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  • Dragon Link slot machine jackpots today. High limit slots channel Dragon Cash, Dragon Link wins. Happy & Prosperous and Golden Century live slots play.
  • We have fun gambling especially making high limit max bets in high limit rooms and winning slot jackpots. Often times lady luck is on our side and we win the big jackpot.
  • We have fun gambling especially making high limit max bets in high limit rooms and winning slot jackpots. Often times lady luck is on our side and we win the big jackpot.

I play a variety of slots from High Limit to penny slots, so you might see me betting $25,$15,$10,$5$ a spin or more on some slots or low rolling on a penny slot for around $2.00. High limit slots are slot machines which require relatively large bets in order to play. They have multiple advantages over low limit slots. For example, higher limit games offer a higher payout percentage (in general) than lower limit games. They also usually have their own exclusive section in the casino where you can play.

What Is A High Limit Slot Machine And How To Use A High Limit Strategy?

These are video slot machines actually, so there is no difference in regards to rules. You are still spinning the reels and trying to place the same symbols next to each other on a pay line. However, there are two main distinctive features of these games (if you would like to know more about the distinctive features and bonus rounds of games come check out our Online Casino Games Guide):

  • Their betting limits are much higher. Slot machines are divided into two main categories: Low limit and high limit. Penny slots fall into the first category, which means you can play them with the lowest wager possible, i.e. a penny. High limit games, on the other hand, require larger wagers to play, as the name suggests. For example, spinning the reels once may cost as high as 25 USD on these games. The actual minimum limit will be different on each game, but you get the idea: These games require a much larger budget.
  • They pay much more. The payout tables of these games are tied to the wager amounts. In other words, the higher your wager is, the higher the payment will be. Nobody wants to spend 25 USD per spin and get a reward of 10 USD in return, right? High limit slots pay better– in fact, their paytable starts with hundreds of dollars. In some ways, they are similar to jackpot machines, because they can pay nearly as much as those.
  • I want to start by saying that in order to successfully apply a strategy for high limits slots you need to have a bankroll that allows you to run big round bets

However, you should know that high limit games are not literal jackpot machines. Some of them may not even have a jackpot prize. But they all will offer very high payouts even for simple slot combinations. Keno live play now. They are still video slots but they pay bigger – simple as that.

Exist Any Difference Between High Limit Slots Strategy and Normal Slots?

The answer to “how to apply a functional strategy for high limit slots” question is the most looked up by high limit slots players. I start with saying that the difference between high stakes and normal stakes slots games it’s not soo big, what I want to underline is that they are played by the same rules. If you have played a slot machine before, no matter which category it belongs to, you are ready for high limit games too. Spin the reels, land the same symbols next to each other, and claim a cash prize. Your wagers are higher because you can win a lot more on these games.

Best Online Casinos Where You Can Use A High Limit Slots Strategy

These high roller games can’t be found at almost any online casino. You have to be sure before you choose to play at the high roller casinos that they are completely fair, legit and safe. Our team of i-Gaming specialists with over 10 years of gaming experience in the back has made the research for you and made below a recommendation list for best places for playing at high limit slots.

If you play slots, you will be interested to find out about the online slot player community, most notably the one found on YouTube. There is a virtually limitless number of YouTube channels where users upload videos of their actual casino slot play. While just a few years ago casinos would frown upon players who video recorded their play, the rules have become more lax over time. As a result of these looser regulations combined with the advances in technology and social media, slot fans around the world have become more and more accustomed to YouTube slot videos.

Once a niche category, slot videos on YouTube now receive millions of views each month. With even a basic search, you will quickly find that users post everything from low limit gameplay to ultra high limit videos. In fact, World Casino Index even has its own channel, which you can find here.

People playing high limit slots

The YouTuber slot channels in this article are all legitimate users. There are several channels that post fake videos in an attempt to garner views. Many times these channels will be taken down by YouTube, but some of them have been around for quite some time. If you see excessively large limits that are not found in casinos, you can assume that the videos are fake. In addition, some slot enthusiasts take videos of machines that they have in their home. Take a look at the list below of the most popular and active slot channels on YouTube. Note that this list is prone to change, and for that reason, is in no particular order.

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher is both the name of this slot channel as well as the person who runs it. Brian has been publishing slot videos online for years and is the most well-known personality in the world of YouTube slot videos.

This channel features a wide variety of games, limits, locations, and even guests. Brian can often be found in SoCal, Las Vegas, and destinations in between. He provides a solid mix of games and limits. Sometimes you will see slots that are played for a few dollars per spin, and other times you will find high limit games being played. Brian will post live videos* as well, in addition to his normal clips. His fun personality is a big reason for his success in the community. He also actively runs group pulls** and will feature guests from time to time. You can check out his channel here: Brian Christopher Slots

Vegas Slot Videos by Dianaevoni

Dianaevoni is another very popular YouTube slots player. She can also be found in some of Brian Christopher’s videos, and vice versa. She plays a wide range of limits and can most often be found playing in a variety of Las Vegas casinos. She has been posting videos for years and has amassed quite a following.

You will notice that Dianaevoni likes to involve her friends on a frequent basis. This adds a very personal touch to her videos and allows her viewers to feel all that more connected. Check out her channel here: Vegas Slot Videos by Dianaevoni


TheBigJackpot is a “new” channel that has quickly become one of the most popular on YouTube. The biggest selling point of this channel, featuring Scott Richter, is its high limit and ultra high limit videos. There is no other channel on YouTube that features videos with as many high limit videos as you will find on TheBigJackpot. Scott frequently posts videos with over $100/spin slots action, and sometimes even as high as $600/spin. The ability to live vicariously through TheBigJackpot at these mega high limits is what has allowed him to grow so quickly.

In addition to high limits, TheBigJackpot has an active following, with its fans known as the “Bomb Squad.” You can find these members in the live video chat or at his group pulls. Take a look at the channel here: TheBigJackpot


TheBigPayback, not to be confused with TheBigJackpot, is a mix of the aforementioned channels. You will certainly find a very strong mix of games on this channels, as well as limits. With that said, the channel’s videos tend to skew to the mid to high limit range, which is part of why it has a large following.

This channel is very active, with videos being posted on a near daily basis. As the slot community grows, frequent upload volume has become more common. You can find TheBigPayback slots channel here: TheBigPayback


The username for this channel may not make it obvious that slot videos are featured, but don’t be fooled. The difference between this channel and the others on the list is that it seldom includes high limit play. With that said, it has been around for quite awhile and features a dynamic selection of videos, including throwbacks, live play, and extended video play.

SDGuy1234 is one of the anchors of the YouTube slot community. If you are looking to try out a new game, odds are that you will be able to find a video of it on this channel. You can take a look for yourself here: SDGuy1234

High Limit Slots Strategy

High Limit Slots Today

New High Limit Slot Videos

*Live videos are when a YouTube channel starts broadcasting live. In these slot videos, you will be able to follow along with the play as it happens for the first time. While these videos are usually archived and reposted later, they are often times the most exciting as they include live chat and real time reactions from the users.

Free High Limit Slots

**Group pulls are when a number of people meet in a casino, pool their money, and play on one shared bankroll. For example, if 20 people meet and put in $250 each, this would be a $5,000 group pull. The group may decide to do 100 spins at $50/spin slots, 200 spins at $25/spin slots, and so on. In doing this, players both have more fun and are privy to higher limit games that generally provide a larger payback percentage.

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