebook is a unique version over the app. They are all the same game with the same reward pool. You have to link them through your Facebook account in order to pool your reward currency (LP’s) into one pot.

What rewards are available in MyVegas and what are the requirements?

You are currently allowed to cash in 3 Premium rewards over a rolling 30 day period. The 30 day clock starts when you use the reward in Vegas and not when you purchase it. It’s basically 3 Premium rewards per trip per user. The rewards will be listed a Premium when you click on them. Premium rewards are generally hotel stays, buffets, free play and show tickets.

Premium rewards will also require a stay at an MGM resort. A stay can be a comp’d stay except in the case of Free play rewards which require paid stays.

You are allowed to use as many other rewards as you can afford over the same trip. Note you cannot buy unlimited 2-1 Buffets for example. Each reward can only be purchased once until the reward pool is refreshed which may be a couple of times a year.

Keep updated with our MyVegas category for more tips and tricks. We will update this guide in the future.


Do you have questions on how to successfully play and use the myVEGAS app or Facebook game? You aren’t alone! Come and read our myVEGAS FAQ which has the answers to some of the most common questions asked by others.

What is myVEGAS?

Click here to read our complete introduction guide to the myVEGAS game. It includes information on what myVEGAS is, common terms used in the game, and how to get started.


Is myVEGAS Free?

Yes, the myVEGAS app is 100% free to play. You can redeem real life rewards in Las Vegas and other locations without ever paying a cent into the app.

There is the option to spend real life money in the app to earn points and rewards faster, but this is not mandatory at all.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Reward on myVEGAS?

This varies greatly depending on what reward you are looking to earn. The most basic rewards are only 1,000 loyalty points for 25% discounts at the Luxor or the Excalibur.

Many players report earning their first 1,000 loyalty points within the first day of playing.

The most premium rewards is 200,000 for a free night stay at the Aria hotel. From personal experience, this takes about 75 days or less of frequent playing time to earn. Your experience will vary based on promotions going on and frequency of play.

What do I need to redeem a reward from the myVEGAS app?

One source of myVEGAS FAQ confusion is the process for getting your Vegas rewards. In order to redeem a reward from myVEGAS, you must have a free MLife account. MLife is the rewards program for all MGM Resorts at Las Vegas. With an MLife account, you’ll be able to:

  • Track your dollars spent at MLife properties
  • Earn complimentary stays and additional discounts
  • Quickly book hotel, show, and restaurant reservations

All Las Vegas visitors should have an MLife account because it is free and gives you extra perks.

Click here to register with MLife now so that you don’t have to when it’s time to redeem a reward from myVEGAS.

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How many rewards can I redeem at once?

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The myVEGAS app has a limit of 3 premium awards redeemed at one time. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, it’s best to earn up a large stack of loyalty points and then decide what the best choices for redemption are closer to your departure date.

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House edge on keno. Users who spend real money in the app are rewards by being able to redeem more than 3 rewards at a time.

myVEGAS rewards do tend to go in and out of stock so it’s best to be flexible when buying rewards.

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Should I Redeem Rewards Before or During My Stay in Vegas?

It is highly recommended that you redeem rewards in the myVEGAS app BEFORE you arrive in Las Vegas. The app uses your location when it is open. Residents of Vegas and people already in the city do not see the same selection of rewards as those outside.

In order to have full access to rewards and prizes, you should redeem before you arrive in Las Vegas.

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Do you have any other myVEGAS FAQ questions to ask? Are you having trouble earning gold coins or redeeming awards inside of the app?

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