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UPoker was built with a 'player-first' mindset. UPoker is a Mobile Poker Gaming Application like none other. Our in-game features allow ultimate customization of your poker table rules to the point where it is like playing at home. The easiest way to play online poker.

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Global Poker Scam

Usually played amongst strangers riding public transportation or at your local Starbuck's. The game usually begins when someone, wanting attention, pulls out any Apple product. At this point, many people will choose to discreetly observe the product and determine its credentials. They will then compare with the Apple product in their possession. If they have a more recent and popular product, they must bring the product into the open for all to observe. If said product is confirmed to be better than the first Apple product, all attention will effectively shift to the person possessing the better product, forcing the original player to return their inferior Apple product back to his or her knapsack or pocket. This is where the game gets interesting. If you bring out the better product, you MUST pretend you are using ALL of its features even if you have no meaningful work to do or, have no remnant of a wireless or wifi connection. At this point in the game, you are safe..unless someone else feels they have a stronger hand than you.

Ipoker Tools

Poker network sitesIpoker

Http://pokertime.com. IPoker Is The Place To Play If You’re Looking To Move Up. If you are a newer player or are just plain struggling to stop losing money, iPoker, and in particular, our top recommended poker sites there, Titan Poker and Bet365 Poker, are ideal. Up until 2012 there were almost 70 iPoker skins that were connected to the iPoker Network, like the well known iPoker Skin Titan Poker, and rooms like Paddy Power Poker. Since that time, a number of skins have gone out of business, shut up shop or left the network for greener pastures, condensing the network down to a collection of 20 or so sites.

Ipoker Rakeback

ipod touch user: 'hmmm, let me pull out my ipod touch and embarrass this ipod nano-using loser'.
Nano user: 'this fool obviously doesn't know about the ipad I have in my knapsack. Let me pull this baby out and zoom through some photos I downloaded from Bing'
ipod touch user: (returns ipod touch to pocket)
iphone 4 user: (pulls phone out and begins fake conversation about how hard it was to snag one of the new iphones) 'what? yeah. YES. YES, I AM CALLING YOU FROM MY NEW IPHONE 4! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I GOT IT FOR!!'
all other apple users in unison: (return products to their original places and bow down to new iphone user).
-end round of ipoker. Iphone 4 wins
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