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Karen Leigh King (born 1954, raised in Sheridan, Montana, US) is a historian of religion working in the field of Early Christianity, who is currently the Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard University, in the oldest endowed chair in the United States (since 1721). You wanna keep those numbers. You're fine bingo ball number nine bingo ball number nine. You wanna get all your numbers crossed off Suzanne you wanna keep your. You wanna keep your diet or your too. You're doing good. Number 20 - eight bingo ball number 28. I'm gonna do one more or two more bingo balls and then we'll get some more jewelry here. Karen Bingo bingo card with “I NEED TO KNOW”, “AHHHHHHH”, good person to share memes with, loves to spontaneously get bangs, Kelly Clarkson’s #1 fan, doesn’t like confrontation, legs for days, Proud croc owner, accidentally uses a sarcastic tone and.incoherent screaming. Tuesday bingo and family fued with friends. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Karen's $5 Bling Boutique. 149 Followers Shopping & Retail.

This Community Helpers Bingo game will help your students practice identifying the names of community helpers. I also have a set of Community Helpers Cards you can use with your Community Helpers theme.


I had made a bingo set and card set with illustrated clipart before I realized I could find all the community helpers in photographs, so I ended up making both. Choose whichever you prefer.

Community Helpers Bingo Game


The Community Helpers bingo game is played the way all standard bingo games are played. Each player gets a bingo mat. To cover the pictures while playing the game, you could use plastic bingo chips, flat floral marbles, or Unifix cubes.

The photo version of the bingo game has enough cards for 4 players, and the illustrated version has enough cards for 8 players. What I do when I have more than 4 kids (or 8) in a group is simply print extra cards. It doesn’t matter if two children have the same card and fill their cards at the same time. We really don’t play to win or lose with bingo games in my class. Pre-K children don’t handle competition very well, so we all play until everyone fills their card.

Download: Photo Bingo Download: Illustrated Bingo

Community Helpers Cards

These Community Helpers Card Sets can be used in a variety of ways. Dragon link pokies images. These cards could be used as calling cards for the bingo game, or as visuals while having class discussions about community helpers. They could be used in a variety of games and activities.

Donut Operator Military

Download: Photo Card Set Download: Illustrated Card Set

Graphics used in these printables licensed by Little Red.

Karen Bingo Card

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Donut Bingo Printable

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