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Thanks to a partnership between Evolution – a leading live casino solutions developer and Hasbro, best known for their boardgames, Live Monopoly was born. Released in 2020, Monopoly Live is a unique live casino gameshow based on the iconic board game where “Do Not Pass Go, Go Straight to Jail”, Mayfair and the Water Works provide endless entertainment.

Due to the huge success of Dream Catcher – a live casino gameshow from 2017, Evolution designed its Live Monopoly vertical around the same super-sized multiplier wheel, only there’s far more to this wheel than meets the eye!

  • “MONOPOLY Live is a unique live online game show based on the world’s best-loved board game. An all-new special edition of our popular Dream Catcher game, MONOPOLY Live takes the excitement and suspense of our world-leading money wheel game and adds unique MONOPOLY Online game elements.”.
  • Enjoy Live Monopoly by registering for an account at Aspers Casino Online. You may select the bets of your choice inside the game. Load it on the device of your choice and you will be welcomed by the host, who stands near the wheel of fortunes. At the bottom of the screen lies the betting field, which you may use to select the bets of your choice.
  • Fans of the most-famous board game in the world will love this fun-filled live game, Monopoly Live. Place bets on the giant wheel of fortune and watch Mr. Monopoly travel around the virtual 3D game board, building and collecting multipliers and cash prizes along the way! Play for real money with bets ranging from €0.10 to €5,000, or play for free.

Monopoly Live is an online, live variation of the much-loved board game. The aim of the game is simple. A game host spins the wheel and players guess which section the wheel is going to land on. Monopoly watches on the side-lines, ready to jump into action.

Broadcast live from the studios in Europe, Live Monopoly is not only a thrilling live casino game but an immersive one with a bonus round that literally takes you into the heart of the action. All the excitement and the suspense of the award-winning multiplier wheel has been ramped up to take players to a new level of gaming and in 2019, Live Monopoly was awarded EGR’s Game of the Year 2019 and Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year 2020, as voted for by operators in the sector.

All those iconic elements of the much-loved boardgame are featured including a chance and community chest and all gaming outcomes are guaranteed to be random and fair what with a random number generator being used to determine outcomes. Chance can award a random cash prize or multiplier while the biggest prizes remain hidden within the roll’s bonuses – up to £500K is up for grabs with this one!

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Live Monopoly Bets and Pays

Playable from 10p to £5K, Live Monopoly has a simple betting system whereby players drag and drop their preferred value chips onto the betting table. Options on the table include 1, 2, 5, 10 as well as 2 rolls and 4 rolls.

To maximise your chances of winning, you could place bets on all 6, but this will inevitably end up hitting you in the pocket as the wheel can only produce the one outcome per spin. Each number on the wheel represents a multiplier, so a £1 chip on number 10 would generate a 10x multiplier as well as your £1 stake back. Other options include doubling up your bets – if you’re feeling brave.

The roll options are the key to unlocking the 3D, augmented reality board game bonus, but unless you have bets covering these when the wheel lands, you’ll sit back and watch the events unfold for everyone else who qualifies.

How to Play Live Monopoly

The first step is to place your bets. Mobile players will simply need to click and drag their chip(s) to their required destination on the betting table. Players on a desktop will be required to perform the same action, only by use of a mouse instead of a finger. You’ve 12-seconds to place your bets and as the countdown timer reaches the final three seconds, the live host will begin to spin the wheel. There are 55 segments on the wheel:

  • 22 segments in white to represent the 1x multiplier
  • 15 segments in green to represent the 2x multiplier
  • 7 segments in pink to represent the 5x multiplier
  • 4 segments in blue to represent the 10x multiplier
  • 2 segments in orange to represent the chance bonus
  • 3 segments in black and silver to represent the 2 rolls bonus
  • 1 segment in black and gold to represent the 4 rolls bonus

Once bets are placed and the timer reaches zero, the host will release the wheel from his/her grip and the wheel will eventually come to a stop. While we wait for the result, the host will interact with the players and taking part is as simple as making a comment in the chat feature.

