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Mike Matusow isn’t nicknamed “The Mouth” for no reason. The four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner rarely holds back when it comes to speaking his mind. Some high profile poker players use their stature in the game to spread positivity. Matusow’s latest vitriolic was anything but positive and it shocked his legion of loyal fans.

Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow has long been known as one of the most entertaining, and at times controversial, figures in the poker world. Now, he's trying to capitalize on that by building a content. Matusow Threatens Violence At WSOP. Mike Matusow’s outburst during the $1,0000 NLHE Freezeout in this year’s online World Series of Poker was another shocker. After believing that he was slow-rolled by a player called Wolverine17, he threatened sexual violence and physical abuse against them. The latest tweets from @TheMouthMatusow.

Matusow is infamous at the poker tables for ruining his hard work with a single misjudgement. The poker community calls this a “Matusow Blow-up” or “Matusow Meltdown.” He had one of those on his Facebook page a couple of days ago.

Mike matusow twitter

It is apparent Matusow is extremely unhappy about being forced to wear a protective mask while in Nevada. Governor Steve Sisolak made the wearing of makes in public in Nevada compulsory last week. The decision isn’t popular but it’s necessary because cases of COVID-19 in the state continue to soar.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and are allowed to air it in public. That’s what’s great about democracy. He certainly aired his views, but his choice of words should have been better, especially because he compared being forced to wear a mask to abortion.

Matusow Fires Shots at the State of Nevada

Matusow took to his personal Facebook page to vent his issues with having to wear a mask.

“What happened to the slogan my body my choice when it comes to abortion but when it comes to wearing face masks it no longer applies? Why because the radical left are fu**ing hypocrites that’s why! Hey siolak come arrest me I’m not wearing a mask! You fu**ing commie moth fu**er! MY BODY MY CHOICE ASS F**K!”

His anger is there for all to see. Matusow followed up this post with a series less coherent ramblings.

“What’s funny is all the sheep who go crazy if we don’t wear a mask yet 3 months ago cdc and who said mask are bad! Now ask yourself why did it change if you want the answer I’ll be first to tell all you sheep by you won’t listen.”

“Anyone who follows me that says you must wear a mask I promise you have never watched anything except CNN or Msnbc.”

His rants prompted some of his fans to question Matusow’s mental wellbeing. Matusow revealed he suffered from a bipolar disorder, ADHD, and addiction problems in his 2009 book Check-Raising The Devil.

The Henderson, Nevada based pro has not posted on social media since his ill-worded tirade.

A Talented Player Who Should Have More Bracelets

“The Mouth” is now 52-years-old and is still a great poker player, but his best years do seem behind him. His first recorded live tournament cash came in 1996 and he’s now amassed $9,750,072 in winnings.

The period of 2005 to 2008 his golden era. Matusow won $5,784,543 during this time, compared to $713,286 over the past four years.

He’s been plagued with health problems since around 2014 and had to go under the surgeon’s knife. He only cashed twice in 2014, didn’t cash in 2015, and only five cashes in 2016.

Four WSOP bracelets adorn the star’s wrists. The first came in 1999 in $3,500 No-Limit Hold’em event. A three-year drought ended with victory in the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Low. Matusow waited another six years for another bracelet, it came in the $5,000 No-Limit 2-7 in 2008. Finally, his fourth bracelet came in the $5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo in 2013.

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There should be more gold around his wrists because he’s reached 13 WSOP final tables. These include a second-place finish and a brace of thirds. Matusow came close to winning the 2001 WSOP Main Event but he fell in sixth. Four years later, he finished ninth in the WSOP Main Event. Close but no cigar.

Here’s hoping The Mouth can get back to letting his poker to the talking sooner rather than later.

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Mike Matusow Twitter

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