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Voters in Boscawen will decide whether to allow the “Keno 603” gambling game in town, as well as whether to implement a new village district on King Street during town elections on Tuesday. Residents will also discuss a 3 percent tax rate increase.

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Hot topic: The planning board is proposing a village district zoning ordinance to preserve and improve the aesthetic presentation in the King Street area.

A village district ordinance would ensure that walls and exteriors of new buildings blend in with preexisting styles, and that parking on King Street remain unobtrusive. It would also regulate some aspects of building form, such as the height of structures.

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The selectmen and planning board recommend this article.

Budget: The proposed operating budget is $3,682,137, up $90,650 from last year. Free printable halloween bingo cards for 20 players. Notable changes include $32,000 to begin planning for the closure of the construction debris landfill, a process that will start with engineering work in anticipation of the closure starting in 2020.

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The Police Department has budgeted additional funds – $8,000 – for the second year to purchase and install new software. The Fire Department has planned to purchase at least three new beathing units in 2018 costing approximately $10,000. The replacement of the older SCBA’s with new units will be completed over several years.

If the budget approved, the tax rate will go up 3 percent. That would mean an increase of $92.50 per year for a $250,000 home.


Noteworthy articles: The town will be asked whether they want to vote for the “Keno 603” gambling game to come to Boscawen.

Keno, a digital cross between bingo and a lottery scratch ticket, was proposed by state lawmakers last year as a way to fund full-day kindergarten.

Keno was denied in the city of Concord last November, but passed in cities like Franklin, Manchester and Laconia. It will be up for vote in 80 towns in the state this month, including in Loudon and Bow.

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Contested races: None.

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When and where: The town meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Boscawen Elementary School on March 13. Ballot voting will take place earlier that day at town hall, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.