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Live poker is reserved for skilled players that want to emerge into an authentic casino environment via live stream. Instead of a regular poker game where you play against other opponents, the goal of live poker is to beat the dealer. Play live online poker games with real dealers at live dealer casinos on the internet. Find out more about which online casinos are offering live poker to US players and more about bonuses, mobile casino, customer support, payment options and much more. Live poker is a fun way to get some real casino. So before making any bets on one of the top live dealer online casinos, go through the following: The Live Dealer Blackjack Game; The Online Live Dealer Roulette Games; The Live Dealer Baccarat Game; The Live Dealer Casino Poker; Online Table Games: Playing Offline Vs Playing With A Live Dealer; Live Dealer Online.

These days, online poker is not restricted to playing against a computer, as it is also possible to play at a real table with a real dealer and other players. This is possible thanks to live poker. EnergyCasino offers several different versions of poker. If you select the Live Casino tab on our site you’ll find Three Cards Poker, Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker, Ultimate, Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold’Em, all of which can be played live. Casinos also organise interesting poker tournaments through which you may win prizes.

Live poker follows the same rules as poker played in a traditional land-based casino. You’ll find a virtual table with a real dealer dealing cards and controlling the game. Via cameras providing a live-feed, you’ll be able to see the dealer at work on your computer screen. You can even talk to the dealer using live chat. At the table, you’ll also see other players who are real users. The only difference between live and traditional poker is that when playing live poker online you don’t need to leave home and, thanks to the mobile version, you can even play on your smartphone on the go. You can either join a table and play an ongoing game or enroll in a poker tournament (when offered) where attractive prizes can be won.

Live Dealer Poker Online

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Live Poker Online Real Money

The most popular live poker games

Each version of poker has its own interesting elements; it all depends on individual preferences.

  • One of the basic options is Three Card Poker, where rules are relatively simple. In short, it is all about getting the best hand with only three cards; with players able to choose Pair Plus, Ante or both options for wagering.
  • Another option is Texas Hold’em Poker. It is one of the most popular variations of the game, and is available not only online, but also live. Initially, each player gets two cards face down. After players check their cards, a round of betting (the so-called pre-flop) starts. There are three possible options: calling, raising or folding. After the betting round is over, the flop begins, and three community cards are dealt, giving players another chance to bet. The subsequent cards put on the table are single cards, which are called the turn and river cards, with players again getting the chance to make further bets.
  • Each player’s task is to get the best hand, using the two cards they have been dealt in combination with the community cards. When a bet is called, the player who has the best hand wins. Calling is not always necessary – a player may play in such a way, as to force all the other players to fold. Thus, he becomes the winner, even if he has a weak hand - this is known as bluffing.

  • Apart from the classic Texas game, you can also play Ultimate Texas Hold’em online on EnergyCasino. The similarity in names is for a reason as the rules are similar as well. So what’s the difference? In the Ultimate version, the only opponent of the player is the dealer, and all the players play against the dealer, never against one another. The table in this version of the game can be compared to a Blackjack table. Betting positions such as trips, ante, blind or play are marked. Each position could impact the course of the game and, consequently, the win.
  • Playing against the dealer, rather than other players sitting at the virtual table, is also possible in the Caribbean Stud Poker version. It’s a five-card version which starts with ante betting or with progressive betting on the marked position. The dealer deals the cards - 5 cards face down for all players and 4 cards face down and one face up for himself. Players then make their first decisions. The game finishes when the dealer does not have a hand which includes at least an ace and a king.

Available Live Poker Tournaments

Casino Poker Tournaments have simple and very clear rules. All the most important information is always available in the terms and conditions section of each tournament. Some tournaments are entirely free of charge and only virtual funds are bet. However, even when playing for virtual money, you can also be in a chance to win attractive prizes. These may include funds to your account, free spins on slot machines, or various in-kind prizes. Some online tournaments also enable you to win additional points if you’re subscribed to the loyalty program.

Regardless of your favourite poker game, you’ll find online tournaments related to many versions of poker. Thus, each player should find a chance to play their favourite poker game. Tournament scoreboards are updated on an ongoing basis and are visible on the website. Hence, cheating or erroneous scoring is impossible.

⭐Where can you play Live Poker?

You can play Live Poker at EnergyCasino. All you need to do is log in to your casino account, visit the Live Casino section, select a Live Poker table, place your bets and start playing.

⭐How do you play Live Poker?

Live Poker Online For Money

Live Poker is one of the most complex games you can play. Each Poker variant has its own set of rules which need to be followed but the main aim is intrinsically the same - you need to build the strongest-ranking hand and bluff your way to victory. Live Poker is a game which requires strategy, skill and effective bankroll management; in fact only experienced casino players try their luck at this game.

Live Dealer Poker Online

⭐Can I win real money while playing Live Poker online?

Yes, you can win real money if you’re skilful and adopt an effective playing strategy. However, bear in mind that luck also plays an important role in whether you win or not. Konami slot machine manual.

⭐Is Live Poker easier than online Poker?

Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Since Live Poker is played against a real dealer and with other live players, players might find themselves under a higher level of stress when playing such a game. Online casinos recommend new players to start off with online Poker before proceeding to Live Poker. Thus, they’ll be able to gain experience and confidence before switching to Live Poker.