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88 Fortunes Online Slot Review. The Bally Technologies has brought the Chinese fortune with its 5-reel and 243-payline 88 Fortune online slot machine. You may call it a classic-themed Asian slot, but its modern 243 ways to win set up will give the feel of a new age game. The online game Lucky 88 has several features starting from Free Spins to Wild symbols that increase winning chances. Also in this slot the winning can be multiplied by 888 – amazing promises for lovers of easy money! This wonderful slot is a bright, fabulous and profitable choice for those who wants by minimal forces to hit the scoop. This slot from Aristocrat has some essential features of Asian culture, but there is no specific theme to it. If you are a fan of exploring and interacting with different cultures, Lucky 88’s. Lucky 88 online for free. Lucky 88 slot machine is one of the most popular slot machines, which has a classic Chinese theme. Plunge into the world of china music, enjoy for fun and win the jackpot. The game is based on the number 88, which in China is considered lucky.

Aristocrat Leisure Limited released the Lucky 88 slot game in 2008 in their trademark MKVI cabinet, which has housed many of the company’s long time popular games. The online version of thegame reviewed in this article was released in 2011, the first year Aristocrat began publishing its catalog of slot games for online casinos.

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Lucky 88 falls into a category of Asian themed slot games Aristocrat made popular in the 2000s. Designed to appeal to the Asian market, these games emphasize symbols of luck, good fortune, andwealth. Most if not all of them use combinations of red and gold (or yellow) colors and there are invariably a mix of dragons and gods.

Red is the color of good fortune and luck and it is worn at weddings, around the New Year, and at family gatherings, especially for the holidays. Yellow is a neutral color but is considered to bethe most beautiful color by many Chinese people. Yellow is associated with good luck, the five legendary emperors of China, and is often paired with red.

The number 8 is esteemed in Chinese culture because the word for 8, Ba, is pronounced in similar fashion to the word for wealth or good fortune, Fa. The numeral 8 (which is anArabic numeral) is considered to have a perfect symmetry. You can “slice” the character in half either horizontally or vertically and both halves will mirror the other, much like Yin and Yang.

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88 Lucky Free Slot Game

To emphasize the value of “8” in this game of luck, Aristocrat configured most of the prizes to end with the digit “8”. Given how slot games must be designed to achieve a theoretical return toplayer, this was no mean feat, although Aristocrat’s notes describe a somewhat complicated range of RTP estimates depending on how you play the game. The worst, or lowest, estimate is 89.81% RTPbut the highest estimate is 95.60% (you must add more to your wager).