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LOTTO AMERICA ® WITH ALL-STAR BONUS MULTIPLIER ® Play LOTTO AMERICA℠ and you could win an estimated annuity jackpot start at $2 million or a set cash prize. Add All-Star Bonus Multiplier ®, for an additional $1, and if you win a set cash prize, you could multiply that amount. Here’s what you can win when you play. Lotto America with All Star Bonus Big Jackpots for only $1. Jackpots Start at $2,000,000; All Star Bonus option means you can multiply your non-jackpot prizes 2, 3, 4 or 5 times! Drawings every Wednesday and Saturday; How to Increase Your Winnings - Add All Star Bonus. For an extra $1 per play, you can multiply your non-jackpot winnings 2, 3, 4. Lotto America SM jackpots start at $2 million. There are 9 ways to win and if you purchase the Lotto America All Star Bonus SM, you could win $100,000 without even hitting the jackpot. Ask the store clerk for a Quick Pick (QP) ticket or fill out a play slip. Each play slip has five boards. Each board costs $1.

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  • Pick up a LOTTO AMERICA© play slip at your favorite West Virginia Lottery Retailer.
  • Each play slip has five plays labeled A through E. You may play 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5. Each play cost $1.00. Tickets must be purchased by 9:59 p.m., EST, every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Begin with Play A. In the left section, mark five different numbers from 1 to 52. (DO NOT use red ink.)
  • In the right section mark one circle from 1 to 10 representing your Star Ball number.
  • You may have the computer randomly select your numbers for you by marking the “Quick Pick (QP)” . If you make a mistake mark the void circle located in the right section.
  • You may play your number selections for more than one drawing. Mark the appropriate “Multi-Draw” circle for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18 or 24 consecutive drawings.
  • ALL STAR BONUS Option: This option can increase your winning prize up to FIVE times (Jackpot Prize not eligible). The ALL STAR BONUS costs an additional $1.00 per LOTTO AMERICA© play. Mark the ALL STAR BONUS circle on your play slip to select this option for ALL plays on your play slip.
  • Hand your marked play slip to the store clerk and you will receive a ticket with your LOTTO AMERICA© numbers on it.
  • Winning numbers will be available at lottery retailers, in newspapers and on the Lottery’s winning numbers hot line: 1-800-WVA-CASH as well as here on our site