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KISS casino slot online is a game developed by WMS gaming and brings to life one of the most iconic rock bands in human history. The KISS game is all about the beauty and wonder of true rock and roll, letting players scream and air guitar their way to victory. Joined by all four members of the band, it’s up to Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer to decide who will be the winners of this exhilarating new game. The KISS slot gives you even more chances to win with its massive paylines and colossal combos. It’s time to ‘shout it out loud’ with KISS slot machine online.

WMS SLOT MACHINES. Energized by a fervent focus on our Player Driven Innovation™ approach to product development, we create imaginative and engaging game content enabled by advanced. Welcome to Kiss Slots where you will remember the sweet things of your younger years, relax wherever you want to play and WINNING the LARGEST jackpot possible. You will smile when you have a good.

Rules to the Game

The slot machine is available as the KISS free version or available to play for real money many casinos online. (Note that the estimated payouts here are calculated with the max bets):

  • The game is a standard 5x3 reel slot machine with a 5x12 colossal reel next to it. This adds to a total of 100 possible paylines to win money on.

  • The standard paying symbols are the ones you would find in a traditional card deck. There is j, Q, K, and A signs. All four of them offer a pay-out between 25-250 when placed with max bet.

  • The higher tier icons pay more money and are represented as both the instruments and the members of KISS. The instruments are the guitar and the pick used to play it. Both pay a reward of between 25-375.

  • The KISS members are Gene Simmons iconic tongue waggle and Paul Stanley. They offer a reward between 50-500.

  • The highest paying symbols from the paytable are the full body portraits of the two KISS members. These only appear on the colossal 5x12 reel as they take up 8 spaces. Gene Simmons awards 100-1,000. Paul Stanley awards 125-1,250.

  • The Wild is all four members in a single slot. This substitutes for all other symbols in the game, allowing gaps to be filled in possible combinations.

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  • The Scatter is the KISS logo itself. The special option only appears on reel 1, 3 or 5 of both the main slot set and the colossal set. Landing three or more of the will trigger the bonus feature, allowing more winnings to be achieved.

Play KISS for real money with the casino’s online betting system. The number of coins you can place into the game is adjacent to how many play lines there are in the game. This can be adjusted from as minimum as 20 all the way to the max 100. This means that a total of 20-100 coins can be placed in the machine. The coin value size can be changed from as little as 0.01 to 5.00. When converted into real money, the minimum amount that can be betted on is $0.10. The maximum amount of money that be betted on is a grand total of $250.00.

The RTP rate is calculated at around 95.98%, as there are many reels to win money on and apply any strategy. There is also an auto-spin button that can be pressed to automatically spin the reels until it is pressed again to make it stop. This can be made with the betting amount pre-determined.

The jackpot of the game is achieved by achieving the full body portrait of Paul Stanley. With the maximum bet placed on, he can win the player a total of 1,250. When transferred into real money, the player has a chance of winning a fantastic prize of $312,500.00. To possible earn even more than this already generous award, here are the tips and tricks on how to do so.

How to Succeed and Win Prizes

The special bonus feature of KISS is obtained by landing three or more of the Scatters on a payline from either the main slot reel or the colossal slot reel. Once activated, the game awards the player with a set number of free spins combined with a multiplier to every reward that is won during those turns. This means that whatever you score is increased exponentially depending on how many Scatters are scored.

  • If the player lands three of a kind, they are awarded 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier to wins.

  • If the player lands four of a kind, they are awarded 12 free spins and a 5x multiplier.

  • If the player is able to land five of a kind, they are awarded 20 free spins and massive 20x multiplier to all winnings.

The latter of the three is among the most favoured. If the player wins the jackpot of 1,250 with a max bet of $250.00 during this particular bonus, this would mean that the grand total amount of winnings that can be won would be close to $6,250,000.00. That type of prize would make a player as rich as KISS themselves.

Parting Thought

The KISS slot game is what any fan of the rock hopes to see in a casino game. It has a great presentation, iconic songs from the band itself and the capability of winning tremendous amounts of money with no cheats possible. The songs included are Detroit Rock City, Rock and Roll All Night and Shout it Out Loud. These are the hit singles and guaranteed every rock’s fans favourite. What makes it so unique compared to other casino games is the inclusion of the colossal slot. The slot aims to make players feel as big of a star as the kings of rock and roll themselves.

If you’re looking for an experience synonymous with the good ol’ rock n’ roll music, WMS Gaming’s KISS slot machines will offer you an incredible time at the casino. One of America’s most famous bands has been brought back to life on the casino floor as rock n’ roll fans all over the world have expressed their delight with KISS’ new slot game. The game debuted at the 12th yearly G2E (Global Gaming Expo) in Las Vegas last year, and Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley – the original and legendary band members of KISS, were in attendance to mark the occasion. The deal which saw the inception of this incredible new game was brokered by the band’s exclusive global licensing agent, Live Nation Merchandise.

New and Enhanced Slots Features for KISS Slots Machine

KISS slot machines feature tracks that have been made popular by Kiss – one of the most commercially successful and recognized bands on the planet. The multi-array games on the slot machine come with unique features, adding to the players’ excitement levels. Any spin has the potential to award players with 1, 2 or 3 extra video reel sets, and each of them has been improved with the removal of low-credit symbols and the addition of WILD symbols.

Backstage Passes are an exclusive feature that players may be awarded if they get more than two bonus symbols to line up on the reels. Players have the option to choose a Pass that can reward them with the free spin bonus on Rock n’ Records. Other interesting free spin bonus features include the KISS Alive! and Band Prize. Kiss Alive! is a bonus that features surround sound that’s near-concert-like, and also has intriguing new interpretations wherein bonuses are picked by soundtracks that are “Hotter than Hell”. KISS slot machines are among the most exciting ones out there, mainly because of the fact that they change normal casino slots into round-the-clock party mode thanks to “Rock n’ Roll All Night & Party Every Day.”

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Popular Tracks and Band Member Personas

KISS slot machines feature the personas of band members from popular tracks such as “Catman”, “Starchild”, “Spaceman” and “Demon” that make players come back for fantastic music and thrilling bonus rounds. The band, KISS, holds the record for being awarded almost 30 gold albums, making it the most any rock band in the U.S has ever won! Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, KISS’ co-founders revealed that they spend around 40 years trying to bring the KISS experience along with their spectacle music to life. With so many amazing features and exciting bonus rounds, KISS has taken fans by storm as casinos all around the world prepare for an incredible rock n’ roll extravaganza.

KISS is legendary and a unique band that has provided exciting entertainment for fans throughout the world for the past forty years! The game designers at WMS have elegantly combined the band’s energetic appeal and its distinctive music to create a slot experience that’s likely to entertain and engage slots players all around the world. The game features every aspect that has made KISS among the most popular bands ever, from their album artwork and unique look, to their all-time top hits. There is little doubt that the game is set for long-term success!

Kiss Slot Machine Online

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