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Halfies are beautiful creatures. Containing a mix of physical features from two different ethnicities, halfie faces represent the best of both worlds. Half-Koreans are no exception.

You already checked out our list of '13 Half-Korean Hotties.' Now check out these 14 adorable half-Korean children who, although have yet to mature into their features, are evidently destined for cuteness and beauty!

Moon Mason

With a Canadian father and Korean mother, Moon Mason is already famous among the K-Pop community as 'Little Nichkhun'. He even got to snap a picture with his brother-from-another-mother, showing fans just how cute two baby faces side-by-side can be.

Yoon Da Young

Half-Korean and half-Vietnamese, Yoon Da Young from MBLAQ's season of 'Hello Baby' has a serious look to her. Seriously adorable. Look at those round, darling eyes and try to tell me you don't want to just melt into a puddle.

Lauren Hanna Lunde

Another MBLAQ's 'Hello Baby' starlet, Lauren Hanna Lunde has a flower girl look to her that makes her the perfect model. With a mix of Canadian and Korean features, this little princess is an angel in pink.

Recipon William Leo

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With his bowl haircut, pouts, and bright smiles, Recipon William Leo from MBLAQ's 'Hello Baby' is the cutest little half-Korean, half-French squishy you've ever seen.

Aleyna Yilmaz

Half-Turkish and half-Korean Aleyna Yilmaz has already made her small screen debut as a CF model and as a cast member of 'Real Story Rainbow Kids'. With her lovely little lady looks, she is certainly a show-stealer!

Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle

Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle is already collecting fangirls and he's only a tiny kid! With his half-Korean, half-American luscious baby locks and bright smile, he is set to become a handsome heartbreaker one day.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

It's Lily from ABC's 'Modern Family'! A half-Korean and half-American actress, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons shows off her talent at a very young age by playing the adorably bratty Lily. Who doesn't love this girl? Elizabeth Banks? Whatever, she'll get over it.

Cristina Fernandez Lee

Cristina Fernandez Lee is half-Spanish and half-Korean with the most beautiful eyes. A super cute model, she rocks bangs like no other.

Miso Kenny Hayden

Miso Kenny Hayden looks like an absolute doll! With her wonderstruck round eyes and full, baby cheeks, she does much justice to both her Italian-American half and Korean half alike.

Korean Pokie Flash Girl Gifs

Dexter Mead

An absolute ulzzang, Dexter Mead is another young half-Korean and half-American sure to charm all the ladies when he grows older! Some of you may recognize him from MTV's 'B2ST Almighty', where he made an appearance with his equally adorable little sister.

Kaiya Saley

Kaiya Saley is cute and she knows it! Half-Canadian and half-Korean, Kaiya Saley will have you smiling silly over her big brown puppy eyes and natural sense of aegyo.

Keira Lisbeth Poulton

Keira Lisbeth Poulton is another half-American and half-Korean who is an absolute doll. With her beautiful, round face and pretty, dark eyes, this little lady boasts a cute yet elegant look for a very young age!

Korean Pokemon Booster Box

Dennis Kane

Dennis Kane is a half-Australian, half-Korean cutie who's got major style! A tiny hipster, Dennis Kane is on his way to become a dashing fashionista someday.

Choo Sarang

Korean Pocky Sticks

Last but not least, we have half-Korean and half-Japanese Choo Sarang from 'Superman is Back', who has the whole country of Korea in love! Bursting with aegyo, Choo Sarang, as her name suggests, is one sarang-able (lovable) gal.

These were just some of the cutest half-Korean kids growing up in the entertainment industry! Aren't they just adorable?