Live Monopoly Features

Just like Chance on the board game, Chance on the wheel sees Mr Monopoly leap from his seat to reveal a card and its prize – will it be a multiplier or a cash prize?

If you win cash, your bet is returned on top of your winnings, if you win a multiplier, the host will spin the wheel again and the multiplier won will multiply the winnings.


The chance card produces a 5x multiplier and the wheel lands on the number 10 segment, that 10x will then be multiplied by 5x (50x) and everyone who had a bet covering the 10 will win that stated multiplier. If the wheel lands on another multiplier, your multipliers will be multiplied, so for another example, if you bet £100 on segment 5 and you get a chance card with an 8x multiplier, you will win 100 x 5 x 8 which is equal to £4,000. If the next spin after the chance card produced with a multiplier is a 2 roll or 4 roll option, you will multiply your in-bonus game winnings by the stated sum!

The Boardgame

When the rolls are triggered, Mr Monopoly will leap from his seat and take you to his famous boardgame. As soon as he appears on the board, he will multiply those stated multipliers on the iconic properties. A roll of two dice is triggered, and Mr Monopoly will move the same number of steps as what is shown on that dice. If a double is thrown, an additional throw is awarded. The Monopoly board has the same layout as a regular Monopoly board with properties, utilities, free parking, railway stations, taxes, jail and go to jail, chance and community as well as Go.

Properties, utilities, railway stations and free parking have basic prizes. Once the game gets underway, houses and hotels will be built on some properties which will result in the prizes being increased. If Mr Monopoly stops on ‘Go to Jail’ and moves to the jail section of the board game, then two doubles must be rolled to free him. Chance and community spaces on the board award prizes or multipliers once again and when you pass Go, all prizes thereafter will be double the value shown. Income tax reduces your bonus winnings by 10% and supertax reduces winnings by 20%.

The theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) is:

  • 88% on segment 1
  • 23% on segment 2
  • 30% on segment 5
  • 02% on segment 10
  • 90% on 2 rolls
  • 67% on 4 rolls

Conclusion about Live Monopoly

When Live Monopoly was unveiled at ICE 2019 London, it captivated audiences with its uniqueness – something it’s still doing to this day! An immersive studio setting delivers ultimate thrills with a Birdseye view of Monopoly town from a bay view skyscraper window. As buildings are being built below, Mr Monopoly sits reading his paper in the studio while having a much-needed cup of tea and every now and again he will put down his reading material and speak a few words to the host.

A chat feature ticks over to the top left of the screen with hopeful players posting messages of encouragement and questions for the gameshow host, and like any chat feature, this one gets spammed with players who just can’t seem to win. Unfortunately, there is no option to remove the chat feature, so you’ll just need to grin and bear it. Whether you have superfast broadband or not, the connection does lag and sometimes the display goes off altogether. Camera angles can be adjusted for a more immersive display and there are links to history, rules and settings to the top of the screen. The betting table is simple to navigate and understand, what with there being just the 6 options. The last 24 rolls will be displayed to the right of the betting table – something which could help you make better betting choices. The chances of landing the rolls is slim but when it does come in, you could be in-line for a huge prize, or then again, you may not, because multipliers on the board will start at 2x, and there’s no guarantee you will make it around the board to the bigger multipliers.

Live Monopoly FAQ

Q: Can I Play Live Monopoly on Mobile?

A: Live Monopoly is a mobile optimised live casino gameshow meaning you can enjoy all that it has to offer on any mobile device with internet connectivity. Accessing the gameshow is as easy as logging into your casino account and selecting the live casino category within the games lobby. When you see Live Monopoly, give it a click with your finger and you’ll enter into the Monopoly Universe instantly!

Q: Do I Need to Download Any Apps to Play Live Monopoly on Mobile?

A: No apps required to play Live Monopoly! However, the casino you play at may offer a free app where games can be accessed quicker than if you were to log in directly through your browser. Whether you play Live Monopoly on desktop or mobile, the game show is exactly the same.

Q: Is Mayfair the Highest Paying Property in Live Monopoly?

