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This web site is dedicated to The World's Greatest Rock n Roll Band, The Rolling Stones. I've been a Stones fan since day one. This web site started up on November 1, 1998 to communicate and have some fun with my fellow Stones fans, and to help pass on info to those non fans or future Stones fans who may want to learn a little about The Boys! So please feel free to join in here with your comments at our Gasland Message Board; by voting in our polls; or by writing up an album review. You can also check out song lyrics, cool photos of the band, and lots more! Also remember to bookmark this site so you can come back for more new stuff, as this place is always changing!

Just what is Mick singing anyway? Find out in the lyrics section. Contains complete listing of all the released songs, plus many non-released bootleg songs, too.

We cover a little bit of everything here in our Stones question of the week. Make sure you cast your vote now in the Stones poll, and in the other weekly rock polls we run on the domain, too!

This Week's Stones Poll question is:
Rate the Rolling Stones release of the song 'Laugh, I Nearly Died', from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)

This Week's first Rock Poll question is: Who was/is the overall best singing drummer?
This Week's Video Rock Poll question is:
Rate Todd Rundgren's video for 'Bang the Drum All Day (Live)' (Click here for the video)

This Week's Beatles Poll question is: Rate The Beatles' video for 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' (early take of song) (Click here for the video)

Stones Fans' Top Pick List Pages

Stones Fans Top Picks Page 1- Lists of different song favorites, plus more, as voted on by fans!Stones Fans Top Picks Page 2 - Lists of video and album favorites, plus more, as voted on by fans!
Stones Fans Top Picks Page 3
- Lists of song ratings/standings, plus more, as voted on by fans!
Stones VS Page - List Page 3 -
The Stones LPs go up against each other!

Stones VS Page - List Page 4 - Stones songs, and also band members go up against each other.

What's your favorite Stones album? Favorite song? Vote in our six different on going polls! Find out which albums and songs are tops amongst Stones fans.

The latest On-Going Rock Poll Question:
Of the artists in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, who should not be in there?

Ratings from the fans and myself of the Stones albums, short reviews, song listings, lyrics and album info: personnel on each album and what instruments are the band members playing. PLUS, read reviews from other Stones fans and add your own review of the Stones albums or boots!

Includes my top Top 60 list. A list of all the number one singles by the Stones in the US and UK can be found at the Stones Number 1 Singles page.

Gasland was the internet's longest running Stones message board, going strong for over 20 years, from 1998 to early 2019! It was a great place to see what was on the minds of other hard-nosed Stones fans (known as Gassers) from all over the world. Today the board is used as our weekly poll post board while Gasland's archive pages are still online for all to read.

An Oral History of Stones fans, taken from Gasland's best posts!

Information on the latest news about the band, including any new tours, albums or videos, etc.

Most of these are from the 60s and 70s with a few newer ones.

When it comes to writing rock songs, nobody comes up with classic lines like Jagger/Richards! Here's some of their best!

Mick, Keith and Brian's top ten list. Vivo gaming live casino real money. Plus Bill, Charlie, Ronnie, Mick T. and Stu.

Brian vs Keith

What's it like to see the World's Greatest Rock Band up close? Keno's review from the first row of Stones Albuquerque show from B2B Tour.


Visit other Stones sites on the web.

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(Includes Stones Bio Page)


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