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Jeopardy! is a game based on a popular American quiz show. But with Jeopardy! game, you can enjoy it on your Xbox One. You are invited to download Jeopardy! and dive into the fun of the brain challenges of this game. If you want not to miss the new update of Jeopardy! coming out, stay tuned!

Graphics and Sound 5/5

The Games on Demand version supports English, French. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual'. (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Join Alex Trebeck and play as a contestant on “America’s Favorite Quiz Show!®” Test your trivia knowledge to make it to Final Jeopardy and the coveted Winner’s Circle! (Xbox One) by Ubi Soft Entertainment. North Amercian Release Date: November 7, 2017. Xbox Game Search. Site Statistics Registered Members: 49,803 Forum. If you've always dreamed of being on Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy.this is the perfect game for your XBox One. The game pulls you into the action and you actually feel as though your on the game has characters that you can personalize to even look like you. We use it for family game night and absolutely have a ball!!! Xbox One Jeopardy! Oct 30, 2020 NEW. Add to My Collection. To get a playcore, a minimum of 50 gamer ratings and 3 critic reviews are.


Many Jeopardy! reviews admit this game has perfect graphics and design. The picture is bright and the sound is clear. Every detail of the Jeopardy! latest version is flawless. You can clearly see the text and the elements of the interface. The color scheme and the fonts match the overall atmosphere. Meeting the Jeopardy! system requirements, you will experience all Jeopardy! specs and enjoy the game to the fullest. Whether it is a Jeopardy! demo or the full game, you will see it. Play the Jeopardy! Xbox One on your console to get the most of this game.

Controls 5/5

With every Jeopardy! update the interface becomes more convenient and clear. All controls are clear and intuitive. Also, the Jeopardy! unblocked game provides signs for what you have to press. The gameplay includes answering questions with three answer options. Every option has a particular assigned key, so you will not miss the right choice. Just press the right key and win! Look for Jeopardy! download and estimate the user-friendliness of its controls.


Jeopardy Video Game Xbox

Gameplay 5/5

Xbox One Models Comparison

Due to specs of a genre, there is no storyline in the Jeopardy! misc game. But you can enjoy the Jeopardy! gameplay anyway thanks to many playing modes and features that enhance your experience. As soon as you completed the Jeopardy! install you get the access to the categories, which you can select for your game. The set of questions will be based on your choice. With the Jeopardy! full game you will get rewards for every right answer.

Jeopardy! Xbox One download has three playing modes. In rapid mode, you can enjoy the game with some categories and train your skill. You can compete with your friends and family, or with Ai in the Family playing Jeopardy! game online. Everyone can find a suitable category as there are specific ones for kids and parents. In career mode, you can achieve scores and compare them with other players. Multiplayer also features audio chat. There is no Jeopardy! free download, but Jeopardy! costs can be paid off with the cash prizes and various digital gifts.

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Lasting Appeal 2/5

Considering the Jeopardy! game size the selection of more than 2000 rich media clues ensures long-time playing. However, it is a limited number of categories and questions. So, eventually the Jeopardy! game will be completed, all answers are answered, so the replay value is pretty low. But no one will stop you from playing the game again once in a while. You can also enrich your experience with Jeopardy! play online multiplayer mode.