A: Yes, although, the value of the property will only be determined once the bonus game is activated. Watch as Mr Monopoly takes you on a quick but virtual tour of his home before placing multipliers onto each section of the board.

Q: Do the Value of the Properties Increase During the Live Monopoly Bonus Game?

A: They do have the potential to increase in value but only by passing ‘Go’ or picking up a Chance or Community Card with a multiplier boost feature.

Q: What Happens if You Land on Jail or Are Instructed to Go to Jail in Live Monopoly?

A: If you land on the ‘Just Visiting’ square, then that’s what you do – just visit and carry on with the next roll, but if you are told to go to ‘Jail’, you will need Mr Monopoly to throw a double before you get out of jail!

Q: How Many Goes Around the Board Do you Get with Live Monopoly?

A: It all depends on how many rolls you activate and how many doubles Mr Monopoly throws! If the wheel lands on ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’, you will be initially awarded 2 or 4 rolls respectively. If at any point during those rolls Mr Monopoly throws a double, you will receive an additional go. And the further around the board you get, the bigger those multipliers become!

Q: Are You Guaranteed Big Wins with the Live Monopoly Board Game Bonus?

A: No! Big wins are never guaranteed and the amount you win will be determined by your stake. Live Monopoly bonus round may not even see you pass the first stretch of properties and you’re not guaranteed to make it all the way around even if you do happen to get further than say the Angel Islington, Euston Road or Pentonville Road (light blue properties).

Q: What is the Highest Paying Segment on the Wheel?

A: Blue 10 – this delivers a 10x multiplier to your bet.

Q: What is the Full List of Properties on the Live Monopoly Bonus?

A: Properties/Stations/Utilities run in the following order:

  • Brown: Old Kent Road, Whitechapel Road.
  • Light Blue: The Angel Islington, Euston Road, Pentonville Road.
  • Pink: Pall Mal, Whitehall, Northumberland Avenue.
  • Orange: Bow Street, Marlborough Street, Vine Street.
  • Red: The Strand, Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square.
  • Yellow: Leicester Square, Coventry Street, Piccadilly.
  • Green: Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street.
  • Dark Blue: Park Lane, Mayfair.
  • Stations: King’s Cross Station, Marylebone Station, Fenchurch St Station, Liverpool Street Station.
  • Utilities: Electric Company, Water Works.

Q: How Do You Know when Chance Has Been Triggered in Live Monopoly?

Live Monopoly online, free

A: There are two orange chance segments on the wheel and when the pointer lands on any of these, Mr Monopoly will leap from his chair and deliver his Chance card verdict of either a cash prize or a multiplier.

Q: Does Everyone Benefit from the Chance Card in Live Monopoly?

A: If a cash prize is awarded then the answer to that would be yes, but if a multiplier bonus is awarded, the no. If a multiplier bonus is won, all bets remain in place while the live host spins the wheel. The multiplier won will multiply the winnings on the next spin. Example: you have a £50 bet on the number 5 segment when a Chance card produces a multiplier of 10x. If the wheel lands on your chosen segment (5), you would win £50 x 5 x 10 = £2,500!

Q: Is Live Monopoly Random?

A: Yes, as with all games of chance, an RNG is used to determine the gaming outcomes at all times.

Q: Can I Interact with the Host and Other Players?

A: Absolutely! Whether you’re accessing the game on desktop or mobile, a chat feature will be available to use at all times. If you prefer to sit back and watch others ask the questions, you can, only the chat feature moves at an unprecedented rate when the wheel is in a spin!

Q: Why is There a Live Host Spinning the Wheel if the Outcome is Totally Random?

A: A live host is there to add a touch of glamour as well as provide interaction services. The live host gets involved with players and the game by chatting and initiating a spin of the wheel. The host has no control over who wins or loses, nor do they know where the wheel will come to a stop. Be courteous at all times or you’re likely to find yourself removed from chat privileges.

Q: What’s so Special About Live Monopoly?

A: It’s a modern take on Monopoly only with this version, you can win big cash! Live Monopoly has taken the online casino world by storm with multiple ways to win, mega multiplier potential and full-on fun.

