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Green Valley Ranch Resort, a Station Casinos property in Henderson, now has live keno from 8 o’clock in the morning to 11:30 p.m., seven days a week. The 16-seat lounge is conveniently located between the poker room and the Grand Café.

For those interested in playing while enjoying a meal or snack, there is a second game in the Café. It operates daily until 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. It also has its own keno runners for your convenience.

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The pay tables at GVR are the same as other Station properties and they have Mega 10 in addition to their Jumbo progressives for 6 through 9 spots. The jackpots for the jumbos range from $2,500 to $60,000 minimum, and since the games are linked among the Station properties the pot can grow quickly.

The Mega 10 is part of a statewide progressive with a $1 million-plus jackpot.

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Since there are two different progressives, you will probably be best off using separate tickets to avoid confusion and to simplify the payoffs because if you win one you might win the other. (Thinking big!)

Let’s see how to accomplish this. You have the Mega 10, which requires a $1.50 wager (sounds more literary than “bet”) and the Jumbo Progressives that require a $1 wager (bet).

First you play the $1.50 Mega 10, which was $1,453,938 and rising as this column was being written. Then you play a separate way ticket at $1 per way to cover the Jumbo progressives.

Since you are playing 10 numbers for the Mega 10, you can use these same 10 numbers for your way tickets for the Jumbo progressives grouped as follows: 4-3-2-1.

This gives you the one 10-spot (played for $1.50 on a separate ticket for the Mega 10), and for the Jumbo progressives, one 9-spot, one 8-spot, two 7s, and two 6s for a total ticket cost, at $1 per way, of $6. Thus, playing both tickets you spend $7.50 per game.

Be sure to give your Boarding Pass card to get comp credit (you’ll need to register it with the keno lounge first). Historically, they have given about 4% of your action in comps – win, lose, or draw (the latter is the doodling you do on your keno ticket). Thus, for your $7.50 in action you will earn about 30 cents in comps per game, which with any decent amount of play will add up to some complementary meals.

If your 8.9 million-to-one shot comes in, you will have hit Mega 10 and all four Jumbo progressives (two pays on the 6 and 7 spots, first gets the progressive, second the reset value) but even if you do not hit all 10 numbers, you can get some nice partial pays or perhaps, if you hit 6 numbers or more the right way (all the numbers in your groups), you will hit a Jumbo progressive(s).

Green Valley also has a “Five and Dime Special,” which lets you play for 5 cents or 10 cents a game. This is a great way to have your ways run wild.

For example, at 5 cents a way you could play 1/8 and 8/7 and also 28/6 for $1.85 per game using all kings (groups of one). Hit 6-of-8 and you have a SOLID 6 and lots of smaller pays.

Hit 7-of-8 and you have a respectable 7-of-8 pay, a SOLID 7-spot pay, and seven SOLID 6-spot pays, plus a plethora of smaller pays.

Hit all eight and you have 37 SOLID hits with the 6s, 7s, and 8s.

Keno can be a lot of fun this way if your numbers come up.

Most of the keno lounge is non-smoking and the food at any Station casino is always good.

Access is easy via CAT bus #111, which connects with many other CAT routes. The rooms are nice.

There are also video poker opportunities with paybacks on some machines over 99% with proper play.

Use your slot card at all times to get room offers as with a comped room you also avoid both the room tax and resort fee.

If you are checking out the Green Valley keno based on this column or the recent news story in Gaming Today, let the keno writers know as if keno is well received at Green Valley, opportunities for play can get even better.

Bet what you can afford, and be sure to be there and playing when your numbers come up. Best of luck to you!

Pesach Kremen is a former UNLV Masters Gaming student, has won and placed in multiple local keno tournaments, and has written several academic papers on Keno. You can reach him at [email protected].

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Treasure Island’s keno game has a lot going for it. First of all, the game is 100% nonsmoking as it is located within TI’s nonsmoking sportsbook. Thus during the season while you are watching 22 grown men fight over an egg, you can also conveniently play keno.

Treasure Island is served by the Deuce, SDX, 119, CX and 203 buses, basically easy access from anywhere in Las Vegas.

On top of all this they have some good paying tickets as well. Their 6-spot at the regular rate is particularly noticeable. They pay $2,200 for a solid 6 and still return your bet for hitting 3 of 6. The ticket pays $4 for a 4 of 6 hit and $80 for a 5 of 6. This is the best 6-spot $1 ticket non-progressive I have seen on the Strip.

Let’s try the following way ticket options. Try a 4-4-2-2, giving you 12, two 10s, three 8s, four 6s, and three 4s. If they let you play for a quarter a way you have 13 ways, thus a $2.75 ticket. At 50 cents a way you have a $5.50 ticket, giving you a lot of action for your money. This can be great fun while watching your team attempting Hail Mary’s. If you catch all your numbers you have a successful Hail Mary.

If you want to be more aggressive, play all deuces (groups of two). You have a 2-2-2-2-2-2 ticket giving you a 12, five 10s, ten 6s, and ten 4s or 26 total ways. They will probably allow a quarter per way thus you have a cost of $6.50 for a ticket with loads of action. If you hit a few of the deuces solid there is a really nice pay as well.

If you want the really big win try their Catch All tickets for $2 each, paying $450 for a solid 4, $2,200 for a solid 5, and $11,000 for a solid 6. Play a 2-2-2 at their catch all rate of $2 a way (mark the ticket CA to get the Catch All pay out) and you have a 6, and three 4s for a total cost of $8. Hit two deuces solid and you win $450. Hit all three deuces solid (all six of your numbers) and you win $12,350 ($11,000 for the solid 6 and $450 apiece for each of the three solid 4s).


Loads of possibilities in a good paying nonsmoking game while you can bet and watch sports as you are playing. Can it get any better than this?

Keno Reddit

Kino Reddit

Their odd number of spots tickets are good, too. The 6-spot is such a nice play that I am giving it emphasis. They also offer a $2.50 special rate on 4 thru 9 spots. The return on these is good for a Strip casino as well. Mark your tickets “rate” to get this pay table.

On their regular rate ticket they allow you to play for lower amounts when you play more games, pays are proportional of course. During the season this should be a great way to spend your time (and money if you want) watching sports and playing keno free from smoke. Enjoy the game and the wins!

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