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Betting in Monopoly Live. Monopoly Live offers 6 different bets. You can bet on the numbers 1,2, 5 or 10. You can (and should!) also bet on the 2 rolls and 4 rolls segments. When you bet on the numbers you’ll get a wager based on the amount of your bet. When you bet on CHANCE you can get a multiplier or a price in cash. The RTP for this release is 96.23% assuming optimal conditions. Monopoly Live is played on a lucky wheel with 54 positions you can bet on. You may only participate in the special features this game offers if you bet on the bonus 2 and 4 rolls sections of the wheel. It has you traversing a virtual Monopoly board, buying up properties and drawing. When you’re ready, place a bet on any of the segments – 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls – which you believe the Monopoly Live wheel will come to a stop on via the betting area at the base of the stream. If the wheel stops on a ‘CHANCE’ segment, players are presented with a Chance card by MR. Play Monopoly Live. Monopoly Live is a live casino game from Evolution Gaming, launched in March 2019, in collaboration with game developer Hasbro. The game is a further development of the popular money wheel game Dream Catcher and combines the excitement of the money wheel with unique elements from the world’s most popular board game – Monopoly.

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Monopoly Live is an incredibly popular lucky wheel game created by Evolution Gaming in 2019. The game show follows many similarities with the popular Dream Catcher and combines the lucky wheel game with the popular Monopoly board game into one fantastic Monopoly Live casino game. The Monopoly live game is currently available to punters who have an account with Betway South Africa or Lottostar.

Monopoly Live Betsson

Monopoly Live has 4 betting options where you can bet on and win multipliers directly, in addition to 2 different bonus segments. Players also have the chance of hitting a chance on the lucky wheel, when hitting chance you’ll receive a multiplier or an instant cash price. In this guide we’ll be having a closer look at the game as well as how and where South African’s can legally play.

Monopoly Live Explained

Monopoly live consists of 7 different betting or outcome segments, where you can bet on 6 of the 7 outcomes. The outcome that you can’t bet on is the chance segment, which we’ll be covering later. We start off by explaining on the normal segments / outcomes ; 1 – 2 – 5 – 10, which represents instant win multipliers should the wheel clapper stop on the predicted number. For you to win on any of the numbers, two things have to happen. You have to bet on the number and the clapper has to land on the number. For example if you place a bet that a 1 will be the winning number, the bet will only win if the clapper stops on a 1.

Monopoly live also allows you to place multiple bets on a draw, you can for example place a bet both on 2s and 10s in the same spin. However, you will only get paid out the segment it lands on. If the player wishes they can actually bet on all the segments on the wheel, however you’ll likely take big losses playing in this fashion. The game is very fast paced and you only have around 10 seconds to place your bets on for the next round.

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Monopoly Live Bet

There is an auto play option for those who would like to repeat their bets for each round, you can set the Monopoly Live auto play to 5, 10, 25 or 50 rounds. To use the autoplay place your bets and move the slider to number of autoplay games you’d like. Once you’ve selected the number of rounds remember to click the start button for the autoplay to start, otherwise it will not place the bets for you.

The Bonus Round

Monopoly Live Video

Moving on to the Monopoly Live bonus round, where players stand the chance of get some big multipliers going on their bets . The bonus game consists of two bonus segments named 2 rolls and 4 rolls, represented by a silver and gold section on the wheel. The name of the bonus segments represent the number of rolls you get inside the bonus round, so if you get 4 there will be 4 rolls of 2 dice a time. The same betting rules apply to these segments, as you have to have a bet on them to qualify for the bonus round.

Chance Card

As previously stated, there is one part of the game that you can’t bet on. The Chance card represents the most thrilling segment in the base game, a hidden or random bonus. When you land on the chance card, you will either be awarded an instant cash price or a multiplier. If you get a multiplier, this will boost the segments and the game host will respin the wheel, adding the multiplier to the next number.

Monopoly Live Bonus Rounds

Once you’ve landed on a bonus round on the wheel the bonus game will activate and you’ll need to wait until the bonus round is complete before betting further. Once a bonus round starts the dealer will either throw 2x 2 dice (Silver bonus) or 4 x 2 dice (Gold bonus). The number of the dice represent how far the Monopoly man will move on the board. Each of the streets, or sections he stops on have a multiplier, giving you the multiplier amount x your stake. This multiplier increases in size the further around the board you get. It typically starts off with a x2 and ends around a x100, meaning punters can pick up some big wins.

Where to play Monopoly Live

Currently South Africans are only able to enjoy playing Monopoly Live at Betway South Africa and Lottostar. Both bookmakers are fully licensed to offer casino games as well as having other games like Dream Catcher and Roulette on offer. Betway also offer Monopoly live betting on mobile and the Betway App, making them the best place to enjoy the game. We’re certain that more bookmakers will be adding this great game to their libraries and should they do so you can visit this page again for an update.

Monopoly Live Tower

We hope you found our guide to the new Monopoly live game useful, if you’d like to know more about other similar games please visit the Bet Games Online homepage for more on the latest games and offers.