Q: What are the Winning Options on the Live Monopoly Wheel?


  • Number 1 (White) fills 23 segments and pays 1:1;
  • Number 2 (Green) fills 15 segments and pays 2:1;
  • Chance occupies 2 segments and pays a random cash prize or a multiplier for a new (free) spin;
  • Number 5 (Pink) fills 7 segments and pays 5:1;
  • Number 10 (Blue) fills 4 segments and pays 10:1;
  • 2 Rolls occupies 3 segments and activates the bonus round and two rolls of the dice (initially);
  • 4 Rolls occupies 1 segment of the wheel and activates the bonus round and four (initial) rolls of the dice.

Q: What is the Best Bet on Live Monopoly?

A: The highest chance of a win comes with the smallest of pays; the number 1 is more likely to come out but only pays 1x your bet. Study the history of calls to try and judge where you think the wheel will land because there is no specific answer to this.

Q: What does Income Tax and Super Income Tax Do in Live Monopoly?

Live Monopoly Online Games

A: Like the game itself, they impose a tax on your winnings!

Q: Does Live Monopoly Award Prizes Through Community Chest?

A: Yes! If you happen to land on any of the two Community Chest segments on the board, Mr Monopoly could reward you richly! Casiplay casino no deposit bonus.

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Monopoly Live is a show game released by Evolution Gaming, surely the best live gaming software developer worldwide. Developed in collaboration with Hasbro, the legendary table game producer, Monopoly Live has it all: an interesting gameplay, fun presenters, a money wheel and a fantastic 3D bonus game. Follow Mr Monopoly in a CG world based on the classic table game. Get into the game and have your chance at winning big thanks to bonuses in cash and multipliers up to x500!

Monopoly Live Casino

Best Casinos to play Monopoly Live Real Money

When you come across a live game of this stature, you surely get curious about it. The next step is surely asking yourself ‘what is the best Monopoly Casino to play it’. Finding and signing up to the best casino for playing Monopoly Live (which guarantees safety and great bonuses) in no easy task. There are hundreds of casino sites out there, how to pick the best one?

In order to help you with this difficult choice, here our team of experts has selected the best online casinos in your jurisdiction. Here you’ll find their selection of the best live casino sites available to you for playing Monopoly Live. These sites are 100% safe and legit, they hold a licence to operate legally in the UK and have hundreds of games to play with. But more importantly, they offer fantastic bonuses you can use for playing Monopoly Live!

Monopoly Live: Setting of the Game

Are you asking yourself how on earth did EG transform Monopoly in a fast paced, super entertaining casino game? Well, we asked ourselves the same question, and you won't be surprised to know Evolution Gaming has pulled it off again. They have created a fantastic live casino game, a big hit among fans since its release in 2019.

At first sight the setting of the game is very similar to Dream Catcher, a previous release by EG. Upon opening the game you get into a custom built studio. There is a money wheel at the center of it, and a live presenter managing the game. In the background is a 3D reconstruction of the city of the famous game, a backdrop that is constantly changing and evolving, with a very pleasing effect for the eyes. Next to the wheel sits Mr Monopoly sitting on a chair, he is waiting for the bonus game to the for a visit to his city!

Everything is set in the perfect way for you to relax and enjoy your time with Monopoly Live. The studio, the presenter, the money wheel and the live animations will take you back to the great times when we used to play Monopoly with family and friends. Now let's dive dfeep into this game and let’s have a look at the money wheel and especially at the fantastic bonus game Monopoly Live has to offer.

The Money Wheel

As we mentioned earlier, when you first see this game you will immediately think of Dream Catcher, another big hit by Evolution Gaming. At the center of the studio there is a Money Wheel, divided in many segments. They are 54 segments in total, and they have the values of 1,2,5,10. You’ll also find the Chance segment and 2 rolls - 4 rolls segment. The last two refer to the bonus game.

