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A side bet in blackjack is a betting strategy aiming to attain a higher payout goal. There are more than one strategies available to make blackjack side bets successful when gambling. Side bets are made at the start of a round when a player is placing their main bet. Live All Bets Blackjack is an exciting game of eight deck Blackjack, in which you take on a live dealer and try to beat their hand. As you play, you will watch the action in high definition video and can chat with your fellow players and the dealer.

If you have had an opportunity to watch professional players make series of winning streaks one after another, admiring their achievements and wishing you could play blackjack the way they do, we have good news for you. The majority of live dealer blackjacks come with very useful Bet Behind option allowing you to take advantage of other players’ skills. You can follow other players at the table and win every time they manage to beat the dealer. How does this option work? Read the following lines to find out.

What is Blackjack Bet Behind?

Bet Behind is a side bet reserved for land-based casinos and live dealer games. Virtual blackjack does not offer this kind of bet since the players are playing alone against the machine and there is no one else they can follow. When you make the Bet Behind wager, you essentially leave all the decisions in other people’s hands. There are 7 seats at each table and you can either join the table or just look at what other players do and try to use their games in your favor. Popular blackjack tables tend to be overcrowded during rush hours, but Bet Behind option will be at your disposal even if all the seats are taken. Additionally, even if you take a seat, you can still bet behind other players’ hands.

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Blackjack With Side Bets Free

With Bet Behind side bets, you can support other people’s bets and receive the wins or suffer losses exactly the same as if you were playing yourself. This means that every time a seat you have betted on wins you will be paid the same amount as it was your own game. Pretty neat, right? No casino will restrict you from betting behind other players, so you can place bets on all 7 seats or not wager at all. These decisions are all yours as well as wins and losses.

How to Recognise Hot Players?

Live dealer games are usually supported with excellent software that helps the players playing and keeping track on the game. This can help you identify the players that are on a hot streak. Usually, there is a Hot Streak table you can use to see how “hot” each of the players is. You can check their previous wins and losses and decide which one deserves your bet. Moreover, it is quite common to see different flags and/or stars above seats that mark the players that are on winning streaks. It is recommended to go through the game’s rules and options to find out what each of these marks means. Additionally, an inexperienced player should not rush into the game. It is better to take some time and see how the game is developing, so maybe you can recognize potentially good players by yourself.

Live Blackjack Side Bets Games

How to Place the Bet?

Now, after you have chosen the right players you need to place your bet. Right next to the seats you will see the Bet Behind boxes. Choose how much you would like to bet and click on the corresponding chip. Then you need to mark Bet Behind box(es) and your chips will be visible within the box. That’s it. All you can do after this is watching the game and waiting for other players to complete their hands. If the player you have wagered on wins, the software will let you know how much you have won. Then the next round begins and you will have 10 to 15 seconds to place your bets before the dealing begins. The payouts are the same as if you have been playing a regular blackjack yourself, meaning you will get a typical 1 to 1 payout ratio and standard 3 to 2 payout ratio for blackjack.

Conclusion on Bet Behind Side Bets

Live blackjack side bets games

Bet Behind is one of the most useful side bets, especially for inexperienced players. This is, in addition, one of the reasons why virtual blackjack games are incomparable to the live dealer blackjack. The players that can figure out which participants can play blackjack professionally are free to use the Bet Behind option and thus increase their revenue potential. Blackjack is partially a game of skill and the low house edge attracts many professional players that aim at low individual wins that will accumulate over time.

Bet Behind option will allow even beginners to make some wins by relying on other player’s knowledge and luck. However, this option puts them in a passive position, since they have to wait for other people’s decisions before they can see whether they have won or not. Live dealer blackjack games are equipped with useful software that may assist indecisive players in noting the players with huge winning potential, so if it is your first time with a particular game, take your time to learn how it works. Placing the Bet Behind wager is very easy, just like any other wager at live blackjack tables.