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The modern LA Lottery began in 1991 after legislation was passed in 1990 to create a lottery that would increase state revenue without raising taxes. The Louisiana Lottery ranks 2nd among other U.S. Jurisdictional lotteries in the percentage of revenue transferred to its government. Louisiana Lotto Lottery random number generator (Louisiana Lotto USA Louisiana) - Lottery Quick Pick.

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All Draw game prizes must be claimed at a Florida Lottery retailer or Florida Lottery office on or before the 180th day after the winning drawing.

How to Claim

Bingo nursery rhymes. View the drawings for Florida Lotto, Powerball, Jackpot Triple Play, Fantasy 5, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, and Pick 2 on the Florida Lottery's official YouTube page.


More than $38 Billion and Counting!

The Florida Lottery has transferred more than $1 billion a year for 18 consecutive years to support education in our state; more than $38 billion in total since start-up. Learn more about the Lottery's commitment to education.

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Winning Numbers:

Monday, February 8, 2021


Number of Winners:2,888


Winning Numbers:

Monday, February 8, 2021


Number of Winners:1,331

Please note that every effort has been made to ensure that the enclosed information is accurate; however, in the event of an error, the winning numbers and prize amounts in the official records of the Florida Lottery shall be controlling.

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Louisiana Lottery Winning numbers history

Here, you can find the Past Winning Numbers, statistics, and in-depth analysis of Pick 3, Pick 4, Easy 5, Lotto, Mega Millions, and Powerball. . The winning numbers history is provided and its FREE. You can save it or print it. Our page also has a tool to search for winning number or set of numbers for all Louisiana lottery games.

For in-depth analysis and other resources of the game winning numbers visit the game home page. Summary of winning numbers data available for Louisiana lottery on our website as of today

GAMEData Available on this Site
Pick 308/31/199202/08/2021
Pick 403/01/199902/08/2021
Easy 509/19/200702/06/2021
Mega Millions04/20/201002/05/2021

Louisiana Lottery Draw Games Schedule

Pick 39:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PMUS/Central
Pick 49:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PM9:59 PMUS/Central
Easy 59:59 PM9:59 PMUS/Central
Lotto9:30 PM9:30 PMUS/Central
Mega Millions11:00 PM11:00 PMUS/Eastern
Powerball10:59 PM10:59 PMUS/Eastern

About Louisiana ( LA ) Lottery

With more than $100 million contributions to state public education fund every ear, Louisiana lottery is the one of the biggest lottery corporation in the US.

Louisiana Lottery Pick 3 Numbers

As a way to generate the revenue without increasing the Tax, Louisiana voters opted for a Louisiana Lottery Corporation with 69% margin. Louisiana Lottery Corporation stated in 1991, after the constitutional amendment in 1990.

1991 Establishment of Louisiana lottery Corporation is not the first statewide lottery in Louisiana; a group of entrepreneurs started Lottery as a private business in 1868 itself, the Louisiana State Lottery Company. It was the largest lottery in the country with tickets selling nationwide. The Louisiana Lottery Company promised to donate $40 grand every year to Charity Hospital. With corruption and bribing charges, the Louisiana Lottery Corporation moved to Honduras eventually shut down in 1907.

The current Lottery Corporation, Louisiana Lottery Corporation (LLC), ranks high amount the lotteries with high accountability and for the revenue share to state government.

Louisiana Lottery Numbers Winning Numbers

More than half of LA lottery revenues are given back to players in the form of Prizes, 35% of the funds are reserved for Louisiana’s treasury. The remaining are for retailers and lottery administration expenses.

Louisiana Lottery Pick 3 And 4

The minimum age to participate in Louisiana Lottery is 21 years. The LA lottery game drawings are held at Louisiana Lottery headquarters in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana currently offering four state only games along with Powerball and Megamillions.

Louisiana Lottery Pick 3 Pick 4 Winning

Pick 3, stated in 1992, allows the players to select 3 digits from 0 through 9. The players also have to select the playstyle. On $1 bet the player can win up to $500 and on 50 cents bet up to $250.

Pick 4, LA launched Pick 4 in 1999. The drawings are held daily and playing is similar to Pick 3 except the player has to select 4 digits from 0 through 9. The prizes are up to $5000 for a $1 bet and up to $2500 for a 50 cents bet.

Easy 5 were launched as a replacement for Cash Quest in 2007. Players have to select 5 numbers out of 1 to 37. The jackpot starts at $50,000 for the all 5 numbers match.

Louisiana Lotto was started in 1992; It was started as 20 years annuity later changed to Jackpot Cash in 1995. The jackpot starts at $250,000 and rolls over until someone wins.

LA lottery joined the flagship game of MUSL, the Powerball, in 1995. And In 2011, Louisiana lottery started offering Mega Millions to its state lottery players.

How to Claim Louisiana Lottery Prizes

Scratch-Off type games prizes must be claimed within 90 days after the game closure.

Any prize less than or equal to $600 can be claimed directly at the LA lottery retailers.

A non-Jackpot prize under $510,000 can be claimed at LA lottery office. All the prizes above $510,000 and Lotto jackpots should be claimed at Lottery Headquarters. For more details on how to claim Louisiana lottery prizes visit official lottery page.

For details of Louisiana lottery and latest news visit Louisiana Lottery Official Website

Louisiana Lottery Contact Address :

Louisiana Lottery Pick 3

Louisiana Lottery Corporation Headquarters
555 Kayrel St comma
Baton Rouge
LA 70801
Phone : (225) 297-2000

Louisiana Lottery Pick 3 Winning Numbers

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