Here is how the wheel is divided:

  • 22 segments of 1
  • 15 segments of 2
  • 7 segments of 5
  • 4 segments of 10
  • 2 segments CHANCE
  • 2 segments 2 ROLLS
  • 1 segment 4 ROLLS

Something you might notice is the precision and the fantastic design of the money wheel. No surprise, the wheel is custom made for Evolution Gaming and spins thanks to a motor, activated by the presenter.

It functions exactly like the classic money wheel. It spins and it stops in one specific segment, that will determine the result of the game.

The numbers give a winning percentage to the winners, according to their bets. On the other hand, the Chance segment is more interesting. Like in the classic Monopoly game, the CHANCE can give out prices in cash and multipliers up to x10. The 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS segments refer to the bonus game, we’ll talk about it in a minute!

Monopoly Live Online Casino

How to Play Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming?

Interested in Monopoly Live but you’re not sure where to start? Here is a quick guide for starting your adventure with the popular game by Evolution Gaming. Follow the guide step by step and you’ll be ready to play real money in a safe online casino in just a few minutes!

1. Get to learn rules and strategies with our guide

Monopoly Live is a game that requires a deep understanding of the rules to be fully enjoyed. On top of that, it is best to have a betting strategy at this game. Some of the most common options are two be found here.

2. Choose the perfect online casino

On our site you can find our experts selection of top online casinos for playing Monopoly Live real money with bonus. These online casinos have different features on offer and competitive bonuses. Read our full reviews and have a pick!

3. Register and proceed with your First Deposit

In order to start playing Monopoly live at your favourite online casino you have to first complete the registration process. Once the registration is over - it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes - you can proceed with your first deposit: make sure you check the allowed payment methods and choose the more convenient for you.

4. Play Monopoly Live Free with Bonus

Before you start playing real money you can try Monopoly Live free. You can do that easily by registering to one of our recommended online casinos and using your dedicated bonus.

5. Enjoy Monopoly Live Real Money

Now that you have an active account in one of our top rated casinos and you have played free with bonus, you can start your real money adventure. Enjoy Monopoly Live Real Money and good luck with those four rolls and x500 multipliers! Remember to always play responsibly.

Easy Interface for Players

Evolution Gaming is known to be the best live casino gaming provider out there. EG has a consistent record of fantastic games and over the past few years has established itself as the best live casino developer worldwide. One of the reasons why this provider is so successful is to be found in their ability of creating live games that are completely immersive. This implies great setting and custom studios, but also an easy-to-use interface for players.

The game has two possible views. In the full view players have the chance of enjoying the action in the studio. In the lower half of the screen you will find the betting interface and the statistics of the latest games. In the other view you can enjoy even more statistics about the latest games and a wider space for placing your bets.

Betting in Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live offers 6 different bets. You can bet on the numbers 1,2, 5 or 10. You can (and should!) also bet on the 2 rolls and 4 rolls segments. When you bet on the numbers you’ll get a wager based on the amount of your bet. When you bet on CHANCE you can get a multiplier or a price in cash.

We highly recommend you always bet also on the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS segments. These are the segments that activate Mr Monopoly bonus game, a completely 3D experience that will blow your mind. Here you can get up to x500 multipliers, prices in cash and much more. This is the deal in this game you cannot miss out on it! What is even more frustrating is that if you do not bet on the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS you will have to sit back and watch the bonus game anyway, while not being exluded from it.

Monopoly wheel

At the beginning of every game you have a chance of placing your bet. The interface becomes green and you have a limited amunt of time for placing your bets where you want to. Many players use the simple strategy of placing their bets in all 6 available slots. The time to place your bets runs out quickly, so be fast when placing them. If you are sure of your bet and want to continue using it for several rounds we suggest you use the automatic bet button. This way you won’t miss a spin, this game is fast paced and you might miss out on a lucky spin!

Mr Monopoly Bonus Game

What makes Monopoly Live such a special game? There is no hesitation: it is Mr Monopoly bonus game! Many experts believe the great success of the game is due to its fantastic Bonus Game with CG animations and the possibility of big wins thanks to cash prizes and win multipliers.

