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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MEET Matt DeSanto: the greatest Wheel of Fortune contestant in history. The operations manager from Pennsylvania cleaned up on the game show on Friday — answering his way to a full sweep of all the puzzles, two paid vacations and a record $US91,892 ($A113,084) in winnings.


Lifelong 'Wheel' fan put on record-breaking performance during last Friday's episode.

Pat Sajak has seen a number of remarkable contestants in his three decades with Wheel of Fortune, but 35-year-old operations manager Matt DeSanto put on a performance during Friday’s episode that left the host speechless. DeSanto answered his way to a full sweep of all of the show’s puzzles, and even managed to solve a three-word puzzle when only one letter was on the board.

DeSanto started off the episode by correctly guessing “The Lone Ranger?” when only the last “E” was on the board, immediately winning $2,000 and causing both Sajak and the audience to gasp and stare at him in disbelief. While the feat was surely one for the Wheel record books, DeSanto merely cast it aside as simple deductive reasoning.

“I knew that the first word was either a proper name or the word ‘the’,” he told the Post on Monday. “If it’s a proper name, I’d have no shot. I said let’s go with ‘the’ — so I went with the letter ‘E’.”

Even though DeSanto’s wife was in the audience, Vanna White’s reveal that he had correctly solved the puzzle so quickly caused Sajak to joke that “I don’t want to cause trouble at home, but I still think there’s a connection with you and Vanna.”

DeSanto went on to solve every single puzzle up to the bonus round, acquiring two paid vacations and a record $91,892 in winnings. His winning streak came to an end during the bonus round, and even though he came close to correctly solving the puzzle by guessing “gavel” when the answer was “wooden gavel,” he wasted several seconds of his guessing time merely talking to the host of the show he’d watched ever since he was 5-years-old.

Matt Desanto

“When I play at home, I pretty much know if I got it quickly,” said DeSanto. “If I don’t have it right away, I know it will be tough. For this round, I could have picked some better letters. I knew I didn’t have it so I instead took the opportunity to say ‘hi’ to Pat.”

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Sajak used the commercial break after the bonus round to congratulate DeSanto on his fantastic and record-breaking performance, causing the contestant to admit that the experience was still a dream come true even though he fell just short of a perfect game.


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“We had a couple seconds before the camera went on,” said DeSanto. He said, “Hey nice job,” then we talked about the Flyers vs the Kings and the hockey game. I’m glad that I was able to have my wife in the audience and it was nice to see and experience the episode with family and friends. It was a thrilling, once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever.” Pragmatic slot.