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Enjoy playing this great casino game for free - Multi-Card Keno. .Prizes may become pari-mutuel when certain conditions in the game rules are met. Odds to win the top prize are 1 in 8,911,711. Overall odds to win a prize range from 1 in 2.8 to 1 in 16.6.

The attraction of playing 20-Card Keno is having more opportunities to win. Picking more numbers in a single game gives you a better chance of winning something. As an example, if you’re playing 20 different cards, with a different 5 spot on each card, you have a better chance of hitting a 5 spot than if you were only playing on one card, right? But even if you hit your 5 spot on one of the cards, how about the 19 cards that are losers or low pay winners? And remember, even though you’re playing 20 cards, you’ll, more often than not, lose or low pay on all 20 cards.

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Keno Card Game

To be fair, you need the low paying winners to help you keep playing for a longer period of time. But the low paying wins alone will not normally let you leave the casino as a winner. They just allow you to keep putting more money into the machine. Especially if you’re playing 20 Card Keno. That’s where the idea of ‘overlapping’ can really help. And that’s why I created the 20-Card Keno Smart Charts™.

When you overlap, some of the numbers of a particular spot will be repeated on the other cards. The result will be that when you win – you’ll win bigger. That’s because, when you win, you’ll win more often on multiple cards. Even the low wins will be multiplied by the amount of cards that the repeated numbers are played on. This technique makes for some exciting action when you’re playing 20 card keno but, admittedly, you’ll experience increased volatility. The trade off is that when you do win – you can really win big.

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Look at it this way; If you play completely different numbers on each card on a 20-card keno machine, you have virtually no chance of winning a jackpot on all 20 cards. But if you play less numbers with some of the numbers overlapping each other, you could actually win on all twenty cards! And yes, that really does happen.

Keno Card Game

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The following 20-card keno video illustrates this better Live casino near me.

What’s particularly important when overlapping in 20-card keno is evenly distributing your numbers. You’ll want to have a balance of unique base numbers and those that you overlap. The Smart Charts™ allow you to easily do that without making errors.