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Throughout the ages the shimmering beauty of pure gold has captivated mankind and the desire to own exquisite objects crafted from this precious metal.

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The 2018 dated 1 oz S outh African Silver Krugerrand coin, as the first year of issue in a cost-competitive bullion strike, are bound to move quickly. Buy silver online today! If you want to stick with gold, due to the 1 oz gold coin value over silver bullion, we offer the South African gold Krugerrand in several sizes. Or check out some of our. Krugerrand value The Krugerrand coin determines its value by its gold content plus a premium that is dictated by market conditions. (Gold Price per ounce).

Gold coins have always represented the ultimate in wealth and prestige.

For collectors no other metal can match the quality and lustre of coins struck in the finest gold. South Africa ranks among the very few countries where gold coins have been minted as negotiable currency and still remain available for general purchase, allowing collectors to own a share in the countries production of fine gold.

The first Krugerrand’s,consisting of 1 troy ounce of fine gold were struck by The South African Mint on 3 May 1967 .The design of the Krugerrand was based on the ZAR or Kruger Ponde, historical coins of South Africa,

1978 Krugerrand Value Today

The obverse (front) of the Krugerrand depicts the bust of Paul Kruger who was president of the ZAR (Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek), which comprised of the old Transvaal, when the Witwatersrand gold was discovered in 1886.

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Krugerrand Value Sell

Krugerrand Value

The reverse of the Krugerrand depicts a prancing Springbok.