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Certified Gold Bullion Coins. As it is one of the most common precious metals for investing, having a varied and unique selection of certified domestic and world gold bullion coins for sale is a foundational part of Liberty Coin s product offering. Our offerings range from commonly traded coins such as American Buffalos, Eagles and Chinese Pandas to rarer pieces such as pre-1933 U.S. Gold coins and centuries-old certified world gold coins. Designs of the Liberty Gold Coin The obverse features a classic Greek rendition of Lady Liberty, while the reverse depicts a brave eagle with wings spread to their full span. Beginning in 1849. Fine Gold 50 Dollars – MB JW. The front or obverse of the coin pictures Lady Liberty. The back or reverse of the coin has an eagle. 1986-W $50 Gold American Eagle Proof: At the top of the page you can see where there were 446,290 $50 proof gold coins released by the U.S. You can tell if you have a proof coin by looking for a. Founded in 1965, Liberty Coin has become one of the industrys largest regional retailers of rare collectible coins and precious metals.

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The Liberty Double Eagle is one of the most popular American gold coins to collect. The coins were issued for circulation from 1850 to 1907 and represent the largest regular issue US coin in denomination and gold value. The twenty dollar gold coins were introduced following the discovery of vast amounts of gold in California. Previously, the highest denomination coin had been the eagle, with a value of ten dollars.

The Liberty Double Eagle was designed by James B. Longacre. The obverse of the coin features the head of Liberty. She appears wearing a Coronet containing the word “Liberty.” Her hair is pulled back and bound with some tresses falling behind her neck. Thirteen stars appear surrounding with the date below. The reverse of the coin features a heraldic eagle holding a double scroll containing the words “E Pluribus Unum”. The words “United States of America” appears above with “Twenty D.” or “Twenty Dollars” below. The motto “In God We Trust” was added above the eagle in 1866.

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As the other gold coins struck in the later part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century, the Liberty Double Eagle was struck on planchets of a gold and copper composition. These consist of 90% gold and 10% copper, with a weight of 33.4 grams (516 grains) and a diameter of 34 millimeter with a reeded edge. Examples were struck at the Philadelphia Mint (no Mintmark), Carson City (CC) Denver (D) and San Francisco (S) Mints. Ultimate blackjack reloaded.

During the course of the series, a total of 143 different issues were minted, along with a small number of collected varieties. Because of this immense number and the rarity of many individual issues, few collectors choose to assemble a complete set of Liberty Double Eagles by date and mintmark. Very few collectors have completed, or even nearly-so, a full set of these impressive gold coins, and they have been unquestionably ranked among the most famous coin collectors of all time.