When the wheel stops in the 2 rolls or four rolls segment Mr Monopoly stops reading the paper and will start a journey with you in the city we all know by heart. The experience is completely computer generated, it’s a fantastic animation of the city of Monopoly.

When you get there houses and hotels follow on the board, determining the value of multipliers and cash prices. If you’re familiar with the game board you will recognise all its signs, including GO, CHANCE, Stations, Boulevards and Avenues. The value of multipliers and prizes increases exponentially while running around the table, you want to get to the end to catch one of those x500 multipliers!

When everything is set the game begins. Dices are thrown live from the studio (the drop of multipliers is of course RNG) in a setting with is similar to sic-bo. If the wheel has stopped on the 2r rolls, dices will be thrown twice. If the wheel stops on the 4 rolls, dices will be thrown 4 times.

When the auto dice roller has determined the outcome, Mr Monopoly will start moving on the board. Wherever he stops on the board, you’ll get that multiplier. Multipliers here can get up to x500, when the bonus game hits you have a great chance of hitting a big win!

Monopoly Live Strategy: Tips and Tricks

We have seen how important the bonus game is in Monopoly Live. This is the real deal here, the computer generated live experience with Mr. Monopoly is what makes this game really special. The money wheel is great, but big wins are only in the special feature of the game.

When you embark with Mr. Monopoly on a stroll around town you can hit multipliers up to x500, a great opportunity for players. And if you are able to pass the Go and start on the board a second time, all prizes double. This is why we recommend you bet on the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS all the time.

Just remember that if you don’t place your bet on the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS you won’t be able to access the bonus game when it’s triggered. You would be forced to sit back and watch the others win while you missed out on a great opportunity.

This live casino game is ll about Mr. Monopoly bonus round: if the fantastic CG feature would not be there, the game could be considered a variation of Dream Catcher. All the real money prices and crazy multipliers are in the bonus game, which represents a great opportunty for big wins. In our opinion the best Monopoly Live strategy is to always place a bet on all possible bets, and never miss out on the 2 and 4 rolls bet. This way you will never miss the chance of participating to the bonus game of Mr. Monopoly when it gets ranodmly activated on the Bonus Wheel.

Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live Gambling

EG is a live gaming provider with offices in Malta and Latvia. In the past few years EG has established itself as the best provider for live casino games worldwide. How did they do it? EG has a vast operation based in Lavia and a smaller one in Malta. They design live games that have no competitors for their accuracy and inventiveness, providing players around the world with high quality entertainment.

In the past few years they have developed a wide range of classic games, the ones you usually find at land based casinos. Here some titles: Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Infinite Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Three Card Poker, Live Carribean Stud Poker, Live Ultimate Casino Hold’em.

Evolution Gaming is not only about classic games. they have become famous exactly because they have broken the rules of classic live gaming, providing players with a bran d new experience. The release of games such as Live Dragon Tiger, Live Football Studio, Dream Catcher and Lightning Roulette have made a mark in the live casino world.

Our Conclusions

Monopoly Online Live

Monopoly Live is one of the most exiting games ever produced for live casino livers. Since 2019 it is a big hit worldwide, thanks to the high quality entertainment it offers: Monopoly Live is a combination of Money Wheel, Dices and a thrilling 3D Bonus Feature with multipliers up to x500! The game is interesting also because it has the potential for big wins, especially when players combine luck and a good strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monopoly Live is a game available in top online casinos worldwide. Our team of live casino experts recommend All British Casino, Fun Casino and No Bonus Casino.

Monopoly Live is a live casino game based on Monopoly, the legendary table game. It combines wheel of fortune with a completely animated bonus feature with win multipliers up to x500.

Yes. Not all casinos offer bonuses for their Live Gaming sections, on our sites you’ll find the ones with the most competitive offers for new players.

This game is adaptable to most budgets: bets range from few cents to high-roller bets.

Yes. Monopoly Live and its producer, Evolution Gaming, are certified by the UKGB. The Online Casinos we recommend are also certified by the UK Gambling Commission, you can be sure you are playing in a safe environment.